The Recurring Revenue Machines Immersion Course

With Ben Adkins and the Recurletter Team

Whether you’re looking to create a new business or add a recurring element into your existing business, this course will show you how to pull it off quickly.

Whether you sell physical or digital products, this course will show you how to build a Recurring Income Machine in any niche.

What This Immersion Course Will Teach You:

Each Session Is Designed to Show You Exactly to Build an Information Based
Recurring Business Quickly. Once You Learn How to Do This you can Build a New Recurring Business in as
Little as 7 Days and Have it Generating Income For You.

Session 1: The Slackers Foundation

Inside this Session We’ll Pick Your Niche and I’ll show you exactly how to Research and See if there is an audience for your content. We’ll also cover the foundations of Content Creation and how to “Steal your Competitor’s Research” in order to build your own Recurring Asset in 95% less time than it takes most people. This is a “Slackers Way” of building a membership but your Subscribers will absolutely love what you put in front of them every month.

Session 2: Mechanics and Automation

Skip the Website. We’ll be building our Recurring Revenue Machine in a much simpler way. I’ll show you the exact tools that I use and the tricks that ensure that the bulk of my work is done on the front end. We’ll map your machine’s content and the delivery method in this session. You’ll absolutely love how simple it is to deliver your membership content with this method.

Session 3: Sales Copy and Conversion

After Sessions 1 and 2 you’ll have a product that is ready to sell to the masses. Now we need to make sure we have the sales copy to sell it to your audience and that it is setup with maximum conversion in mind. In this session I’ll show you the tools that we use so that we don’t need to touch a line of code and the key elements to making sure your Recurring Machines get users fast.

Session 4: Connecting All of the Pieces

In this session we’ll talk about the easiest way to setup a buy button, be ready for affiliates (you don’t have to have them, but just in case) and track your recurring revenue month after month. By the end of session 4 you’ll have everything that you need to create, sell, and deliver the content for your recurring asset. This will set you up perfectly for session 5 where we’ll show you how to drive traffic to your recurring asset.

Session 5: Lead Magnet and Traffic

In this Session I’ll show you how to create a freebie to give away that will set people up to be sold into your membership. I’ll also show you the perfect way to drive traffic to this freebie and then sell them into buying a subscription to your Recurring Revenue Machine.

Course preview and screenshots

Download Ben Adkins - Recurring Revenue Machines Download Ben Adkins - Recurring Revenue Machines
 Download Ben Adkins - Recurring Revenue Machines  Download Ben Adkins - Recurring Revenue Machines

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