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Apr 1, 2019 | Growing business, Marketing

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From Aidan Booth, on behalf of Steve Clayton…

What you’ll discover in the next few minutes is unique, extremely unconventional and is entirely different to anything we, or anyone else, has ever done before.
We have taken a business model that has HUGE demand, LOW competition, (and something that we have had consistent success with for many years) and have added…

A Truly Unprecedented “Twist”

A twist that turns it into the EASIEST and FASTEST way to build a full time living that exists today.
I know, it’s a sizable claim – but I make the claim for two simple reasons….
Firstly, we are the ones who are going to be doing the work for you (meaning you won’t need any experience to get up and running).
And secondly, if you follow our instructions to the point, you’ll only need…

7 SALES To Build a Business That Makes $100,000 in PROFIT Every Single Year.

That’s right – not fifty sales…not a hundred – or even a thousand…
Not only that, after you have made your first seven sales, it’ll be really easy to scale up and make even more.
Because scaling up won’t rely on you doing the work — again, it relies on us and our team of experts.
You see, what we’re not talking about here is selling $20 products and making 5 or 10 bucks net profit for each sale…

Here Are The KEY BENEFITS Of This Business Model……

The profit margins are EXTREMELY high, you have a VERY small group of customers, the competition is extremely low and you can get RAPID results.

The business model has true longevity, you’ll get recurring income every month and you’ll be selling a high-quality service to a very hungry market.

You’ll only need as little as 7 sales to build a business that makes $100,000 in PROFIT and we’ll show you how to scale it up from $100K… to $300K… and beyond.

It is possible to hit HUGE windfalls sales like the $28,000 sale example that we gave – in other words sums that could literally be life-changing.

You’re getting all the tools, training and resources you need to run this business including your websites, assets and other custom items that’ll be set up for you.

We have a team of people ready to deliver the services for you – meaning it is completely hands off, and you can simply focus on making more sales and earning more money.

Let’s run through each of the SEVEN components that Parallel Profits contains to show you how this all comes together…

Download Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton - Parallel Profits

The first component of Parallel Profits is the “Master Blueprint”. This is the core training which has been designed specifically to fast-track you to expert-level in this business model.
The training features a series of detailed “modules”, each with step-by-step videos, strategy manuals, live weekly webinars and MindMaps that are comprehensive to the point where it would take me PAGES of detail to list everything out. So rather than do that here (this letter is getting long enough already!)… let me just give you a 10,000ft synopsis…

Firstly, you’ll get a full A – Z guide of each area of the system revealing how to start from scratch and begin making money as quickly as possible.

You’ll discover how to set everything up in record time so you can secure your first high-dollar sale (most likely $1000+) in as little as 48 hours once you have done all the “prep work” and are ready to start securing customers.

You will also receive full “covert sales training” so you know exactly how to communicate with (and convert) customers without needing to speak to them on the phone.

In addition to this, we will hand you ALL our “inner-circle” marketing secrets that we use in our 7-figure per year business that will enable you to maximize the number of leads that turn into sales – resulting in more money and profit to you.

Plus, you’ll discover everything you need to know about getting hyper-organized with your finances and other organizational elements with a series of super-simple solutions and templates which are easy to use, even if you suck at “numbers”. (Remember… this is a REAL business – and every real business needs financial organization. But… with the processes we’ll show you, you won’t have to spend money on outside expertise and services).

This is just scratching the surface of what you will get in the Master Blueprint. The training you’ll receive will be truly exhaustive with literally no stone unturned.

Download Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton - Parallel Profits

Lead generation is a critical area of this business model for one simple reason — if you don’t have leads you won’t have any local businesses to convert into customers and as a result you won’t generate any revenue and profit.
Lead generation is something that you may have tried before… and you may be aware that it can be tough – if you don’t know what you are doing.
However, the way we’re going to do it is VERY different for a number of key reasons….

Firstly, we’re going to be handing you highly qualified leads… which will save you time, money and effort… and most importantly will give you a direct path to achieving your first target of securing 7 customers (leading to as much as $100,000 per year in profit).

But not only are we giving you leads, we’re also going to reveal every last strategy and system we know about capturing and converting endless numbers of leads – so you can do it yourself. Following these strategies will allow you to skyrocket the success of your business.

In addition, and to make it even easier for you, we’re going to hand you 5 proven email funnels that we use on a daily basis to turn leads into sales for our own business.

We’ll also hand you a rolodex of tools and services that we personally use to generate fresh leads and customers (including one which I mentioned earlier that brought us in over $25,000 from just one customer a few weeks back)

You’ll also get access to a neat little tool that’ll allow you to embed a lead generation form on your website to attract qualified local businesses by analyzing their needs and subsequently turning them into customers automatically.

