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Apr 2, 2014 | Copywriting, Growing business

Copy Secrets I’ve Used to Generate $914,328 in Freelance Writing Revenues Over
the Past Two Years …

We have recently completed the most major overhaul of The Masters Program in its 12-year history.

  • We’ve added dozens of brand-new secrets and selling techniques that are proving to work in today’s fast-changing e-commerce and direct-response marketplace …
  • We’ve reorganized the flow and sections so it’s easier to follow … and easier to find a high-level technique when you need it.
  • We’ve put the entire program online — so there are no big books or binders to lug around … CDs to store … and you can access it on your computer, wherever you are, whenever you need it …
  • We’ve added an entire section on advanced secrets for writing great web copy — secrets we’ve been quietly gathering over the years while working with some of the greatest web writers and most successful e-commerce companies on the planet …
  • We’ve added lots of audio and video presentations to make the learning easier and more fun … and to drive home key points in a much more powerful way …
  • We’ve added a new section we’re very excited about called “The Copywriting Masters” — where we introduce you to over a dozen of our industry’s superstars past and present — and tell you the impact they had on our industry and what specifically you can learn from their work.
  • And a whole lot more …

I’ll tell you more about some of the specific resources we’ve added to the “new and improved Masters v3.0” in a moment …

Insights From the Greatest Minds in Copywriting

Remember, The Masters Program is not a collection of theories and ideas of one copywriter — no matter how successful …

It’s an anthology of the very best market-tested and proven copywriting ideas from some of the best copywriters in the world — past and present …

People like Mike Palmer, who’s written countless multimillion-dollar sales promotions for the financial newsletter industry … including one promotion that’s going to ultimately be responsible for over $1 billion in sales!

People like Bill Bonner, who’s turned his very deep and profound writing and marketing knowledge into a nearly half-billion dollar per year information publishing and marketing firm …

Mark Ford, who’s knowledge of good writing has helped him launched dozens of multimillion-dollar businesses … helped to sell more than $10 billion in goods and services through the mail … and helped make him a millionaire sixty times over in the process.

And these are just a few of the experts.

In just a minute …

I’ll tell you about the latest industry superstar to contribute his transformational secrets to our Masters Program — including details on the hottest trend in direct-response marketing today. (In fact, I’m willing to predict that the secrets he’ll share with you on this topic alone could double your income this year … and for many years to come!)

My point is …

Having The Masters Program is like having these folks — and the dozens of all-time great copywriters from every era they’ve studied and emulated from over the years — right by your side … feeding you all the crucial secrets that can take your copy, and your career, to the very highest level.

And with The Masters Program v3.0 — we’ve raised the bar even higher.

Let me tell you a little about it — and some of the master-level secrets you’ll be learning as you work your way through this fun and exciting program.

First, we’ve divided The Masters Program into six distinct “Modules” so it’s easier to follow:

Module One covers “Writing Concepts.” The interesting thing here is that a lot of people new to the program assume a Masters Program on writing is about writing more “sophisticated” copy.

It isn’t.

In fact, the entire purpose of this section is to simplify your writing — and having you communicate to your reader one idea at a time … in short sentences … in a calm and conversational tone.

One of the most important concepts you’ll master early on is Mark Ford’s “Rule of One” — the idea I told you about earlier that every successful promotion has at its core one single and strong idea. (Ordinary copywriters tend to write about many things, which only waters down copy so it becomes far less effective … )

That’s just one of seven powerful Masters techniques you’ll learn about effective writing in the first Module …

Module Two covers the “Principles and Structure of Selling” — and how you incorporate high-level selling skills into written copy and video presentations.

For example, over the years, we’ve studied all the great mail promotions — and all the great Internet promotions. All of them, without fail, adhere to the principles of The Four-Legged Stool — the four things every successful promotion needs to have working, always. If one of those legs is missing — the package becomes far less stable. Take two of those legs away and your sales letter cannot possibly stand.

I know Master Copywriters who still have each of the elements of the “four legs of the stool” taped to their computer screen … so they’re always mindful of this idea when they’re writing. In this section of The Masters Program, we delve deep into this core Masters secret with audio, video, and via the written word. If you’re going to be an “A” Level copywriter, you must understand this concept.

It’s one of six very important ideas on selling that all Master Copywriters know.

Module Three is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. It’s called “Crafting Great Sales Letters” and it’s jam-packed with high-level secrets for writing the most compelling copy possible. One is the secret of the “Core Complex,” an advanced technique for reaching your prospects on a much deeper emotional level.

When you can do that — when you can talk to your reader about what he or she really wants … outside of the realm of “fear and greed” … you’re able to establish a relationship with your reader built on trust and mutual respect. Your credibility soars. The perceived value of what you’re offering goes through the roof. And in the end, the likelihood of a sale is as much as 10 times greater.

Module Three is where you’ll learn seven very powerful Masters secrets for engaging your reader like no average copywriter can.

Module Four is what every copywriter needs to know these days: “Advanced Online Copywriting.”

Here’s a little secret: Most companies marketing online out there — even some of the biggest — haven’t a clue what they’re doing. They’re flying by the seat of their pants … learning as they go. When you know the secrets to writing online copy that sells — the world will beat a proverbial path to your doorstep. And that’s what this section focuses on entirely.

You see, AWAI has had the very good fortune of working very closely with Agora Publishing over the years … a company that has spent the last 10 years (and many millions of dollars) unlocking the secrets to successful online direct-response marketing — everything from books to travel, to newsletters to consumer goods. And we’ve not only been watching them every step of the way, many of us have been involved in the process.

