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Jul 25, 2014 | Growing business

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Bob Serling has released his latest program, where he teaches you how build a Million Dollar Joint Venture brokering business.
His own business produces $50m/year, by using the techniques and methods that he is teaching in this program.
He also has many testimonials of his customers producing amazing results, including one person, who, after putting his second deal together, made $828,000!!!

How this program is delivered

Million Dollar Joint Ventures — Personal Mentoring Program is designed to give you all the training, all the tools, all the support and mentoring you need to start brokering joint venture deals quickly. As you’ve seen above, every aspect of this immersion program is designed to accelerate your success. So let’s take a look at how all of this is delivered:

4 months of comprehensive training. Every other Tuesday, starting on Tuesday, June 21st I began delivering in-depth training on all the skills I listed above along with a complete, step-by-step blueprint for implementing what you learn. The four core sessions have been delivered already, with two “extra” sessions to go be delivered in the next few weeks. But you get full access to the first four sessions now and the other two on the normal delivery schedule. This means you immediately have everything you need to start brokering your Joint Venture deals.
We’ll start with toll gate joint venture basics and rapidly advance to the intermediate and advanced strategies and techniques. The purpose of this is to get you out in the real world creating toll gate joint ventures as quickly as possible. Because this is accelerated training accompanied by a step-by-step blueprint for the entire process, it’s quite possible for you to land your first toll gate joint venture deal within just a few weeks.

mentoring calls (group and 1-on-1) twice a month for all 4 months. On alternating Tuesdays, following the previous Tuesday’s lesson, you’ll get live mentoring and support, all of which is provided by me personally.
This will vary between live group calls and private 1-on-1 calls, depending on the topic for that week. These calls will focus almost exclusively on implementation with the key goal of helping you get as many licensing deals done as quickly as possible. NOTE: This component is not included in the audit version of the program. However, the recordings of the calls as mentioned in the next point ARE included.

Recordings of all mentoring calls. All calls will be recorded so you can listen to them as often as you’d like. You can listen online or download the audios. Group calls will be available to all members of the program, but your 1-on-1 mentoring calls will be for your use only, unless you specifically wish to share them with the rest of the group.

The Million Dollar Joint Venture Marketing Encyclopedia. This is packed with every marketing piece you’ll need to broker toll gate joint ventures with your clients. You’ll get lead generation pieces, call scripts, emails, sales presentations, legal agreements and more. It’s all here in “done for you” format. Plus, all documents are in Word format so all you have to do is open them, cut and paste and you’re ready to go.
If you were to pay me or any other top level copywriter to create a complete collection of marketing documents like this for you, the cost would easily exceed $125,000. But you get them all in cut-and-paste format as another advantage of being a member of this unique program.

Members Only discussion and networking web site. One of the most valuable parts of this program is the ability to regularly communicate with like-minded members of the group. To make this possible on a daily basis, you’ll get access to a private discussion site, for group members only, where you can get feedback on all aspects of your joint venture deals, contribute your opinion to other members, and much more. I know you’ll find that the results this type of interaction yields is invaluable.
Members Only “deal maker” board. If you have a potential deal you need a partner for (perhaps another member has experience in an industry that you don’t), just post it to our members-only “deal maker” board and you could easily find just the partner you’re looking for.

In the past, I’ve seen members of my mentoring and master mind groups use this service to put together some blockbuster deals that were extremely profitable for both sides. And it should be even more successful when everyone is operating from the same mindset, working together, and teaming up to close deals that might not otherwise happen without the right partner from this group.

Real life case studies of best practices you can model for your business. I’m a firm believer that one of the best ways to improve your success rate is by modeling the success of others, rather than re-inventing the wheel. So this program will include case studies of some of my most successful joint venture deals, toll gate deals of other entrepreneurs and companies I’ve worked with, as well as members of this group as they report back with their results. Each case study will include step-by-step instructions for ethically modeling these successful techniques for use in your own licensing deals.

Course preview and screenshots

Download Bob Serling - Million Dollar Joint Venture Training  Download Bob Serling - Million Dollar Joint Venture Training
 Download Bob Serling - Million Dollar Joint Venture Training  Download Bob Serling - Million Dollar Joint Venture Training

Bob Serling – Million Dollar Joint Venture Training Contains: Videos, Audios, PDF´s

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