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Jan 27, 2021 | Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Youtube Ads

Ready for your ad campaigns to take off?
Learn the strategy to take your ads further, faster.





In this course you’ll learn how to…

Test your creative for maximum impact and how to use your ad spend to make your creative even better
​Set up your ad account the right way so that you can take advantage of Facebook’s algorithms instead of constantly fighting against them.
Create a landing page that converts—and how to test into even better conversion as time goes on
​Adopt the “funnel mentality” that gives our campaigns greater Reach, ROAS, ROI—and in turn—ensures we never have to rely on “virality.”
If you’re ready to build your super-brand with ads (or build super-brands for your clients), don’t leave out one of the most important and overlooked aspects of a successful video campaign—the launch. Learn from the TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars we spend every year, and shortcut to your own success.

Why spend money on ads that aren’t working?

When only 42% of marketers say Facebook ads are working for them, yet companies are throwing tens of thousands of dollars per month, per week, or even per day at those same ads …

Something is off.

Even for the companies who are getting a return on their ad spend, it can feel like a guessing game.

Wondering, “Will this ad go viral?” is not an ad strategy, and it’s not how you make real, consistent money with ads.


Can I let you in on a little secret?

Very few of our ads at Harmon Brothers ever actually went viral.

Shocking from the team known for “viral” ads like Squatty Potty, Purple Mattress, and Chatbooks, right?

The truth is, on most of our ads, only about 20% of the views come from shares.

The other 80% of views come from the paid ad strategy behind the ad.

That’s because viral is not a good growth strategy. It’s like catching lightning in a bottle-it’s not predictable or sustainable.

Download Harmon Brothers - Launch Ads That Sell



This is great news for you!


Because you don’t have to wait for the planets to align to get a viral ad and make money.

You can learn the exact strategies used by our team to create and launch profitable ad campaigns. You can control whether or not your ads get seen and bring in sales.

For example, when we launched our Lumē Deodorant campaign, we FIRST tested different video ad thumbnails to find out which performed best.

The worst image got a 2.04% click through rate. The best image got a 8.87% click through rate.

That’s an increase of over 400%!


Ready for your best launch ever?

We created Launch Ads that Sell to give you a massive arsenal of tools to build a highly-successful ad campaign, without relying on virality. Screw viral.

This course is packed with the latest strategy and easy, step-by-step instructions to build your best campaign yet.

Launch Ads that Sell will teach you:

Exactly what to A/B test for maximum impact, so you can make small changes that bring in larger dollar amounts.
How to create a landing page that converts, and the exact tests to run for even better conversion over time.
The “funnel mentality” to give your campaigns better Reach, ROAS, and ROI…and ensure you never have to rely on “virality.”
​How to set up your account to take advantage of Facebook’s algorithms, instead of constantly fighting against them.
The right emails to send at the right time, to support your ad campaigns and achieve even more sales and repeat buyers.


What You’re Going to Get

Download Harmon Brothers - Launch Ads That SellOver 15 hours of video instruction from Daniel Harmon & Team HB


Download Harmon Brothers - Launch Ads That SellAnswers to all of your questions private Facebook Group


Download Harmon Brothers - Launch Ads That SellFeedback on your ads and assignments through the private Facebook Group


Download Harmon Brothers - Launch Ads That Sell10 Editable Workbooks w/the exercises you need to apply what you learn


Download Harmon Brothers - Launch Ads That SellChecklists, templates, and more to help you implement what you learn


Download Harmon Brothers - Launch Ads That SellLifetime access to the recordings to refresh your skills anytime





Join Daniel Harmon along with Harmon Brothers ad buyers, copywriters, and funnel experts as we walk you through the exact steps we take in our web funnels and Facebook ad accounts to produce huge results with great creative. This is the behind-the-scenes magic that propels our advertising to success.

Download Harmon Brothers - Launch Ads That Sell



In this module, we’ll give you the funnel (ad and web) framework that we use to plan our campaigns so that the important pieces get done ahead of time instead of appearing as a surprise the night before launch.


You’ll get the tools (HB Key Phrase Review Google Sheet) to do the research you need to quickly identify the messages that you’ll pull from in creating tor ad copy along with our Avatar Profile form for recording the relevant info about your customer so that your ads are using all the right targeting.


Learn to craft the optimal landing page so the traffic your ad generates actually converts. Whether you’re collecting leads or selling products/services, your landing page is one of the most critical (and often overlooked) pieces in a successful ad campaign. You’ll get the wireframe we use to create landing pages that convert for our clients.


