Bedros Keuillian – Fitness Business Summit

Feb 9, 2015 | Growing business

Discover How One Weekend Can FOREVER Change the Way You Look at Your Fitness Business

Fitness Business Summit is the “Game Changing” Event of the Year Dedicated to Teaching You How to Easily Attract More Clients, Increase Your Income, and Systemize the Way You Run Your Fitness Business!


Discover how you can finally own and operate your dream fitness business without fearing competition, stressing out, going broke or spending all of your time trading time for dollars.


F YOU’RE SERIOUS about growing your personal training, boot camp, or group training business above and beyond all factors that may be limiting your success then I suggest you take a few minutes to read this URGENT and Time-Sensitive message because it directly impacts you and your business.

The fitness industry is changing…

More and more personal trainers are struggling to make a living. Price erosion is at an all time high and solid fitness professionals like yourself are working harder than ever only to make the same (or in some cases LESS) money.

Competition is at an all time high.

Big box gyms are trying to cut into your market.

More and more personal trainers, boot camps, and “boxes” are popping up on every corner looking to undercut you and steal your clients.

Marketing tactics that once delivered traffic no longer work.

Facebook, Deal Of The Day sites, Google, and your website are failing miserably– and that’s forcing you to lower your prices and work longer hours only to take home less money than you ever have.

And that’s why I felt it necessary to tell you about the most important Fitness Business Summit ever– because what I’m about to share with you could double, triple and even quadruple the number of clients you have today. It can take your income to multiple six figures, and it can finally remove all of the stress and frustrations of running a fitness business, once and for all.


Here’s what I’ll be teaching at the Summit:

  • Powerful, proven and effective client generating systems, processes, and tactics that you’ve never heard of or are overlooking
  • How to use online ads and marketing to get a flood of new leads and prospects without wasting money or getting ripped off by dead-end marketing
  • Learn what it takes to set your prices high and start making the income that you deserve
  • Find out how you can become an important member of your community so that you can reach and help as many people as possible


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Download Bedros Keuillian - Fitness Business Summit Download Bedros Keuillian - Fitness Business Summit
 Download Bedros Keuillian - Fitness Business Summit  Download Bedros Keuillian - Fitness Business Summit

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