The Asset Licensing Blueprint

How to make big profits with small assets…

over and over again

What’s included in The Asset Licensing Blueprint program

The Asset Licensing Blueprint is a comprehensive program that consists of these major components:

  • The exact prospecting and marketing system my team and I use in my business to generate clients who are eager to license your assets — and happy to pay annually renewable licensing fees year after year. This focuses on a highly effective form of personalized lead engagement that I developed specifically for licensing assets.
  • My complete traffic generation program, “The Marketing Ladder Blueprint” for quickly and efficiently building a responsive list for any market. In addition to personalized lead engagement, you’ll also master using larger scale passive formats to build your list and increase lead generation.
  • 7 asset licensing strategies, broken down into simple blueprints you can use over and over again to optimize your profits. I’ll give you more details on all 7 of these strategies in just a minute.
  • Complete training on exactly how to quickly customize each asset for your clients
  • Every marketing document you need to effectively license your assets. This includes all the emails, letters, and follow-up pieces used in every step of the marketing process.
  • Every legal agreement and document you need for your asset licensing contracts
  • Full support through the Asset Licensing Q&A Hotline where members’ questions are answered on all aspects of asset licensing
  • And much more

A quick overview of all 7 of my asset licensing strategies

As I’ve mentioned, there are 7 strategies I’ve developed for rapidly creating and licensing small assets. All are very effective, but at the same time, you can easily build a highly profitable company by using just a couple of the strategies if you choose.

That’s another aspect of asset licensing that makes it so potent — you have the flexibility to use as many or as few of these 7 strategies as you choose. So let me give you more details on each strategy.

Asset Licensing Strategy #1: The Ad Baron Strategy

As you may know, I’ve written and licensed out marketing campaigns to hundreds of businesses. Each time, I simply modify a few sections of the campaign to customize it for each client. This usually takes just ten minutes or so and I receive a fee ranging from $2,750 to as much as $30,000 for each campaign.

What makes this even better is that when you use my proprietary ad creation formula, this can be done with practically any advertising medium. You can create reusable email campaigns, Facebook ads and campaigns, pay-per-click ads, landing pages, space ads, direct mail pieces, improved offers — and much more.

In addition, you can easily do this even if you don’t have a shred of copywriting experience. That’s because in this program, I show you exactly how and where to find quality freelancers who will do all the work for you at rock bottom prices.

And you’ll also get all the training and marketing pieces you need to find and close prospects, find and work with freelancers, and identify the hottest markets for working in with this powerful strategy.

Asset Licensing Strategy #2: Private labeling

Any product or service you currently have or that you create can be private labeled for other businesses. You create the product or service and other companies sell them as their own. In exchange, you receive a licensing fee for every copy they sell.

I’ve personally done this with a variety of information products and business services, ranging from inexpensive pieces to ultra-expensive. And this is a licensing strategy that’s commonly used with thousands of products worldwide.

For example, Intel sells and licenses its computer chips to practically every computer manufacturer in the world. Most even prominently display the label “Intel Inside” on their computers. Yet you don’t think of your computer as an Intel brand, you think of it as a Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard, Sony or whatever brand you’ve purchased.

I’ll give you a complete blueprint for using this lucrative strategy to create as many small products and services as you want and private label them to dozens or hundreds of other businesses.

Asset Licensing Strategy #3: Bulk media

This is the strategy you saw in the Case Study where one of my students made $22,000 licensing out his short booklet to a single client in his first deal. And in addition to booklets, you can also do this with CDs, mp3s, user guides, tip sheets and many other forms of content.

With this strategy, I lay out exactly how to do this with a variety of media formats, how to set each piece up for quick customization, how to use them to drive more leads to your business, and of course, how to find the ideal prospects to license your bulk media to.

This strategy has a special place in my heart because it’s the first licensing strategy I ever used in my own business. I conducted five audio interviews with leading copywriting experts, which took a total of five hours, then created bulk licenses for them that I sold to hundreds of other businesses. I made so much money with this single project, that I stopped offering copywriting services and focused on creating and licensing small business products and services. And I’m happy to share exactly how you can do this too.

Asset Licensing Strategy #4: Small services broker

This is actually a strategy that I’ve taught before, but it’s so easy to do and so lucrative, I couldn’t possibly create an asset licensing program without including an expanded version of this strategy.

Here’s how it works — and why it works so well. In any city, there are thousands of service providers in dozens of different categories. Most are very good at performing the service they offer. But 98% of them stink at marketing their services. So it becomes a constant struggle for them to stay in business and pay their bills month to month.

I’ll show you a few dead simple marketing techniques you can use to sell their services for these service providers and get a nice commission for every sale you bring them. I can’t emphasize enough how simple these marketing techniques really are — but since service providers don’t know about them, when you apply these techniques, you can create a massive wave of business.

Plus, as with all the asset licensing strategies I teach, the steps for doing this are the same regardless of how many or how few service markets you work with. So the majority of the work is automated and practically runs on its own with just minimal oversight on your part.

Asset Licensing Strategy #5: Private publishing service

This is an ultra-hot area of asset licensing that almost no one knows about. More and more frequently, businesses, authors, experts and entrepreneurs recognize the significant advantage they get by publishing a book on Kindle and iTunes. Yet few of them know how to create the proper content and then get it published on these popular platforms.

With this strategy, I show you exactly how to create riveting content regardless of who the author is or what the topic may be. And the recipe for doing this couldn’t be any easier. In just two hours, you can create and publish a complete, short book for anyone. So within just a few days, sales can start coming in from both Kindle and iTunes.

This is another strategy that may sound complicated on the surface, but when you follow my step-by-step blueprint, it’s actually incredibly easy to do. And since you follow the same recipe over and over again, you can easily hire freelancers to do the majority of the work while you collect a hefty licensing fee for each publishing project.

Asset Licensing Strategy #6: Lead generation broker

Without fail, every business needs more qualified leads on a daily basis. At the same time, they lack either the skills or staff to consistently generate all the qualified leads they need on their own.

This opens up a massive opportunity to generate leads for them, then sell or license the use of those leads to hundreds or thousands of businesses. With the blueprint I’ll give you for doing this, it’s incredibly easy for anyone to do and profit from right from the start.

I personally know of three different people who have become multi-millionaires by employing this strategy alone. And they had little or no prior experience when they launched their lead generation brokering services. When you see the blueprint they used — along with the unique twist I’ve added to make it even easier — you’ll be shocked (in the best way possible) by how easy this strategy really is to use and profit from.

Asset Licensing Strategy #7: Asset broker — help companies license their existing assets

The final asset licensing strategy draws on many of previous strategies. You see, within any successful business, there are many assets that could be licensed and generate sizable revenue for those businesses. But businesses simply don’t understand how to do this and they certainly don’t have the staff with the proper skills for this.

So you can easily step in and offer your services to license their assets for them, using the exact same strategies as you use to license your own assets. In exchange, you receive an upfront fee plus a percentage of all profits.

With each of the previous six strategies, I’ll include a section on how to apply them to help license those same assets for other businesses. This alone exponentially increases the number of licensing deals you can make — and your profits as well.

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