How It Works

How to sign up

Want to know How It Works here at Browzify? How do we manage to help you with our collection of Best Online Marketing Course?

  1. Choose your membership
  2. Pay by credit card
  3. We will send you an email that contains a “unique” link to complete the registration
  4. After you click on the activation link in the email it will bring you to the registration page and let you choose a “username” and “password” for your account
  5. And Voilà! You will be able able to download all the classes WITHOUT LIMIT.

How the site works

Choose one of the following memberships:

After you sign up to one of these plans you will be able to view or download more than 1600 courses immediately.

How to download courses

While exploring the courses, you have 2 choices, view online or download. That’s how simple it is! No waiting time, no captcha, no polls. DIRECT LINK ONLY.


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