By the time you get access to all of the above (and have successfully implemented it), making money can become almost as easy as clockwork.

Download Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton - Parallel Profits

One of the key focuses of Parallel Profits is to make it as hands-free for you as possible. One of the ways you’re going to achieve this is with our suite of automation tools that will handle all the time-consuming and complex parts of the process.
The tools you’ll get access to have been specifically designed to engage potential customers and accelerate the speed in which you can succeed with this business model. They have been tried, tested and proven over many years. Let’s have a look at some of the details…

Firstly, you’ll get access to the “audit” tool that analyzes a potential customers website listings, business reviews, social presence, website performance and advertising reach. It tells them what needs to be improved and fixed and why they should use YOU to carry out these improvements.

Not only will this tool will make you look like a seasoned, highly credible pro, it also includes a series of educational videos on each area of improvement that needs to be done which in turn will help the potential customer understand the value of your services and encourage them to take action and send you money.

In addition to this, you will also be able to take advantage of our “communication” tool which contains a series of high-converting email sequences which will get sent to your leads automatically and help convert them into customers.

Not only will these done-for-you email sequences get sent to potential clients, the system will monitor actions and clicks on these emails to determine what leads are hot based on activity – allowing you to follow up again if necessary to secure the sale.

Honestly, this really is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the tools you’ll get. There are a considerable number of features and benefits that you’ll discover once inside.

Download Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton - Parallel Profits

One of the big secrets when it comes to making sales is having a highly credible online presence, which not only includes beautiful website and landing pages, but also engaging marketing materials such as brochures and business cards.
Getting these created may seem like an easy task… but it’s actually deceptively difficult.
…And that is why we are also going to be putting everything together for you.

To begin with, we’re going to give you a fully functional Landing page, proven to convert that will attract new leads and turn them into customers like clockwork. All you need to do is give us a few simple details then our development team will set everything up.

Not only will you get a custom landing page, we’ll also hand you a pre-designed website which you can use to generate traffic which can then be converted into leads and customers. We’ll explain exactly how this works on the inside — all you need to know right now is that ALL the thought processes have been taken out of it as you will be taking advantage of OUR experience and expertise.

Of course, if you wanted to create your own website, you are free to do that too – and we will provide all the source files so you can make any custom adjustments and set it up on your own.

In addition to this, all the marketing materials — brochures… business cards… mailshots and other elements will already be designed, created and ready to use. You literally won’t have to do anything – meaning you’ll save time, money and will be able to use them and start making sales with immediate effect.

Again, we are doing ALL these setups for you — so if graphic design, creating websites and building landing pages has been something you have struggled with in the past, you won’t need to worry about it at all.

Download Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton - Parallel Profits

Once you start getting customers and bringing in sales and revenue, you may be wondering how you will actually deliver the services that the customers have paid for. The good news is our experts will take care of all this for you making the process astonishingly simple.
In other words, you won’t need to go out and find freelancers or hire people to do the work (which can be exhausting, expensive and frustrating), as we will be the ones delivering the services from sales that YOU make. Here’s how it works…

When you secure a customer and sell a service (whether that be building a website, performing SEO or whatever else) …and once you have been PAID, all you do is head over to the “Delivery Hub”, select the service you need to provide, add in the details and our team of experts will do the tasks for you and deliver back the completed work which you can then pass back to your customer.

We’ll take care of every service that you’ll be offering…SEO, Website Building, Hosting and all the others – so even if you have ZERO knowledge or expertise in these areas, it won’t matter at all. Again, YOU take advantage of OUR expertise.

Plus, by having access to the “delivery engine”, you will be able to see how your service delivery is progressing so you can keep your customers up to date.

In addition to this, and perhaps most importantly, we will be providing the entire billing system and handling the payment processing too, so you wont need to worry about setting up Stripe, Paypal or other merchant processors (which can be a real headache and is also expensive).

Finally, just so you know, we will be adding additional services in the coming months – at which point you can offer these services to current (and potential) customers in order to boost your sales, revenue and profit. It’s best to start with the top four.. Website design and development, SEO and Hosting. Offering too much to begin is counter productive.

Can you see the value here? Having us handle ALL the services really takes the vast majority of the “real work” out of your hands so you can concentrate on getting more customers.
…And just to reiterate, you only need to secure as a little as 7 customers to reach a run-rate of $100,000 profit per year. Hopefully you can see how realistic this is now when you imagine that pretty much all the heavy lifting will be done by us.

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Download Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton - Parallel Profits Download Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton - Parallel Profits
Download Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton - Parallel Profits Download Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton - Parallel Profits

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