I Was a High-School Dropout Watching My Life Pass Me By. But Then I Discovered This System That Changed My Life Forever

The System That Effortlessly Installs Any Habit in an Hour and Makes It Run on Autopilot (Without You Ever Having to Think About It)

The 5 Telltale Signs That Habits Aren’t Working for You

Life feels like it’s happening to you because you’re not in control. And to get back in control, you need good habits, but they’re hard to stick to. Everyone has a finite amount of willpower, and when your habits take a lot of effort, you just don’t keep going with them.

We’ve noticed some common signs of struggling to form good habits. The quotes below are right from our clients, but we’ve felt the same way sometimes, too.

Any of this sound familiar?

1 You get excited about forming a new habit, but it only lasts three days at most before you give up. Weeks go by before you talk yourself into getting back into the habit.

“I think it just takes energy and focus for a stretch of time in the beginning and I haven’t sustained that.”

2 Each time you skip a habit, you find the perfect excuse for why you skip it, but the next day you feel guilty for not following through.

“There’s some shame tied in there…it’s got an effect on my confidence. I don’t feel as good about myself.”

3 You procrastinate until something becomes a crisis and you have to do it to avoid negative consequences. For some reason, you can’t push yourself to do tasks until you’re in crisis mode.

“I only do things when I absolutely have to, like more ‘emergency’ instead of ‘getting out ahead of it and doing’ important.”

4 You tell yourself that something else is more important than your habit as an excuse for not doing it. No matter how unimportant the other thing is, you convince yourself that it’s MORE important than starting your habit.

“I’m either lying to myself that I’ll go later, or I’m putting something else and making it more important.”

5 You don’t have enough motivation and willpower for when you need them most—especially at night and after a long day of work.

“The moment that I leave work, it all just falls apart. Whether it’s willpower, I honestly can’t tell—It must be a willpower thing. It just all falls apart. No consistency.”

If you can identify with any of these, that’s a red flag that the way you try to form new habits isn’t working for you. You’re probably missing one or two little things that prevent you from sticking to these habits.

Trying to remember when to do your habits is a recipe for disaster. We all have too much to remember as it is. So we need to start writing habits down.

You’ve probably tried to use sticky notes on your monitor as reminders. They’re great, but only when you’re sitting at that one spot, and even then they only work half the time.

Calendar reminders are great too, but once you ignore them a couple of times, you stop taking them seriously and they become an annoyance.

You start doing random tricks like sleeping in your gym clothes so you’ll exercise first thing in the morning or drinking a lot of water before bed so you won’t sleep in.

Then there are tons of those little streak apps on your phone. You’ve heard that if you mark an “X” every day you do a habit, that it’s more likely to stick. So you end up buying all these different apps, but none of them do the trick.

All these little tricks and hacks might work for a day or two. But they don’t help you form and keep new habits. What else can you do?


Here’s a secret almost no one else will tell you:
Habits Don’t Work.

Now this might be a bit controversial, given how popular habits are right now. But we want you to have real information, even if that means going against the grain. If something doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. And here’s why habits don’t:

1 Habits are vague.

When people tell you to pick up the habit of “positive thinking,” what does that even mean?

Rituals are specific.

You know exactly what you need to do. There’s no thinking or second guessing involved.

2 Habits aren’t sticky.

Everyone makes it sound easy to just walk more, wake up earlier, and meditate. What they don’t tell you is how to get started and how to keep it going. Without a solid game plan and system, maintaining habits can become a second full-time job.

With Rituals, you don’t have to worry about that.

The system does all the hard work for you and makes it easy to sustain any habit you want to have.

3 Habits don’t show you how.

When someone says to “pick up the habit of exercise,” how do you know where to start? How do you do this without getting overwhelmed? How do you make it part of your life without disrupting everything else you have going on?

Habits don’t address the HOW. Rituals do.

The whole foundation of Rituals is that they’re easy to follow, go step by step, and are effortless to do—it’s the system that fuels this.

As part of a Rituals System, habits become easy.


What Rituals Will Do For You and Your Success

By now you know that having the right rituals can change your life. When you install the seven rituals all successful people have, it’s only a matter of time until you become successful.

So what does successful actually feel like? Well, here are some of the things we at Asian Efficiency, as well as our clients, have felt after implementing the Rituals System:

  • Habits just click—you don’t have to think about them anymore (they just run on autopilot)
  • You’re less stressed in the morning before work and are actually excited about your upcoming day
  • Waking up early becomes easy and you feel in charge of your day
  • You walk and exercise more (regardless of the weather because you’re now addicted to it)
  • You have more energy after work so you can still do important things if you choose to (or just relax guilt free)
  • You have more leisure time, thanks to all the rituals that streamline your life
  • You go to bed at night with the satisfaction of knowing you gave it all you’ve got
  • You don’t feel rushed and anxious when you’re under a lot of pressure (you now have a ritual to get rid of your stress in less than three minutes and focus on the task at hand)

You Can Learn the EXACT Step-by-Step System for Installing Habits and Rituals That Stick


Installing any habit and keeping it should be easy and effortless. It should be something you can do once and never have to think about again. It doesn’t have to be a daily, endless struggle of willpower and discipline.

A habit should be a part of your daily life without you ever having to think about it. Just like how you brush your teeth or tie your shoes.

You just do it.

That’s what the Rituals System can do for you.

It will let you install any habit without failure, by following a simple step-by-step system you can implement in under an hour without having to think about it.

It’s the EXACT step-by-step system we use to install any habit. We’ve taught it to hundreds of private clients and customers over the last four years.

It’s what Zack, the Asian Efficiency podcast host, has used to get out of $9,241 in debt in under a year and to get multiple investments working for him. It’s what changed my life, allowing me to become one of the highest-paid time management consultants in the world. It all started with the system that enabled me to install the habits of a morning routine, daily journaling, exercise, an evening routine, and many others.

Now I don’t even think twice about these habits. They’ve become rituals that are now a part of my daily life. When you’re at this stage, you don’t have to “maintain” your habits anymore—they’re just something you do every day.

The Rituals System allows you to have that consistency. Whether that’s a daily habit or something you have to do once a week, the system makes it easy for you to do it without wasting any energy on remembering what to do or when to do it.

Now I have to admit—I’m not perfect. Sometimes I slip up and I skip or forget to do one habit. Sometimes I’ll go out for drinks, come home late, and skip my rituals that night and the next day.

I’ll usually feel bad about it for a moment, but luckily I have the Rituals System to fall back on.

Whenever I slip up, I just follow the system again and with the same excitement and accuracy, I instantly regain my ritual.

So you might be wondering which rituals you need to have. There are literally hundreds of rituals you can install, but which are the most important?

To avoid wasting time, we’ve distilled it down to just seven must-haves. These are the rituals that all highly successful and productive people share.

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