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Our professional business training courses can help you learn customer service skills, develop core communication, tactics for the overall business growth.

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Leibel Sternbach – PR For Beginners

What You Get:   MODULE 1 HOW TO BECOME AN “EXPERT SOURCE” FOR REPORTERS Discover the best places to find reporters who are looking for experts to feature in their stories!     MODULE 2 THE TRICK TO BEING QUOTABLE AND GETTING FREE PR Do you know why some...

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Corey Challow – Personal Brand Creator Pro

  What You Get:    How to uncover your true personal brand and know what’s on brand for you  How to position your brand so that it’s irresistible, for ANY goal you have and massively increase your social status  The psychological triggers you can leverage to...

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Profitable Brands – Top Figure

  What You Get: Section 1 – The Foundation   Things We Wish We Knew Starting Out Secrets of Selling Online The Compound Effect How Mindset is Important to Your Success in Ecommerce The Learning Dip Intro to Ecommerce (General Store or Niche Store) What Makes...

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