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Apr 1, 2014 | Email Marketing, Marketing

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How You Can Exploit a Simple Gesture into an Ever-Flowing Income Stream!

Survey Social Pilot is a whiz at collecting opt-ins and quickly turning them into sales. And not because it uses some “secret magic formula.” In fact, all it does is play on an everyday mindset that 99% of people have.

It’s called the ‘Benjamin Franklin effect’ and without turning this into a college lecture., it’s the idea that if you can get someone to do you a small favor, it’s 1000x easier to get them to do you a big one next (and buy into something).

This may sound very simple. But over decades,

Psychologists have confirmed this is a highly effective technique for persuading others to do anything you want.

With Survey Social Pilot… I’m going to take you by the hand. Show you how this technique will translate into thousands of new subscribers and bigger sales for you.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:

STEP1: Revealed: Your Most Powerful Persuasion Tool

What is the Benjamin Franklin effect, and how will it make you a ton of money? I’m going to lay it all on the table.
DISCLAIMER: This technique is extremely powerful. You can literally get people to do just about anything you want… All I ask is that you use your “powers” for good.

STEP 2: Digging into the Mind of Your Buyers

Knowledge is your most powerful selling tool. But getting that information isn’t always easy… Don’t worry!

In step 2, I’m going to outline how to obtain valuable information from your market. Information that will allow you to tap into their wants and desires. By combining this technique with the principles behind the Benjamin Franklin affect, you will better appeal to your market – their natural hesitation will be no match for your irresistible offers.

STEPS 3: 4 Questions for Turning a Subscriber into a Buyer

Your success relies on asking the right questions. The right questions will…

Make your buyers feel valued. This will build a loyal customer base that will go out of their way to buy from you. Setting you up for long-term success.

Enable you to better appeal to your market. Influencing them to buy, and putting more money in your pocket.

You don’t have time to tweak and test. So I’m going to reveal the 4 secret questions that I use. Proven to give you the above results.

STEP 4: Setting Your Income to ‘Autopilot’

The final step is creating an automated income stream. One that will continue to flow for a long time to come.

You’ll get exclusive access to my personal email sequence. It’s been carefully crafted to put your subscribers in “buy mode” – again, by exploiting the power of the “Benjamin Franklin” effect (hey… I did tell you this would make you a lot of money!)

BONUS: Exclusive Access to 2 Private Case Studies

As a special bonus, I’m even going to give you exclusive access to 3 case studies. This will walk you through steps 1-4. Allowing you to see everything in action.

That way, you can be 100% sure you’re exploiting every bit of information I’m about to give you.

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Download Ben Adkins - Survey Social Pilot Download Ben Adkins - Survey Social Pilot
 Download Ben Adkins - Survey Social Pilot  Download Ben Adkins - Survey Social Pilot

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