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Justin Wilcox – The FOCUS Framework

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Finding Product-Market Fit is overwhelming.

The FOCUS Framework changes that.



Learn How to take your Next Step

Every exercise has a step-by-step video.




Table of Contents

Every step you need to find Product-Market Fit.


Workbook 1: Finding Early Adopters

Declaring Victory
Idea Generation
Customer Storming and Role-izing
Who are your Early Adopters
SCALE your Segments
50 ways to talk to 5 People
Interview Channel Costing
How to Ask for Interview
What to Ask
Interviewing Like a Pro
5 Interview Checkpoint
You’ve Found your Early Adopters When…

Workbook 2: Offer Testing

What is Offer Testing?
Interview Analysis
Problem Synthesis
Solution Ideation
Offer Design
Path to Victory
Offer Experiment Design
Success Metric Stoplight
Failure Protocol
You’ve Validated your Offer When…

Workbook 3: Currency Testing

What is Currency Testing
Currency Ladder
Currency Calculator
Currency Experiment Design
Increasing your Conversion Rate with A/B Testing
Increasing your Conversion Rate with Solution…
How to Pre-Sell Anything
Science of Pricing
How to Test your Price
You’ve Validated your Currency When…

Workbook 4: Utility Testing

Utility Testing vs MVP
What Features Should you Utility Test?
How to Build a Utility Test
Utility Testing Metrics
Utility Testing Design
Increasing Customer LifeTime Value
Increasing your Viral Coefficient
You’ve Validated your Utility When…

Workbook 5: Scaling

Scaling to Victory
Building your Dev Team
Scaling your Solution
Scaling your Channels
Scaling your Segments
You’re Finished Scaling When…



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Download Justin Wilcox – The FOCUS Framework Download Justin Wilcox – The FOCUS Framework
 Download Justin Wilcox – The FOCUS Framework  Download Justin Wilcox – The FOCUS Framework


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