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Nov 5, 2015 | Growing business

Congratulations and Welcome To The startup club eben!

THE place where new aspiring entrepreneurs come to connect, network, and learn how to launch a successful businesses online.
In here, you’ll find everything you need to go from no experience in business whatsoever to running a highly successful and profitable online business from home. it’s The startup club Eben.

Now in order to maximize the value of your membership, I recommend getting a few things done first if you haven’t already done so.

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself With Your Member Benefits

Your member benefits include:

Quick Start Implementation Checklists – Fast Action Oriented. Execution Plans, Checklists, And Standard Operating Procedures Taken Directly From My Own 7 Figure Businesses. We’re continuously adding to this library so check this often.

LIVE Weekly Office Hours – Weekly Q&A Call With My Head Business Coach.

STARTUP Club Mastermind – Our Private Facebook Mastermind Group.

Business Growth Interviews – Every month, once a month, you´ll receive a private dosed door interview I do with a highly successful and ‘hard to reach entrepreneur.

STARTUP Essential Training – 10 step-by-step foundational training programs that will teach you the basics of business and the essential skills you need to start your own online business, and become a successful Entrepreneur.

Step 2: Sign Up For The startup club Eben Mastermind

You´re getting a ton of knowledge, resources and guides here. But the fastest growth comes from connecting with others. If you haven’t already, request to join our private Facebook group and start connecting with other STARTUP Club entrepreneurs there.

Step 3: Set a Reminder For The Weekly Office Hours Call

Office hours is a webinar held on Tuesdays each week at 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern. Every week, my head coach will be on to deliver a specific marketing or business growth tactic as well as answer any questions you may have about your business or your learning.

Each webinar will be recorded and archived in the members area, but I recommend you jump on live whenever you can to take advantage of the live Q&A each week.

Set a reminder on your calendar now so you don’t miss out on these calls.

Step 4: Start Going Through The Knowledge Pool And Resources

You´re getting access to A LOT of training inside the STARTUP Club.

You do NOT need to go through all the programs in one go (and in fact I don’t recommend that at all).

The programs and action guides you´ll find here are meant to be a reference library… A master resource… at your disposal that you can refer to anytime , again and again at your own pace and as you encounter specific challenges starting up and growing your business.

That being said, I´d recommend investing a minimum of 15-25 minutes (if you can do more, do it!) to go through some of the training from this library each day and putting what you learn into action. So you make progress each day and successfully launch your business.

Each program has its own description that will tell you what its about, so go explore and dig in!

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Download Eben Pagan - startup club eben Download Eben Pagan - startup club eben
 Download Eben Pagan - startup club eben  Download Eben Pagan - startup club eben

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Eben Pagan, Lou D’Alo – StartUp Club Contains: Videos, PDF´s

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