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Jan 24, 2020 | Blog

According to statistics, Facebook so far has 2.4 billion users globally, which is about 32% of the world’s total population. For digital advertisers, that’s great news as the social media platform gives them an opportunity to reach out to a more significant portion of consumers. That explains why Facebook marketing has become an important part of many companies’ digital marketing strategies.

However, without the right knowledge, it can be relatively challenging to unlock the full potential of digital or internet marketing with Facebook. And that’s where Browzify comes in handy.

For starters, Browzify is an online educational platform similar to Skillshare, Udemy and the rest, that offers a wide variety of courses with an emphasis on business development, marketing, and e-commerce. For those who are looking to take their digital marketing skills to another level, Browzify can be a great place to start.

That said, it comes as no surprise that Browzify has some of the best online digital marketing courses ever put up on the internet. The following are our picks for the top Facebook marketing courses you can download on this website:


1. Facebook Ads Mastery by Dave Rogenmoser

Tutored by Dave Rogenmoser, the Facebook Ads Mastery course is one of the best online digital marketing courses you can benefit a great deal from on Browzify. Consisting of seven incredible lessons, this course teaches learners how to craft a winning Facebook ad strategy, how to create audiences, conversions, and pixels as well as how to create powerful ad copies and images. Apart from that, learners will learn how to find as well as build audiences, how to create powerful social media marketing campaigns with a special tool known as “Adespresso” and how to launch, analyze and make ads more effective. Finally, the course teaches how to improve under-performing ads so as to turn your less effective ad campaigns around. Delivered in step-by-step instructions with text, audio and video contents, this course will give you 100% satisfaction.


2. Facebook Ads Blueprint by Keith Krance

Delivered by Keith Kranze, Facebook Ads Blueprint is a worthwhile alternative to the previous Facebook marketing course. This 10-module course teaches learners how to create Facebook ad campaigns that actually work, how to create award-winning content, how to track conversions and audiences, and how to benefit out of Facebook likes. Packed with numerous checklists per module, it also touches on Facebook video advertising, which is the current big thing in social media marketing.

Learners will benefit from multiple prerecorded training webinars, checklists, execution guides as well as templates. Apart from that, they will gain from live webinars with questions and answers sessions, in-person workshop recordings as well as access to a private Facebook group, which is made up of Keith, Ralph, the team and a number of successful entrepreneurs.

Just like the previous Facebook marketing course, this course is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you successfully complete Facebook Ads Blueprint, you will start attracting high-quality leads almost instantaneously. Consequently, your sales will shoot upwards almost overnight, putting your business into an incredible growth trajectory!


3. Crushing Facebook Ads by a Group Known as Freedom Junkies

As casual as the name of the group that offers Crushing Facebook Ads course may sound–Freedom Junkies, the digital advertising campaign knowledge that students will acquire from this course is overwhelming. First of all, Freedom Junkies as a group comprises of a number of hugely successful online entrepreneurs who achieve their sales through social media advertising. Always making 6 figures in their sleep, the group has successfully engineered a powerful Facebook advertising campaign strategy with a return on investment of up to 457%! That means, for every $1000 it spends on advertising through Facebook, it makes up to $3570 in profits.

Having said that, taking this course will enable you to learn the exact system with triple returns on the investment. Students will discover how to crush the system with this course to make it generate a lot of money for them. It goes without saying that Crushing Facebook Ads covers a number of critical areas in Facebook advertising, which include creating effective Facebook ads plans, building the right audiences, and installing Pixel on sales funnels with general pages, conversion pages as well as purchase pages in mind. Apart from those, other important social media marketing campaign areas that this course touches on include designing effective ads as well as executing new Facebook ads campaigns.

It’s worth mentioning that students will have access to a range of course materials, including step-by-step PDF guides and video tutorials. And just like the two previous Facebook marketing courses above, this course is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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Reasons to Try Browzify for Your Facebook Marketing Course Needs

While many other websites offer powerful internet marketing courses with a strong emphasis on Facebook, Browzify remains the number one choice for many learners. And that’s not a coincidence. It’s because of some powerful reasons, which include but not limited to the following:


1. One Month Free Membership

Browzify offers a one-month free membership as a giveaway. To enter a chance to win this incredible bonus, all you have to do is to fill out the corresponding form with your name, email address and then click the button that says ”I Feel Lucky Today”. However, the site doesn’t compel users to participate in this process. That said, if you don’t wish to take part in it, just click the close button on the top right corner of the form to exit.