Once your customer has purchased, you’re not done. This is where most companies actually make their money. Learn how to increase average order value, make it easy for people to buy, and give them a great experience once they do. This module walks you through all and—you guessed it—we give you the wireframe we use to provide more value every step of the way.


Get the low-down on everything you need to do to set up a killer email strategy—including:
Set up an email campaign tool
Integrate it with your landing page tool
​Create your segments or lists you’ll use for your campaigns (All Subscribers, Abandoned Carts, Lead Magnets, New Customers, etc.)
​Set up your email templates, unsubscribe links & pages, etc.
​Write the content for your email series
​We’ll make it easy for you by providing templates for the copy for each of your emails


Module 6 helps you get your Google Analytics set up for success—see exactly what’s going on with your landing pages, emails, and ads. Then, learn how we set up Facebook ads account, business page, and business manager for long term success.

Then walk through the process of creating, installing and testing your Facebook pixel, setting up your Facebook Catalog, and get the checklist to make sure you’re all set.


This module takes you through our pre-launch testing process. Get everything you need to know about how to create and test intros, audiences, thumbnails, and headlines. We don’t launch an ad without testing into the best assets that will help our content to excel.


Where the rubber really hits the road, the Remarketing Module will walk you through creating assets that will help potential customers to overcome their concerns and become paying customers, you’ll also go through the necessary steps to create at least 7 key retargeting audiences and the necessary campaigns for those audiences.


Get all of the information you need to create custom audiences, seed audiences, and user-defined audiences, then use our formulas to identify your key performance indicators and determine your budget.

You’ll also work through aspect ratios, lengths, assembling the ad, creating the three key campaigns that we use to give our content the best footing for success.


At this critical step, we walk you through checking and double checking every aspect of your campaign—so that you avoid all of the common mistakes and missteps that can doom campaigns right out of the gate.

You’ll get our checklists for reviewing your campaigns, ads, audiences, landing page, upsell, and checkout process as well as your email drip & autoresponders, and analytics.

Then, we show you how to evaluate your funnel data and diagnose different aspects to know what’s next for increasing conversions—and the effectiveness of your adpsend.


These editable workbooks include prompts and exercises for actually putting everything you learn throughout the course into practice. They’re your guidebook and your knowledge repository to ensure you get the most out of the course.

Download Harmon Brothers - Launch Ads That Sell


Over 15 hours of Guided Instruction from Daniel Harmon and the experts at Harmon Brothers, including extensive breakdowns of setting up campaigns, testing, crafting landing pages and emails—everything we do to launch our campaigns. (We’re serious when we say guided—this is a hands-on course. You’ll be working on your ads with the workbook assignments that will lead you to the end result of a well-launched campaign).

“The Launch Course” Workbooks packed with hands-on exercises to guide you through setting up your campaigns, testing your ads, landing pages, emails—everything to launch, step-by-step, from prepping to completion.

BONUS #1: Our “Foundational Funnel Framework” – this is the wireframe our landing pages start from including all of the elements we use to create landing pages that convert. Just plug in your info, then ship it off to design & development.

BONUS #2: “Customer Avatar Worksheet”

Lifetime Access to the Recordings from all of our sessions. Refer back to the course, refresh your skills and get access to future course updates and additions.


This course is for you if…

​You want to learn to do effective social ad buying for a video campaign—or you want to learn to do it better.
​We’ll be starting from the ground up so the course can take you from zero to hero—however, this course is also great for experienced ad buyers who want to learn Harmon Brother’s methods for video ad buying.
You have the authority and ability to create variations of your video. If you created the video yourself, you should be good to go. If you hired someone else to do it for you, make sure you understand any contract terms and have the ability to create variations of the original video(s) you plan to buy ads for.
​You’re willing to put in some work – this course works when you do. If you plan to purchase the course and get to it whenever you get to it, there are cheaper courses out there to procrastinate. But if you’re ready to put in the time, you’re going to see results.


This course is not for you if…

​You only have a single video variation and no ability to create additional variations. This course is hands-on, working in the trenches to accomplish real results. If you don’t have the content to test and advertise with, you may want to consider joining our 14-day Script Writing Challenge to learn how to create a video ad that you can easily tweak and optimize after the edit is “locked.”
​You already have too many customers and too many sales and your ads are doing so good you’re embarrassed. Success can be rough, right?
​You’re looking for a comprehensive course on buying ads on YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, etc. The principles of this course are valid and useful across platforms, but the ad-buying implementation portion focuses primarily on Facebook.


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Download Harmon Brothers - Launch Ads That Sell Download Harmon Brothers - Launch Ads That Sell
Download Harmon Brothers - Launch Ads That Sell Download Harmon Brothers - Launch Ads That Sell

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