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Nov 17, 2022 | e-Commerce, Email Marketing

What You Get:

Welcome To The Ecommerce Email Marketing School

Thank you so much for enrolling yourself here, I will do my best to serve you and provide a wildly positive ROI on your attention and investment.

  • Meet the instructor
  • Support guide & program maximisation
  • False beliefs around emails
  • Metrics meaning & email roadmap
  • Klaviyo setup
  • Advanced Klaviyo metric setup

Acquisition Flows

These flows are directly revenue generating and generally triggered to convert web traffic into sales.

These flows will represent the vast majority of all flow revenue.

  • Welcome flow
  • Abandon checkout flow
  • Abandon cart flow
  • Abandon product flow
  • Abandon site flow

Retention Flows

These are flows that occur post purchase, the goal of these being to retain and nurture customers turning them into life long patrons.

  • Customer thank you flow
  • Customer win back flow
  • Customer upsell flow
  • Sunset unengaged flow

Campaign Mastery

Campaign master will cover the various campaign angles you can take with your emails. Campaigns represent around 50% of your email efforts so don’t sleep on them.

These modules will show you how to plan your campaigns, ways to structure them during promotional periods and other ninja hacks to boost revenue.

  • Plain text or design emails
  • Sales campaign best practices with examples
  • Announcement campaign best practices with examples
  • Holiday campaign best practices with examples
  • Content campaign best practices with examples
  • Campaign calendar excellency
  • Doubling down effectively – strategy for sales
  • Two & Four day double down strategy

How To Run A Tight Email System

You now know what, why and how you can run an air tight email system, but how do you outsource and manage your own in-house team/ freelancers with emails?

These modules show you the majority of the remaining pieces of puzzle.

  • How to design a high converting email
  • How to communicate email designs to graphics team
  • Email copy masterclass

Email Capture, high converting form framework

How to capture leads through pop ups, giveaways and collaborations!

  • High converting pop up form

Email Optimisation, 8 figure decision framework

Now that you are able to build out the decision flows, construct the campaigns and capture emails, where do you go from here?

In this module I will unveil the framework for decision making that I go through in order to optimise my emails to the nth degree!

This will be the difference between generating 30% vs up to 50%+ from your email systems.

  • Decision making framework for optimisation
  • How to conduct split tests: Flows
  • How to conduct split tests: Campaigns
  • How to conduct split tests: Forms
  • How to conduct split tests: Segments

Thank you for joining me! + Additional Resources

Thank you for coming to an end in the program.

  • Swipe File Of Email Designs
  • Black Friday Strategy
  • Deliverability 101

Live Strategy Sessions

  • Live Strategy Call 05.10.2021
  • Live Strategy Call 13.10.2021
  • Live Strategy Call 19.10.2021
  • Live Strategy Call 26.10.2021
  • Live Strategy Call 16.11.2021.mp4
  • Live Strategy Call 02.11.2021.mp4
  • Live Strategy Call 07.12.2021.mp4
  • Live Strategy Call 30.11.2021.mp4
  • Live Strategy Call 16.11.2021.mp4
  • Live Strategy Call 11.01.22
  • Live Strategy Call 25.01.22
  • Live Strategy Call 01.02.22
  • Live Strategy Call 01.03.22.mp4

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