2. Offers More than Just Internet Marketing Courses

Besides online digital marketing courses, Browzify provides a wide range of other valuable courses that are organized into various categories. Some of these categories are; Growing Business, Personal Development, Productivity, Dropshipping, Youtube, Copywriting, Shopify, eBay, Consulting/Gettig Clients, WordPress and Messenger Bots. Notably, some of these courses in categories such as Growing Business, Copywriting, Getting Clients and Messenger Bots can provide vital knowledge that can go a long way in a marketer’s digital marketing campaign.


3. Offers Unbeatable Prices

There is no getting away from the fact that Browzify offers more attractive prices compared to other digital marketing learning platforms in its category. Users can choose to pay monthly, yearly or for a whole lifetime.

That said, the monthly plan goes for as little as $69. With that, you get access to a variety of incredible stuff, including unlimited access to Browzify updates for up to 30 days, and access to no less than 15 terabytes worth of courses!

The yearly plan, on the other hand, costs $149. With that, you get to enjoy unlimited access to all what the site has to offer for up to a year, a year’s access to website updates and access to an extensive volume of courses that amount to no less than 15 terabytes.

Finally, the lifetime membership, which is the ultimate membership plan can be obtained for as little as $299. Upon payment, Browzify will give you unlimited access to everything that it has to offer for life. Apart from that, you will be able to access the site’s updates for as long as the site remains existent. Lastly, you will get access to more than 15 terabytes worth of courses!


4. Memberships Are Cancellable anytime with No Hidden Charges

Another reason to try Browzify is the freedom to cancel your membership anytime you wish to. Unlike other similar websites, which will make it relatively hard to opt-out once you opt-in, this site lets you revoke your plan with just a few mouse clicks. Plus, they don’t harbor any hidden charges like membership cancellation penalties or so. Browzify lets you be in complete charge of your membership.


5. Allows a Range of Payment Options

On top of the aforementioned benefits, Browzify offers many different ways to pay for your desired membership plan. From Visa and MasterCard to American Express and Discover Network, there are so many ways in which you can purchase your plan. As if that were not enough, the site even allows you to pay, using Bitcoins. What I like more about this unique payment option is the fact that it allows you to save 20% right away.


6. A Relatively Easy and Non-Misleading Sign-Up Process

At Browzify, we ensure that the process to become a member is fairly simple, efficient and ensures you know what you are signing up for. As soon as you click the sign-up button below any membership plan, for example, a brief advisory message will appear, telling you what category of people that particular plan is best suited for. For instance, when you click on the sign-up button below the monthly membership plan, a message will open up, telling you that that particular plan is more suitable for beginner online entrepreneurs or casual earners so you know what you are signing up for. There is also a disclaimer below it, warning you that this service doesn’t guarantee that you will make money or achieve success. This shows that Browzify isn’t desperate to get you to sign up to take your money. Instead, it’s interested in making things clear before letting you proceed to the next step.

As far as the sign-up process goes, you only need to fill out a short form with your; name, country, street address, town/city, state/county, zip/postcode, and email address. Once you provide those details, check the box below that says “Create an Account?” and then click the “Place Order” button located on the lower right side of your window. At this point, your order will be processed and account activated within a few minutes, giving you access to the ultimate Browzify features for a period of one month.


7. All Courses Work As Promised

It goes without saying that Browzify works as promised and that explains why the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With that, you can be confident that we will refund your money fully if you are not satisfied with our service. Though, going by the various customer testimonials shared on the site, We highly doubt if it could actually get to that point.


8. Offers Reliable Customer Support System

Browzify’s customer support is topnotch, offering customers valuable assistance seven days a week. Customers can choose the livechat option, which is powered by Facebook messenger or simply fill out the contact/report problem form with their name, email address, subject, course URL as well as message and send it.


9. Additional Safety

Another benefit is that Browzify has invested heavily in state-of-the-art tools to ensure the utmost safety for their clients’ personal information and financial details. With that, users don’t have to worry about their sensitive details like physical address or credit/debit card details landing in the wrong hands. Instead, all they have to fret about is how to learn online digital marketing with Browzify.


10. Great for Learning New Concepts

Last but not least, Browzify is a fast growing plateform, taking into account the frequency with which we update our courses. With new courses added every week, students don’t have to learn the same old concepts that are losing relevance to the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. Browzify keeps students knowledge up to par with new concepts by adding new courses every week.


Final Thoughts

Taking the above information into account, it is safe to say that Browzify is a great platform for taking incredible Facebook marketing courses. As listed above, some of our best online digital marketing courses are Facebook Ads Mastery by Dave Rogenmoser, Facebook Ads Blueprint by Keith Krance and Crushing Facebook Ads by Freedom Junkies. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, each of these courses works as promised. The reasons why this online learning platform is a great choice for many learners are as issued above. Some of them include pricing, the safety of users’ data, user satisfaction, honesty, and an easy sign-up process.

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