6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge 2015

Jan 18, 2016 | Affiliate Marketing

What is AMC?

The 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge (AMC) provides world-class training to the digital marketing industry.

In a space crowded by low quality and typically overpriced information products, the 6 Week AMC delivers content of unparalleled quality and detail within a framework designed from the ground up to facilitate success.


Master Affiliate Marketing in just 6 weeks

In 6 weeks we dissect affiliate marketing and make it easy for you to understand, and put into practice.


Video-based with weekly live sessions

We live in a rich media world. The core of the course is video instruction, not hours of reading.


Superstar cast of presenters

We lead by example, and our leaders are exemplary. You are in good hands.


Mountains of cheat sheets and resources

We don’t just leave you with videos. Expect detailed resources and curated content. Even homework.


How it started

The 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge was created at the start of 2015. We realised that there was a need for better training resources in the affiliate marketing industry. Let’s face it – there is a ‘guru’ overload and the affiliate marketing landscape is littered with sites, forums and blogs that tarnish the industry and it’s new entrants.

The 6 Week AMC was created to be different.

In early 2015 our pilot programme launched exclusively to members of our partner community, the STM Forums. Over one hundred people joined us for the ride as we set the precedent for training in the affiliate marketing industry.

And that was just us getting started…


Where did it lead?

As you can imagine, handling over 100 people in a 6 week digital bootcamp was not easy. Ever tried feeding 100 cats at the same time? Didn’t think so. It was a swarm of people hungry for success. I digress.

We provided video tutorials, live case studies, real-time discussion and weekly live Q&A sessions starting from the deep south of New Zealand and later the lush valleys of Hawaii.

Despite this being a pilot run, the 6 Week AMC turned several people into super affiliates (who incidentally now help train new members) and received universal acclaim.


What you get

6 Weeks of Rich Video Content

We teach you through video. We meet you face to face and talk you through the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.


Weekly Q&A Sessions

We even do live Q&A sessions on the weekend where you can ask ask coordinators your burning questions, live, and have them answer on camera.


Ad Credit Bonuses From Partners

To help you get started we have carefully selected partner traffic sources to launch campaigns with and these provide $2000+ in bonus ad credit. Awesome!


Cameos From Affiliate Superstars

Mr Green? Charles Ngo? Tim Tetra? We have interviews, Q&A and even video case studies from some of the best marketers you know.


Streamlined Approvals

As a 6 Week AMC participant you get streamlined entry into traffic sources and affiliate networks, as well as prioritised support and approvals.


Week 1

  • Day 1: Introduction to course, AMC platform, sponsors and platforms we will be using.
  • Day 2: Ads and user intent.
  • Day 3: Verticals and offer types. Compliance in verticals.
  • Day 4: Bidding modes and commission models.
  • Day 5: The affiliate marketer’s tool kit.
  • Day 6: live Q&A.


Week 2

  • Day 1: Challenges you will face in AM.
  • Day 2: Introduction to mobile marketing and DSPs.
  • Day 3: Split-testing and tracking, setting up a server with a tracker.
  • Day 4: Introduction to funnels, lead quality and the role of landing pages.
  • Day 5: Compliance and ethics in AM.
  • Day 6: live Q&A.

Week 3

  • Day 1: Launching campaigns on a mobile DSP.
  • Day 2: Understanding your market.
  • Day 3: The art of converting.
  • Day 4: The mathematics of affiliate marketing and lead generation.
  • Day 5: Introduction to lander creation and hosting.
  • Day 6: live Q&A.
Week 4
  • Day 1: How to analyse advertisement and campaign performance.
  • Day 2: Elements of your campaign to test.
  • Day 3: Confounding variables and what affects your campaign performance.
  • Day 4: Scaling campaigns.
  • Day 5: The science of AM.
  • Day 6: live Q&A.

Week 5

  • Day 1: Introduction to Facebook.
  • Day 2: Facebook continued.
  • Day 3: How to better understand your market and sell to them.
  • Day 4: Remarketing and squeezing more out of campaigns.
  • Day 5: Launching a Facebook campaign – a full walkthrough.
  • Day 6: live Q&A.

Week 6

  • Day 1: Click loss and why you should split-test networks.
  • Day 2: Brainstorming, research and creativity.
  • Day 3: Productivity techniques and time-management.
  • Day 4: Other traffic sources and emerging markets.
  • Day 5: Where internet marketing is heading.
  • Day 6: live Q&A.


Yeah, we deliver

The first 6 Week AMC was a pioneer. Super affiliates were created, lives were changed and the bar was raised. Participant revenue and profitability went up across the board and their understanding of critical concepts was massively improved.

6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge 2015

Course preview and screenshots

 Download 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge 2015  Download 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge 2015
 Download 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge 2015  Download 6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge 2015


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6 Week Affiliate Mastery Challenge 2015 Contains: Videos, PDF´s, Documents….

GB Started: 01/18/2016

Needed Amount of Participants: 20 (after funding, GB will be automatically closed)

Price: $18

LGB Started: 01/18/2015

LGB Price: $ 23.4

Wait Times:

Monthly Membership: 40 Days (since LGB started)

Lifetime Membership 20 Days ( since LGB Started)

Original Sales Price: $2995

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