Only a Handful of Copywriters Know This Secret … Wouldn’t You Like to Be One of Them?


A profitable niche … that’s what most writers want.

The problem is, most of them aren’t looking in the right place.

In one headline-making area of the U.S. market, there’s a dire shortage of trained writers.

In fact, many of the biggest publishers in this industry routinely lament the fact that they just can’t find enough writers for everything they want to promote.

This high demand spells top dollar for writers who do focus on this niche. It’s not unusual for writers in this niche to quickly achieve six-figure incomes … especially when you factor in royalties.

In Secrets of Writing for the Health Market, you’ll learn how to tap into this lucrative niche. And the timing is just right. This market is poised to explode. Good health writers already command handsome payment and royalty packages, but in the next five years … the demand for writers like you will go off the chart.

Secrets of Writing for the Health Market has been redesigned to reflect the current market. Inside you’ll find:

  • Your map to all the minefields, pitfalls, and sinkholes in the health market so you can avoid them.
  • Your “insider’s guide” to the emotional hot buttons unique to health copy. You’ll be able to write copy that connects with customers, beats your competitors, and makes you look like a pro to your clients.
  • Your personal instruction manual for researching products so you uncover the details others miss. You’ll write better copy — faster — and seem like a genius at coming up with the Big Idea everyone’s so desperate to find.
  • How to write as a “doctor,” plus four other powerful “voices” to create instant credibility for your health product.
  • 3 surefire ways to ensure the tone of every package you create is just right.
  • The single secret of writing an effective e-letter. The health writers who use this marketing secret with accompanying promotions will get the sales – and command higher fees.
  • Access to five live spec assignments … any one of these could land you the big client that transforms your career!

Not only that, but when you sign up you’ll in addition to the program itself, you’ll also receive:

  • Why They Won: 7 Top Health Controls Analyzed. This collection of classic health market promotions pulls back the curtain on some of the industry’s biggest winners. You’ll learn exactly what they did right so you can do it, too.
  • Our exclusive Proven Strategies Swipe File. Swipe files are key to learning what works in this niche … and getting time-saving inspiration from proven winners. This ready-made swipe file represents billions in sales and would be impossible for you to replicate on your own.
  • Your shortcut to writing health copy that complies with all the latest standards. This bundle of four specially designed guides from the FTC will help you sail through copy review and get your work in front of customers faster.

Get on track to be a successful health copywriter today. In just a few short weeks, this program could have you earning top dollar writing for some of the biggest health publishers in the industry.

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 Download AWAI - Secrets of Writing For The Health Market  Download AWAI - Secrets of Writing For The Health Market
 Download AWAI - Secrets of Writing For The Health Market  Download AWAI - Secrets of Writing For The Health Market

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