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Apr 24, 2014 | Affiliate Marketing, Getting traffic

Download Andrew Fox & Peter Parks - DNA Wealth Blueprint

  1. If your struggling with Facebook pay per click advertising… if you don’t know how to track your advertising, where to find the hottest offers, how to optimise your campaigns for mobile, split test, target international offers, scale and automate then this if for you…
  2. If your launching products that are hitting $3, $5k or even $20k+, while you see other people hit $100,000+ like clockwork and wondering what your doing wrong this is for you…
  3. If your a great programmer with amazing products but can’t seem to ‘break the code’ and are struggling to get the products the exposure they deserve this is for you
  4. If your struggling to write red hot sales copy that converts like gangbusters every single time this is for you
  5. If your failing to get the affiliate support you need to successfully launch your products in the marketplace this is for you
  6. If your unable to create killer sales funnels that generate massive EPCS while making your customers love you… this is for you.

Download Andrew Fox & Peter Parks - DNA Wealth Blueprint

DNA Wealth Membership is all about action, results and adding big fat digits to your bank account.

We are here to serve you, the action takers who want the opportunity to hit the ‘”next level”

“If Your Product Launches Are Not Hitting At Least $100,000 in Gross Revenues Then This is Definitely For you”

This is where you need to be ‘open and honest’ with yourself.

If your struggling to hit these kinds of numbers you are doing something wrong..

You need to put your hand up and admit it – otherwise you are going to continuously struggle to reach that next level that is within your grasp

  • It could be the positioning of your product..
  • It could be the type of product you are selling…
  • It could be your sales copy is confusing,wrong use of colours, (even though you think it’s great)
  • It could be your sales funnel
  • You could be motivating affiliates the wrong way
  • You could be using scarcity the wrong way (and putting prospects off your product)

I’ve sold everything from $7 lead generation offers, $97 ebooks, $1997 Affiliate Training courses, $997 Multi Media Info products, $17-37 WordPress Plugins, Licnesed my own products from $297 – $997 , purchased resale licenses for as little as $197 and made over $25,000 back (Did this with one of Ryan Diess Adsense products).

You need to admit when you need help – otherwise prepare for 2014 to be exactly the same as 2013

Is that what you really want?

“If Your Looking to Generate an Extra or Full Time Income From FaceBook To Affiliate & CPA Offers… What Better Person to Learn From Than Peter Who Does Revenues in Excess of $100,000.00 Per Day?”

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 Download Andrew Fox & Peter Parks - DNA Wealth Blueprint  Download Andrew Fox & Peter Parks - DNA Wealth Blueprint
 Download Andrew Fox & Peter Parks - DNA Wealth Blueprint  Download Andrew Fox & Peter Parks - DNA Wealth Blueprint

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DNA Wealth Blueprint Contains: Videos, PDF´s

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