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Jan 7, 2016 | Personal Development


Brendon Burchard is a #1 New York Times best-selling author, highly sought after success expert and performance trainer. After surviving a life-threatening car accident, he began to ask himself important life questions like “Did I live?, Did I love?, Did I matter?” and has dedicated his life to helping others find their purpose.

In this exclusive four-lesson online course, he’ll teach you the habits, tools and strategies needed to become your best self, overcome fear and achieve your goals.


Here’s How to Make Your Next Bold Move:

Live Online Q&A Group Sessions

Join Brendon for three online live Q&A’s via a video live stream on December 3, 2015, December 17, 2015 and January 7, 2016 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. Brendon will answer the most pressing questions and concerns from each lesson’s course work. If you do not get a chance to participate live, these will be recorded and available with the course content inside the site for viewing at any time.

Target Where to Improve Your Life

Brendon’s “Life Area Assessment” will help you take a closer look at all areas of your life and help you focus on what might be out of balance. You’ll feel like you’re finally being honest about where you are and where you really want to go. The results will open your eyes to what you’re neglecting and give you an action plan for how you can immediately balance and change your life. You’ll say, “Oh! Now I know what’s been missing!”

Identify and Claim Your Best Self

Sometimes we get trapped in old beliefs about who we are and what we’re capable of—limiting our self-expression, joy and success. Brendon will teach you “The Clarity Chart”, a process for uncovering who you really are, how you want to interact with others, and which habits can help you become your best self. This entire activity will leave you feeling more clear and confident.

Take Control of Your Thoughts with The 4Cs

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel so stressed, distracted or frustrated? Brendon explains it’s because your thoughts are driven by the 4Cs (social cues, conditioning, consequences and choice). Master these 4Cs and you’ll feel more in control of your mind. You’ll be able to actively manage difficult thoughts and keep a more positive mindset on the road ahead.

Master Your Feelings and Behaviors

If you’ve ever had difficulty understanding WHY you behave the way you do, you’ll love this section. Brendon will teach you “The Ladder of Perception,” a transformative look into how you create your emotions and choose your actions. You’ll feel back in charge of how you react to the world because you’ll understand how you interpret and internalize events. You will also feel more conscious of how you experience the world and be more intentional in shaping yours.

Prime Your Day for Focus and Positivity

Brendon discovered that simple morning habits and routines can improve your focus and productivity by 30%. Try just a few of these habits and you’ll feel so much better throughout your day. You’ll learn:

  • 3 things you should always do in the first hour of your day
  • 1 thing you should never do
  • How to keep track of your projects, inbox and priorities
  • Questions to ask yourself to improve your mood

Make Great Decisions for You and Your Family

What does it take to make a great decision, and actually stick to it? You’ll learn the 10 reasons you often set goals but don’t complete them—and how to use those same 10 reasons to make better decisions and commitments. Brendon will also teach you the “Life Decisions Chart,” which will show you how to choose between opportunities in life (move or don’t move? quit or stay with the job? start that new passion or wait?). Finally, you’ll learn how to set boundaries, say no, and stick to your passions.

Conquer Fear and Gain Massive Momentum

Now it’s time to create great leaps in life and maintain your momentum. These sessions will help you understand how to overcome fear and deal with any disappointments as you take action. Brendon will also teach you to implement five habits that will keep you on track and always ready to make your next bold move.



We sometimes ask ‘Is this all there is?’, ‘Have I found my purpose?’, ‘What’s next for me?’. In this exclusive four-lesson online course, #1 New York Times best-selling author and highly sought out performance trainer and success expert, Brendon Burchard, will help you find the focus, will and clarity to make your next bold move.
We all go through transitions in life—some are major interruptions and some are just small changes that make us want to strive towards our full potential. But how do you identify what to focus on, and what habits and tools can you use to become your best self? How do you make great decisions—write that novel now, make that career change later, follow a new passion, start a new hobby or life stage? Brendon will help you answer life’s big questions, make an action plan, and make your next bold move.
This course will help you get to know yourself in profound new ways and get you on the right path for your future. You’ll create daily practices to remove stress, overcome fear, stay positive, and make great decisions for you and your family. This is your time to take control of your life and change all the rules to go in your favor. It’s your time to feel more confident and create better habits. It’s time to make your next bold move now!
When you register now, you’ll receive four weeks of online training with Brendon, additional bonus LIVE online Q&A group sessions, a free copy of his book, exclusive bonus interviews with Tony Robbins and Arianna Huffington that will help you strategically plan your best 2016.

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