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Jun 26, 2015 | Growing business, Marketing

Still looking for a surefire way to engage customers long enough to solidify the sale?

REVEALED: The “Bag of Video Tricks” the World’s Top Marketers Capitalize On to Suck You In…

… And Persuade You To Buy Their Product Or Service.


Dear Fellow Business Owner and Marketer,

Did you know that visitors to your site are 64% more likely to purchase after seeing a video?

With video having such a dramatic impact on sales, you’ll be shocked to find out that nearly half of online marketers don’t use video on their sales pages.

But why?

If video is so powerful, why wouldn’t all marketers exploit it’s selling ability?

When asked why they don’t use video, most cite “lack of video content.” And if you fall into that crowd, you’ve likely struggled with this as well.

Trust me, I get it.

Using video is intimidating. It requires you to push yourself into the limelight. Andwhen you don’t know how to fill it with content that will engage viewers and turn them into buyers, it can be really embarrassing.

Many of us aren’t born with star quality, and I was no exception to that rule.

It wasn’t until I figured out an easy-to-follow formula that I could use to systematically churn out high converting videos. Then I FINALLY saw an increase in sales…

Using this formula, I was able to generate video scripts that grabbed the attention of viewers and engaged them long enough to close the sale. As I repeated this method for one product after another, my bottom line grew.

Now, I’m not going to keep you hanging.We both know I’m about to share with you my secrets to creating high converting video (otherwise why would we both be here, right?) And frankly, I’d like you to get inside and see how well this formula will work for you.





The 3-Part Master Video Formula that Will Show You How to

Engage Viewers and Quickly Transform them into Paying Customers.

Here’s a Sneak Peek to Find Out How Video Spike Will Benefit You…


Part 1: The Master Video Script Writing Formula

Inside the “Write It” Section You’ll Find:

4 Video Style Templates that Will Allow You to Max Out Sales on Every Promotion


We’re taking away the guesswork behind writing video scripts. Inside you’ll uncover how to use 4 different video styles. Each is designed to boost your conversions based on the unique needs of a specific promotion.
And don’t worry, we’ve included in-depth walkthrough videos for each style, as well as “fill in the blank” templates that will dramatically cut your workload. These are the 4 powerful video styles you’ll uncover inside…

  • The Video Spike Style VSL – Writing lengthy videos that engage customers long enough to finalize a sale is tricky. Using techniques that implement key ‘buyer psychology’ elements, we’ll show you how to immediately spark their interest and lead them to the pitch.
  • The Talking Head Video – Putting yourself in front of the camera can turn you into a blubbering mess (I’ve got a slew of my own outtake videos to prove it). But with the right outline, you can appear cool and collected. We’ll give you our best kept secrets to draw viewers in and swiftly turn them into paying customers.
  • The Screencast Video – Walking viewers through a simple demo video seems simple enough, but there are 3 common mistakes that will send your customers packing. Not only will we show you how to avoid disaster, we’ll walk you through how to utilize this method and fully exploit the selling power behind Screencast videos.
  • The Animated Explainer Video – Our inner child naturally becomes nostalgic at the sight of animated video, which is why viewers are drawn to this style. In order to turn your animated videos into a marketing powerhouse, we’re giving you our complete blueprint.


Part 2: The Video Shooting Secrets of the Pros

Inside the “Shoot It” Section You’ll Find:

The “Shooting Secrets” of the Pros

Once your script is ready, you’ll need to know how to put the whole thing together. For each template, we provide specific shooting tips and tricks so you can easily produce professional-looking videos.

Step-By-Step Instruction to Minimize the Learning Curve

Our team spent enough time fussing with video creation for all of us. We’re going to save you the headache. Each instructional video will give you step-by-step instruction so you can quickly get the job done.

Access to Our Private Equipment List

Full Disclaimer: you’ll be shocked at how “not fancy” some of our tools are. That’s because you don’t need to invest thousands into equipment and software. We’re going to show you where to spend money (and where to skimp!)


Part 3: Laying on the Polish

Inside the “Polish It” Section You’ll Find:

Creating Elegant Intro & Outro Bumpers on the Cheap

Professional Intro & Outro bumpers are an easy way to add a touch of high class flair. These give your videos the appearance of big budget studio production, so viewers will never know you spent less than $10 with our sneaky trick.

The Tiny Audio Technique that Adds Big Effect

Your videos are useless if no one watches them. Don’t worry. This little trick will quickly engage your viewers. Drawing them in and pulling them all the way to the end.

The Shine Editing Technique

Instantly go from underground to executive with this simple editing technique. Apply it to any video and it will give your productive value a huge boost. Video quality can dramatically impact your bottom line. This method will ensure you don’t scare away prospects.


Let’s Recap What You Get
When You Secure Your Spot Today:

  • Part 1: Writing Influential Video Sales Scripts that Persuade Viewers to Take Advantage of Any Offer (Value: $299.95)
  • Part 2: The Video Shooting Secrets of the Pros (Value: $199.95)
  • Part 3: Laying on the Polish (Value: $99.95)

Total Value $599.85

And don’t forget, you’ll also get these bonuses completely free

  • The Visual Pattern Cheat Sheet (Value: $49.95)
  • The Audio Pattern Cheat Sheet (Value: $49.95)
  • Shooting Pro-Quality Videos with a Smart Phone (Value: $29.95)

Total Value $129.85


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