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Aug 19, 2016 | Marketing



Get Brendon’s step-by-step, start-from-scratch plans for marketing your advice, brand and products online. Grow your list, get followers, sell products, and become a highly-followed, highly-respected thought leader starting this year!

Dear friend,
It’s time to share your voice and create a fortune sharing your advice and content with the world.

Brendon’s NEW training program will teach you how to START, choose your topic, build your brand online, sell products, and finally develop the followership you’ve always wanted.

You don’t need a list, a following, or even a product YET. Brendon’s job is to show you HOW to get those things and build a well-respected brand.

He’ll teach you — just like he has for tens of thousands of students — how people become highly-paid authors, speakers, coaches, online trainers, and social media thought leaders.

You’ll learn how people have started from scratch and gone on to sell their advice, knowledge and content online.

How do people create information products, build huge online followings, and create recurring sales and life-long students? Brendon explains it all and gives you examples, templates, worksheets and tools to help you get going.

You can inspire people with what you know. It’s time to monetize your life’s story, advice and passions. It’s time to become an author, speaker, coach, online trainer, and social media thought leader. Experts Academy teaches you how…

Signup for Experts Academy 2016 right now and you’ll get:

    Brand new 7-week marketing training course for authors, speakers, coaches, online trainers, and social thought leaders. Modules release each week for seven weeks once you enroll, but you have access to the course for life and can go at your own pace. Brendon takes you on a deep-dive into:
    • how to create your content, positioning and website so you can start building your list, following and career. (This is week #1 in your training)
    • how to stand out and sell anything so you can differentiate yourself and sell great products with confidence. (Week #2)
    • how online trainers and thought leaders monetize their content (week #3). This answers how you to start building your list, creating online courses and webinars that you charge money for, and setup recurring revenue training programs like monthly subscriptions.
    • how bestselling authors write and promote bestsellers (week #4). You’ll learn the process for picking your title, writing a book, getting an agent, choosing the right publisher (or self-publishing), and the difference between the three main bookselling promotional campaigns.
    • how speakers hold events and highly-lucrative and webcasts (week #5). You’ll learn how to speak and sell without traveling through videos and live webcasts.
    • how life coaches and executive coaches get clients and scale their businesses. You know how lucrative coaching has become, but why aren’t you coaching yet? You probably don’t know where to start, how to coach with an effective process, how to get clients, or how to begin more lucrative group coaching. You’ll learn that here in week #6!
    • how social media thought leaders leverage modern tools to explode their traffic and followership (week #7). You’ll get the same step-by-step blueprint Brendon has used to get millions of fans, likes, and subscribers online!
    Every month for the next 12 months, Brendon will be LIVE training you on a new marketing case study. You’ll learn what’s working for Brendon and other leading global experts. You’ll see actual multimillion-dollar campaigns from Brendon, each explained and broken down into actionable steps you can begin.
    Only previously taught at his $10k marketing seminar, Brendon teaches his secret social media strategies that helped him to reach millions with his message. Brendon pulls back the curtain on how he grew his page to 4M followers and shows exactly how you can reach more people with your message too! The 5 video training course releases after the 4-week core Experts Academy 2016 training.
    Our LIVE seminar is a gathering of upcoming experts and hundreds of highly-experienced authors, speakers, coaches, and online trainers. It’s where Brendon teaches his best strategies and orchestrates unparalleled networking opportunities for you to meet potention promotional partners. Our next event is October 27-30th, 2016, in Santa Clara, CA. There is no tuition for you (you save $1997), though you will pay a one-time separate $97 materials fee if you wish to attend.
  5. NEW: BONUS #4: Thought Leader Foundation Course! (Value $997)
    Brendon hosted a LIVE 4-day online world premiere this year, answering all the most common questions he’s received in building his multimillion-dollar empire. Now you get this new training FREE when you register today!

You get ALL this as part of the EXPERTS ACADEMY 2016!

That’s $8,486 worth of bonuses alone!

What’s it worth to have one of the most

successful trainers in history give you

his most effective strategies?

For 10 years, Brendon has been innovating and leading the experts industry.
… 18 online launches that generated over a million dollars each…
… 3 New York Times bestsellers…
… 50,000,000 video views…
… Years of sold-out seminars…
… A who’s-who list of coaching clients and students…
… Over 10 million online followers across branded pages…
… Tens of millions of dollars in revenue and marketing insight…

How does he do it all?

How have his students gained such massive impact and income?
That’s what Experts Academy teaches you.
Let’s get you creating and implementing with more strategy, more focus, more impact.
We can’t do it all for you, and we cannot guarantee your specific results by law and common sense, since we don’t know you. (As always, read the disclaimers at the bottom of this page, and know that any entrepreneurial endeavor is not guaranteed to succeed).
We can only guarantee that this is the best program in the world for up-and-coming thought leaders. If you don’t agree, or if you don’t LOVE the program for any reason, just tell us and we’ll give you a 100% refund.
If it’s not the best training you’ve ever seen or heard of, or if you don’t feel you can do it, then just ask for your complete and speedy refund.

But what’s the alternative?
Why spend a decade figuring this stuff out when Brendon has already done it for you?
Let Brendon shorten your learning curve and give you the same strategies and checklists he uses.
Signup today and you’ll get ALL of Brendon’s best start-from-scratch, step-by-step marketing strategies with the NEW Experts Academy 2016!


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 Download Brendon Burchard - Experts Academy 2016  Download Brendon Burchard - Experts Academy 2016

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