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Sep 12, 2013 | Growing business, Marketing

Download Hidden Story Power

Download Hidden Story Power

How to Use Your Story To Create

Authenticity, Authority & Income

Everyone has stories that will resonate with other people. You just need to learn how to find & tell them in a way that generates authenticity, authority and income.

In this program you’re going to learn:

  • How to pick the right story for the right place, how to tell and structure it to inspire the receiver to take the massive action you want
  • How to use your story literally everywhere in your business (your website, social media, emails, products) so that you grow a group of true believers fast who’ll “fall in love” with your message and literally “sell themselves” on doing business with you (for life)
  • How to leverage the ancient power of storytelling to easily stand out from your competition and naturally be perceived as the Leader of your industry or niche.


No matter your background or experience. You just need to follow along with this training to find the hundreds of powerful stories inside of yourself that will help your audience connect deeply and take massive action.

What You’ll Receive When You

Invest In Hidden Story Power

You’ll receive 15 hours of training on your Hidden Story, consisting of six 2-3 hour training sessions. Along with each training session you’ll receive support worksheets and exercises to do, plus you can download the videos and audios of each session.

SESSION 1: “The Secret Life Of Your Story”

We’ll be covering why story is vital, why it works, and how to use your story to position you to maximum effect.

SESSION 2: “Uncovering Your Hidden Story”

You’ll learn how to recognize and draw out compelling & inspirational story threads from your life experience that will have universal appeal.

SESSION 3: “Expressing Your Hidden Story”

Discover the essential tools to structure and language your story so that it can’t be ignored.

SESSION 4: “Capturing Your Hidden Story On Video”

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Marisa Murgatroyd shares everything she knows about how to tell your story on video in way that will automatically and effortlessly build a tribe.

SESSION 5: “Sharing Your Hidden Story in Email and Social Media”

Copywriter Murray Gray reveals how to “chunk down” your story into bite-size, episodic pieces you can deliver through email and social media that will intrigue, entice & engage, boosting your clicks, “likes” and shares.

SESSION 6: “Talks, Training and Info Products that ‘Stick’

Your audience will remember THREE TIMES more of what you say when you wrap your expertise in story. This session will give you the tools to make your talks, training and products more inspirational, memorable & fun! Be the trainer & speaker they love, value and refer.

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Download Hidden Story Power  Download Hidden Story Power
 Download Hidden Story Power  Download Hidden Story Power

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Hidden Story Power Contains: Videos, Audios, PDF´s

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