Everything we’ve learned, we share in this new version of The Masters Program. All these high-level secrets — from tips to writing a successful online sales letter … to techniques for getting sales emails open … to optimizing the performance of your home page … to writing copy that overcomes short attention spans.

Plus, this is the module where we’ll share our Masters lesson about writing Video Sales Letters.

Video Sales Letters, as you may know, are the hottest thing in online marketing. They can double and triple the response of traditional sales letters. That makes your client happy … but of course it can also double and triple the royalties you’re paid as well!

I’ve seen the power of these videos first hand working with my main client Agora Inc. Back-end promotions that once would bring in $1 million now can generated $2 million and $3 million in sales. And for the copywriter, it’s just a matter of following a proven Video Sales Letter formula … and making sure your client uses some of the production techniques that have been proven to work.

Master Copywriter Clayton Makepeace is one of dozens of Master Copywriters enjoying huge success with Video Sales Letters. He revealed his 17-step plan for producing successful videos for AWAI members at last year’s Bootcamp.

The presentation was so successful and so well received by everyone, we decided to build a high-level Masters Program lesson around it. In a moment, I’ll tell you a little more about this, our latest addition to all the power-packed secrets you’ll find in our new Masters v3.0.

With this material in hand, you’ll not only have everything you need to become an expert in Video Sales Letters, you’ll have an entirely new marketing tool you can offer your clients — one that can add (literally) hundreds of thousands of dollars to his bottom line … and your own income in added fees and royalties, year after year!

Module Five will educate — and inspire you. It’s called simply “The Copywriting Masters,” where you’ll learn about copywriting pioneers and how they changed advertising forever — plus the contemporary masters of copywriting and how you can learn from them.

People like David Ogilvy who created “The Man in the Hathaway Shirt” campaign, which some would argue is still inspiring copywriters today as the forerunner to Dos Equis beer’s “World’s Most Interesting Man” commercials … Gene Schwartz who was a master of the “down and dirty” direct-mail genre and was the first to truly understand the relationship between the product, the prospect, and you, the copywriter … Dan Kennedy, who is not only a Master Copywriter, but also an expert at self-promotion and getting and managing clients … plus 19 others who have all left indelible marks on our industry.

Knowing them and their work will not only give you a good history and perspective of the industry … you’ll also learn about the specific skills they’re known for, so you can inject a little “classic mastery” into every promotion you write.

This is a wonderful addition to the Masters v3.0 that’s sure to impact your writing in so many positive ways.

Module Six wraps things up with Masters secrets on “Focus and Inspiration.” It’s all about keeping that “drive to succeed” alive in you at all times … and overcoming the inevitable roadblocks that come our way. Like erasing self-doubt and a surefire solution to writer’s block I can vouch for personally. It’s as easy as opening up a blank Word document and writing anything that comes to mind. It works for me every time!

But it’s not all about the “mental” side of great copywriting. You’ll learn master-level tips for dealing with clients, building up your copywriting business, increasing your daily productivity, and finding a winning tone, style, and voice to your writing that your clients (and readers) will love.

  • You’ll learn the secret of “Just Three Things” — a surefire technique for opening your prospect’s mind to the message you want to give him …
  • The “Blockbuster Formula” — the shortest path to the most effective copy on earth …
  • You’ll become a master of the “Big Idea” and learn the “Mike Palmer formula” for anchoring your sales letter with a strong one each and every time …
  • You know “The Golden Thread” as AWAI’s e-letter for copywriters. But did you know it also refers to a very advanced Masters secret that ensures your prospect never loses sight of why he’s reading your sales message and why he should stick with you from beginning to end?
  • You’ll learn how Master Copywriters develop a “Market Mindset” that lets us spot new sales and promotion ideas during our daily lives. (Imagine ending each day with too many ideas to work on the following day!)
  • Headlines and bullets — they’re the meat and potatoes of any written or online promotion. After this Masters “Headline Maze” session, you’ll never write a weak, non-specific, uninteresting, boring, “nothing” headline again.
  • Don’t forget about “The Secret of Indirection.” This alone will transform your copy in ways no ordinary copywriter can compete.
  • How about the “Core Complex”? It’s how to know what your reader really wants — and what you need to do in your copy to connect with him on that much higher level.
  • Stuck for a package theme? Try these two Masters techniques for your next letter: “The Common Enemy” and “The Big Prediction.”
  • Learn the secret of the “Point of Maximum Anxiety” — how to identify what’s keeping your prospect up at night … and then “win him over” by making his worries disappear …
  • The secret of the “Velvet Cord” — how to make your prospect wonder if he’s good enough for your product or service (a very powerful technique used by very clever and sophisticated copywriters) …
  • The secret of the “Barstool Test” — a foolproof way to test the conversational quality of your copy …
  • The secret of the “Four P’s©: Promise, Picture, Proof, and Push” — a simple four-part selling strategy that will ensure your letter’s engaging … and hitting … all the right cylinders, every step of the way …
  • The “Masters Closing Technique” — the three things you can do to make your offer absolutely irresistible (plus actual examples of some of the best “offers and closes” in the business) …
  • All this and more …

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 Download AWAI - Masters Program 3.0 for Six Figure Copywriting  Download AWAI - Masters Program 3.0 for Six Figure Copywriting
 Download AWAI - Masters Program 3.0 for Six Figure Copywriting  Download AWAI - Masters Program 3.0 for Six Figure Copywriting

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