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Apr 13, 2015 | Copywriting, Marketing

This February, I’m bringing THE top web experts to Austin …
where we’ll transform a select group of writers into
paid web copywriters in just 72 hours flat — guaranteed.

Will you be one of them?

If you’re ready to ROCK the web copy world in 2015,
your answer should be, “Yes!”

At AWAI’s 2015 Web Intensive, you won’t JUST learn how to write the lucrative web projects companies are desperate for now

  • You’ll get the rare opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the industry from the most respected web writers and marketers in the business … all in one place …
  • You’ll create a full portfolio then and there … and get your samples professionally critiqued …
  • You’ll sit down for a one-on-one meeting with an expert to make sure you move forward fast the minute you get home …
  • You’ll create a customized self-marketing plan — including step-by-step instructions on how to land clients
  • And, you’ll even walk away with a live, paid assignment … and your first paycheck, worth up to $2,000!

So when you get home, you’ll have the complete
framework of a business in place, ready to go.

All you’ll have to do is start writing.

Dear Writer,

If you’re not 100% committed to freelance writing success in 2015 … this event is not for you.

That’s not meant to sound harsh … I just want to be up-front with you.

See, this year’s Web Copywriting Intensive is going to be unlike any other.

There’s only room for writers dedicated to launching their writing business … getting clients … and generating a handsome income in the coming year.

You’ve seen just a glimpse of what I have in store for you above. The bottom line is this:

I’ve pulled out ALL the stops to create a hands-on learning experience that helps you leap over every single obstacle that could possibly keep you from success.

I’m not just talking about the top-notch education, experience, and skills you need to be a sought-after web copywriter … which you WILL get, in spades, from some of the pioneering copywriters of our industry.

That’s just the first step.

I’m also talking about all the “little things” you need to launch a business too.

I mean …

  • A complete portfolio of web copy projects — samples of your writing that have been reviewed by experts, polished, and that you’re proud to show potential clients …
  • Your freelancer’s website, which is part of your self-marketing plan and a key part of your portfolio, too …
  • The answer to the question, “Am I good enough to really do this?”
  • Even landing a high-profile client (hint: it’s me!) … working with top copywriters and marketers on a live assignment … and getting paid!

I’ve seen all these things trip up copywriters in the past … and I’ve figured out a way to blast through all of them and more.

So if you have the drive to succeed …

And you want to leapfrog over the learning curve and start writing for a living now

I invite you to come to Austin this coming February with nothing but your dedication and a laptop … work with me and my team for three days … and leave with a complete web copywriting business of your very own.

There’s never been a better time to get dedicated and get going, because a HUGE wave of demand for trained web copywriters is coming in fast.

Let me explain.

Web Copywriting is the Most InDemand Opportunity For Freelance Writers Since … Well, Ever!

(And, it’s About to Get Even BIGGER.)

Forrester Research predicts marketers will spend $77 billion on digital marketing in 2016.

$77 billion!

Numbers like that should get you pumped!

It means there’ll be so much DEMAND for knowledgeable web writers in the next several years that there’ll be very little competition.

I predict if you get started now … even if you’re a “newbie” web writer today … you’ll be booked solid for weeks at a time.

And the faster you can get trained and launch your business …

The faster you can get paid the handsome fees web copywriters have come to enjoy. I mean $500 … $1,500 … even $3,500 per project! (I’ll tell you more about them in a minute.)

That’s where I come in.

See, every February for the past seven years, I’ve met with a group of excited and committed up-and-coming copywriters …

Put them in a room with the industry’s top web writing and marketing experts …

And taught them the skills they need to do the job better than 99% of the people out there.

And those writers have gone on to be top-notch freelancers, earning high five-figure and even six-figure incomes … quitting their day jobs … and saying Sayonara! to the workaday life for good.

I know, learning everything you need to know to be a web copywriter in just three days sounds like a lofty goal.

But I’m very confident you can do it — because the past seven generations of Web Copywriting Specialists have done it too. (That’s the title earned by every writer that attends Web Intensive. You’ll hear from some of them as we go along.)

This year, I want to challenge you (and myself) to do even better.

I want to send you home with not JUST the skills to write powerful web copy that wows your clients …

But with a complete business framework in place, ready to launch when you decide to pull the trigger.

And I don’t just mean the knowledge to build that framework when you get home. I mean you’ll be ALL SET.

What I’ve found, all too often, is that “life” gets in the way and keeps so many promising writers from the lifestyle and financial freedom they deserve. (You may have experienced this yourself already.)

But not this time.

This year, not even your busy LIFE will have a chance to get in your way.

Because if you’re one of the select writers who joins me in Austin, you’re going to have the rare chance to sit down with the industry’s best … learn the ropes … and do the writing (and business building) right then and there.

  • You’ll get the need-to-know tricks for writing engaging content from Brian Clark … then you’ll turn around and give it a shot on your own article or blog post.
  • Heather Lloyd-Martin will give you the tools you need to make optimizing a web page for “the Google” a snap … then get your hands dirty and work with her to optimize a page of your own.
  • You’ll hear Nick Usborne spill all his advanced secrets for writing stellar web copy … then immediately try your hand at a landing page.
  • And, you’ll also learn Nick’s newest techniques for leveraging the social web, so you’ll get to write purposeful social media posts that both engage and persuade.
  • You’ll discover Jay White’s secret formula for writing emails that “get the click” — then put your hands on the keyboard and create your own.

And every single one of the samples you write will be critiqued by an advanced freelancer, who’ll help you polish it before you leave.

So by the end of the three days, you’ll be a Web Copy Specialist

And you’ll have the confidence, experience, and samples you need to start finding and accepting clients the moment you get home — and start invoicing for those hefty paychecks!

Let me show you exactly how this is going to work — and how you can truly become a working web copywriter in just three days.

Learn How to Write Every Type of

Web Copy Project — Then Sit Down and Do it!

The experts I’ve assembled are all doing what YOU want to do: they’re professional, independent copywriters and marketers who make a very comfortable living doing what they love on their own terms.

And they’re widely regarded as THE expert in their field — often the person who defined or even created his or her web specialty.

These genius, “A-level” men and women are going to teach you the “up-to-the-minute” best practices for web copy that works today

I’ve challenged each instructor to bring their BEST stuff …

The freshest formulas …

The most “insanely useful” how-to’s …

And their most in-depth, from-the-trenches experience.

These masters will compress their decades of experience down into the most essential steps … and train YOU to master THEIR craft.

And after they’re done instructing, they’ll get your hands on the keys and train you to write each type of copy live.

Then, you’ll have your piece critiqued (privately) then and there, so you walk away with the best samples possible!

Get Ready to Dive in to the
Six Essential Copy Projects Web Clients Need NOW —

Since I want to get you up, running, and confident by the time you leave Austin, I’ve got all hands on deck to walk you through the six unique types of copy your clients are most likely going to need, including …

(1) Advanced Landing Pages and Website Copy
(2) Social Media
(3) SEO Copywriting
(4) Content Marketing
(5) Emails and Autoresponders
(6) Ads That Build Lists

Experts: Nick Usborne, Heather Lloyd-Martin, Brian Clark, Jay White, Brian Edmonson, Ryan Deiss, Pam Foster, Joshua Boswell….

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 Download AWAI - Web Copy Intensive 2015  Download AWAI - Web Copy Intensive 2015

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