Alex Berman – The Inbox

Oct 28, 2022 | Email Marketing

What You Get:


60 Full Cold Email Conversations that Led to a Booked Meeting


This is a complete collection of the entire back and forth conversations between customers we cold emailed. You’ll see:


> The initial cold emails

> Every follow up

> Each of their responses

> The secret lines we use to get them to book calls

> Every sentence of every conversation with customers


** BONUS ** – 3 Conversations That CLOSED!


Including the exact sequences we used to get customers to pay at three different deal sizes:

> $2,000 deal

> $29,000 deal

> $152,000 deal


Hop in and learn, not just the exact wording to use, but you’ll learn all the subtleties:

> How long to wait between follow ups

> How to reawaken lost prospects

> How to get a deal to close

> The offers that work right now

> The niches that our clients are killing it with


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