Module 1: The Real Secrets To Making Money Online.

You´ll learn exactly what it takes to make big money online, how to work smart and how to avoid sabotaging yourself. Inside you will find the 5 secret pillars of a Big Dog. These are what will show you WHAT to do and HOW to develop the Big Dog Mindset in order to succeed in anything.

Module 2: Keyword Research Mastery.

We‘re already getting into the depths – You will learn the details about market, niches and keywords. You will determine the profitability and estimating daily revenue of a niche. You´ll also find one of my best-kept secrets in this section about how to find upraising keywords & how to find super low competition on keywords.

Module 3: Easy and Fast Website Creation.

Covering everything from how to pick the best domain name, type of hosting and site design to how to create content that people and search engines love. You will learn how to create authority sites. Either small or big – your site will be seen and accepted as a brand and authority both by people and Google.

Module 4: Website Protection, Security and Speed Optimization

Website and business security is a business that will skyrocket in 2015. In the section you will find my push-button techniques to protect websites from the majority of attacks. This will keep your money making site safe. Any second of your site being hacked or offline means no money are made. Also, part of creating an authority and big brand site is to fully optimize it for best performance. You do not want to ignore this section.

Module 5: SEO a.k.a How to Rank Sites Fast.

This is the final but most important part of making money online. May you know nothing about SEO you right as well don’t know anything about making sites and anything else. This is the vital section where you’re go going to learn how to easily rank your site in Google for your top keywords. Secrets on how to pitch and persuade through email for links are found here.

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Download Big Dog Blueprint  Download Big Dog Blueprint
 Download Big Dog Blueprint  Download Big Dog Blueprint

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