Andrew Minalto – Easy Auction Business 2015

Feb 22, 2016 | eBay

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Discover How To Make £500+ p.w.


Selling HOT PRODUCTS on eBay!

* WITHOUT a ton of start-up capital,


* WITHOUT dealing with Scammers,


* WITHOUT being a computer techie, and


* WITHOUT any business experience!

I’ll show you EXACTLY where to buy hot products, how to create outstanding listings that sell MORE products for HIGHER prices in LESS Time and how to market your listings properly to achieve maximum results!


I call it Easy Auction Business Because it really is Easy!

More than 15 HOURS of step-by-step video lessons, including:


  • Introduction – Watch over my shoulder how I’m running my eBay business. Learn the fundamentals of selling on eBay “the right” way. Sell more items for higher prices by ignoring “The Lowest Price” principle. This is not the usual, boring kind of stuff you’re used to see in high schools math books! In the “Introduction” video lesson, I lay down all the fundamentals of creating a successful online business. I’ll share with you 3 most important elements to make it happen plus clearly show you what things you should avoid on the way to success.
  • Market Research – In the second video lesson, I’m getting straight to the business by showing you “Step By Step”, how to find profitable products and a profitable niche to work in and how to conduct a proper market research, so that you’re always ahead of your competitors. Everything explained in a “Step by Step” format – no fluff & bluff here! I’ll tell you exactly what you have to do to reach your goal! Little known secrets plus real life examples – you simply can’t go wrong with this one! This video lesson alone is worth more than you pay for the entire course!
  • Product Sourcing Concept 1 – Suitable for people with limited buying power. If done properly – hassle free, risk free product sourcing. Fast delivery and safe payment methods. Perfect for all hot selling, anded products. Only UK based suppliers, doesn’t require importing.
  • Product Sourcing Concept 2 – My most profitable method of buying hot selling products for sale on eBay! I’ll show you the exact 2 websites I’ve been using for the last 3 years to source products with ROI as high as 200% to 300%. Choose from thousands of products and hundreds of niches – this product sourcing concept alone can be used to build a profitable, full-time eBay Business!
  • Product Sourcing Concept 3 – Don’t spend another penny on dropshipping companies! I’ll show you the exact 2 dropshipping companies I have been using with great success selling digital cameras, camcorders video games and mobile phones! Thousands of products always in stock. Registration is FREE, they accept credit cards and deliver 99% packages directly to your customers in less than 48 hours. What more can you expect from a dropshipping company?
  • Product Sourcing Concept 4 – One of the most ingenious product sourcing strategies you have ever seen! It’s so simple, easy to implement but yet effective way of buying products BELOW eBay prices. No MOQ! Pay with credit card – get goods delivered right to your door. Starting from DVDs and Blu Ray’s ending up with magazine subscriptions – this is the place to be for making EASY money on eBay!
  • Product Sourcing Concept 5 – “Flip That Thing”! In this video lesson you’ll find out how to make hundreds of pounds per week in a used goods market. I’ll show you exactly WHAT products to buy and how to flip them for 30%+ ROI each and every time. Just copy what I’m doing and you simply can’t fail! Recession Proof business model! Huge potential in 2016!
  • Product Sourcing Concept 6 – The easiest and the fastest way of getting your eBay business up and running. Choose from tens of thousands of products, all from UK suppliers and make a killing selling them on eBay! Spend just 1 to 2 hours a day to earn £300+ per month selling discounted products on!
  • Branding – are you struggling to create a selling experience you’re proud of? Do you still spend money on trying to convince leads to buy from you? Why not simply create a brand that people LOVE and ask for more stuff from you? This video lesson will be a real eye opener for majority of you. Branding is the part of online business, most of your competitors do not pay close attention to. Now, you can use this advantage to legally steal their customers and start dominating the market!
  • Listings – Bingo! Have you ever wondered how some sellers on eBay manage to sell products for higher prices than average? This is the topic so many, so many eBayers ignore that it simply amazes me! They’re leaving so much money on the table simply by not taking a proper care of how their listings look! In this video lesson I’ll show you step by step how to create listings that SELL without SELLING! More than 20 little known psychological triggers you can get right on your listings and increase sales almost instantly! Logos, templates and formatting. Everything you need to know about creating great looking eBay listings is covered in this video lesson.
  • Customer Relationships – this video lesson is all about customer relationships. Are you still spending most of your time getting new leads to your business? Can’t figure out why your sales conversion rates are so low? Not anymore! I’ll give you an exact formula to generate more repeat business than you have ever imagined! Did you know that it’s by 70% more difficult to sell to new leads than to current customers? Good! So are you using the full potential of this axiom? If not, soon you will! In the “Customers Relationships” video lesson I’ll share with you exact strategies I’m using across all of my business to maximize current customer base for repeat sales.
  • Marketing – 6th and the final element of my formula is marketing. To put it simply, it will cover everything related to promotions, sales, pricing strategy, special offers and so on. Ohh, sounds like an offline world? I don’t think so… In fact, having proper marketing strategies in place can double or even quadruple your sales almost instantly! I’ll show you what to do. I’ll show you when to do it. I’ll lend my own formula for making each sale a real winner!
  • Conclusions – again, no small talk here! In the last video lesson you’ll learn exactly how to put it all together plus I’ll show you some very powerful time management strategies so that you stay on the track for full eight weeks. Having a full time job? Family, three kids and a dog? If you’re struggling with finding that extra time to spend on online business, this video lesson will be a real God send.


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 Download Andrew Minalto - Easy Auction Business 2015  Download Andrew Minalto - Easy Auction Business 2015
 Download Andrew Minalto - Easy Auction Business 2015  Download Andrew Minalto - Easy Auction Business 2015

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