The Profit Lab is the only step-by-step online training program that will teach you, step-by-step, how to build a social media sales funnel. A simple, amazingly effective way to turn your fans into warm leads, and your leads into paying clients.

This SIMPLE SYSTEM that takes all the guesswork out of creating a sales-generating plan for your business. In as little as 60 days or less, you can have your marketing system UP AND RUNNING, creating visible INCREASES in SALES every single day, while giving you the CONFIDENCE to continue to build your business exactly the way you’ve always dreamt it to be.


If You Are Like Me When I First Started Out, I Had Some “Mental Roadblocks” That Derailed My Success

#1Fear of Unknown Technology.

I’m certain that you have what it takes to learn the tech necessary to succeed. The Profit Lab will hold your hand throughout the challenging bits, taking absolutely nothing for granted, and giving you detailed step-by-step instruction to make sure tech never gets in your way again.

#2Not Having Enough Time to Implement Something New.

You don’t need more time to make your business work. You just need the confidence to focus on a single system that will deliver the most return and create the most leverage for future growth.

#3Too Much Work.

You already work extremely hard. That’s not the issue. The Profit Lab will give you the confidence in knowing that every hour spent in your business will pay off with the type of profits you could only dream of a few months ago.

#4Not Feeling Ready.

Do you have a product to sell? Or an idea for one? Then you’re ready. A marketing system (i.e., a sales funnel) is no longer a “nice to have” or a “maybe someday” kind of thing. It’s not beyond your level. It IS your level. With more and more people competing for your audience’s attention, a reliable marketing system has become a prerequisite to any successful business.


I Believe Facebook is the Greatest Tool to Power Your Marketing System and Generate Sales For You Every Single Day

The truth about Facebook:
Facebook is EXTREMELY POWERFUL and I believe every marketer should be using it to leverage their leads and sales. HOWEVER, Facebook does NOT work on its own. To get MASSIVE RESULTS from Facebook, you must use it INSIDE a SIMPLE social media sales funnel.
Here’s What You Need to Know About

The Profit Lab

  • The entire program is waiting for you right now. That means you don’t have to wait to dive in!
  • All of the trainings are 100% online.
  • Each of the four modules include training videos, audio files, cheat sheets, transcripts and PDFs of all slide presentations.
  • You have a full year to work through the program at your own pace, and you get access to all the updates I will make to the program throughout the year.


Download Amy Porterfield - Facebook Marketing Profit Lab

Module One

Designing Your Marketing System.

  • First, you will discover how to easily map out your unique marketing system so you know what you are going to build out from the get-go.
  • From there you will learn what’s needed to quickly and easily find your perfect target market online (on Facebook and other social sites!).
  • Next, you will discover how to examine your product offer and find new ways to make more money with what you’ve already created (or are currently creating now!).
  • To wrap up Module 1, utilizing my special formula, you will uncover your unique lead magnet (that your audience will LOVE) that is also perfectly aligned with your product, program or service you plan to sell.

Module Two

Building Your Funnel.

  • First, after reviewing multiple lead magnet examples and insights from many niches, you will learn how to design your unique lead magnet.
  • From there, I’ll show you how to set up a high converting opt-in page to collect names and emails to grow your list!
  • Next, I’ll show you how to set-up a laser-focused targeting plan to find your perfect clients inside of Facebook.
  • Following your targeting plan, you will get step-by-step, detailed training to create a fool-proof Facebook Ads campaign, including how to write the ad copy and how to create ad images!
  • To wrap up Module 2, I’ll make sure that you know how to move past any Facebook Ad creation challenges you encounter so that you won’t get stuck while setting up your Ads.

Module Three

Creating Consistent Sales.

  • First, you will discover how to create an email autoresponder sequence so that you can move your new leads to become paying customers.
  • From there, you will dive into writing a series of simple emails that will sell your products with impeccable style and efficiency.
  • Once your emails are written, we will dive into your overall sales strategy and take a closer look at your sales page to make sure it’s ready for your new prospects.
  • To wrap up Module 3, I will teach you how to ensure that your refund rates stay low and your new customers come back for more.

Module Four

Core Traffic Strategies.

  • This module is all about exploring other social media sites beyond Facebook to drive more traffic to your new sales funnel. I’ve invited 5 social media experts to teach you strategies and tricks to get people to engage in your new Marketing System.
  • We will explore paid ads and free traffic on Pinterest with Online Marketing Expert Melanie Duncan.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn list building and social sales strategies from the best-of-the-best in Instagram Marketing Experts Chalene Johnson and Sue B. Zimmerman.
  • Branding and Social Media Expert Kim Garst will teach how to use Twitter to power up your social media sales funnel with smart strategies to find your target market and turn them into paying clients.
  • YouTube Expert James Wedmore will show you how to use videos on YouTube to increase your exposure and drive quality traffic to your free giveaway.
  • Social Image Expert Donna Moritz will show you tricks and strategies to create images that will not only drive traffic but sell more of your program, products and services.

Course preview and screenshots

 Download Amy Porterfield - Facebook Marketing Profit Lab  Download Amy Porterfield - Facebook Marketing Profit Lab
 Download Amy Porterfield - Facebook Marketing Profit Lab  Download Amy Porterfield - Facebook Marketing Profit Lab

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Amy Porterfield – Facebook Marketing Profit Lab Contains: Videos, PDF´s