Your Step-by-Step System for Using Facebook Video Ads to

Sell Your Digital and Physical Products.



What’s Inside of the Social Video Ad Blueprint?


Section 1:

How to Grab on to The Video Ad Opportunity

Inside This Session you’ll Learn:

  • The Secret Behind Why Facebook Favors Video Ads
    In the last 6 months, Facebook has made major changes to the way it displays video in the newsfeed. If you understand the changes and how they work, you’ll have a big advantage. We’ll Explain exactly what has happened and how to use it to your Business’ Advantage inside.
  • What Kind of Video Ads are Best for Selling Digital Products, Software, and Memberships
    There is a very special kind of Facebook Video Ad that you need to create to sell digital based products and software. We’ll go through the exact setup inside and give you access to the template to create this type of video ad yourself.
  • What Kind of Video Ads are Best For Selling Physical Products to Your Audience
    Selling Physical Products using Video Ads are an entirely different story. You need to use a very specific type of video ad. We’ll talk you through how to structure this video and create it fast without having to use any special equipment.

Section 2:

The Video Ad Lifter Method

Inside This Session you’ll Learn:

  • Video Ad Best Practices
    In this section you’ll learn about the best way to time your videos, the 3 main things each video ad must do, as well as other best practices that you wouldn’t know unless you had experience running ads. You can skip all of that learning curve in this section.
  • What is a Lifter Video
    Facebook is not the place to try to make the sale. You have to use something called a “Lifter Video” when you run video ads. In this section we’ll cover what that is and why it is so important when running videos ads on Facebook.
  • How to Create a “Case Study” Lifter Video
    This very special kind of video is highly effective in selling Digital Products, Software, Memberships, and even the right kind of Physical product. In this section you’ll learn how to determine if this is the right video for your business and how to set it up from the ground up.
  • How to Create an Unboxing Lifter Video
    This very special kind of video is highly effective in selling a physical product that doesn’t fit into the “problem solver” category. Inside this section you’ll learn about when to use this video and how to create it.
  • How to Use the Video Ad Slideshow Feature
    Facebook has a very special feature which allows you to build a video from a set of images. Inside this section you’ll learn when is the right time to use this and how to create the video easily (and keep it converting).

Section 3:

How to Target Your Video Ads

Inside This Session you’ll Learn:

  • The Core Video Ad Targeting Method
    You’ll Learn the key tactic to targeting your audience inside of Facebook’s Ad Manager. You’ll get a formula that you can use over and over to make sure your video ads get seen and end up connecting with your audience (and setting them up to become a buyer).
  • How to Recycle Videos for New Audiences
    One of the most powerful features of video ads is the fast way you can use them to catch a person’s interest and bond with them. Using this Genius Tactic you can make sure that one video connects with multiple audiences like you were talking directly to them.
  • Video Ad SMART Retargeting
    One of the most powerful ways to use video ads on Facebook is to only show a video to someone who has already seen a certain page on the web. We’ll walk through that tactic and make sure you are ready to take advantage of this killer method.
  • The 10 Second Budget Saver
    You’ll get a quick insight as how one click can save you a ton on your Video Ads (its a silly little hidden feature that makes a big difference.

Section 4:

How to Tracks Your Video Ads Effectiveness

Inside This Session you’ll Learn:

  • Basic Video Ad Tracking
    In this video you get an inside view on how we track everything so that we know which ads are the most effective and which ones to kill quickly. This One Section is worth the entire cost of Video Ad Blueprints because of how much money you’ll save after you watch it.
  • Tracking Key Actions
    You’ll learn how to track actions like optins and video watches throughout your funnel so that you can move people through your funnel intelligently and so that you can fix weak portions in your video ad funnels.
  • Tracking through Multiple Sales
    You’ll also Learn how to see which video ads are actually leading to sales. This is important because some videos can be getting a ton of views and engagement, but not leading to actual sales. You’ll Learn how to Make sure that a Video Ad Campaign is actually paying off.

Section 5:

Cool Stuff that Didn’t Fit Anywhere Else

Inside This Session you’ll Learn:

  • How to Create High Converting Instagram Video Ads For Your Business.
    How to instantly take everything you’ve learned inside of this course and use it to run high converting ads on Instagram.
  • How to Create Video Lead Ads
    Lead Ads are hot because you can get someone to optin to your list without them ever leaving Facebook. We’ll Show you how to set them up inside.

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