Brittany Lynch – The Trust Machine

Feb 3, 2016 | Growing business, Marketing

Get The Step By Step System For Launching A 6 Figure Information Marketing Business Using The Trust Machine…And Launch It By Next Weekend



4 Reasons Why The Trust Machine Will Make You More Money In 2016


1: The Trust Machine Will Help You Get Cheaper , Targeted Traffic

2: The Trust Machine Will Help You Build A Better List, Faster

3: With The Trust Machine You’ll Experience Higher Conversion Rates

4: You Can Launch A Business Even If You Aren’t An Expert & Don’t Have A Niche


What Does A Trust Machine Look Like?

4 Steps To Launching A 6 Figure Trust Machine Business


  1. Step One: Identify Your Offer
  2. Step Two: Find Experts To Create Your Content
  3. Step Three: Create Your Traffic System
  4. Step Four: Put It All Together


Introducing The Trust Machine Course…

Download Brittany Lynch - The Trust Machine



Module 1 – The Foundation

  • How To Choose The Best Niche For You To Launch Your Trust Machine
  • 7 Step Checklist For Choosing A Profitable Niche
  • Identify the problems in that niche and what they really want/ will buy.
  • The 4 Best Methods For Identifying Subject Matter Experts In Your Niche
  • How To Create Interview Questions That Will Create Profitable Content
  • Identifying The Market Gap In Your Niche And Creating Your USP


Module 2 – Product Creation

  • How To Use The Digital Publishing Model To Create A Digital Product
  • The Interview Method Of Quickly Creating A High Quality Product That You Own
  • The 4 Types Of Optin Pages I Use And How To use Them To Grow Your List Fast
  • Small Lists, Big Profits – How A List Of 563 People Generated $5056 In 7 Days & How You Can Use These Same Strategies For Your List
  • How To Create An Effective Pre-Launch And Launch Strategy…Plus The Fill In The Blank Email Templates That Are Used For Everyone Of MY Profitable Launches
  • The 4 Different Types Of Subscription Programs & Which Is Best For You


Module 3 – The Content

  • The 4 Techniques And Tools I Use To Identify Viral Topic Ideas For Content Marketing , Email Follow Up & Blog Posts
  • How To Reverse Engineer Your Trust Machine Funnel To Create The Right Type Of Content To Support The Sale Of Your Products
  • Swipe File: 101 High CTR Native Ad Headlines You Can Use In Any Niche
  • Templates: The Anatomy Of The Perfect Content Marketing Post


Module 4 – The Technology

  • Setting Up Your Trust Machine In Under A Day Even If You’re Terrible At Technology
  • Canva: How To Use This Free Drag And Drop Tool To Design Like A Pro
  • Using Analytics To Track Your Results
  • Integrating Your Autoresponder & Launching Your Follow Up Email Sequence
  • How To Set Up An Affiliate Program Quickly


Module 5 – The Traffic

  • Step By Step Video Instructions On The 3 Types Of Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • The General FB Interest Campaign
  • The Competitor Campaign
  • Sales Page Retargeting Campaign
  • How To Convert Experts Into Affiliates And Promote Your Offers To Their Audience


Module 6 – The System

  • Template & Worksheets For Every Step
  • Plug and play sales page template
  • Copy Swipe File
  • Interview Release Form
  • Interview Request Template
  • Convert Your Expert Into An Affiliate Email Template/ Script
  • The Anatomy Of The Perfect Native Ad/ Blog Post
  • Email Marketing Templates



Download Brittany Lynch - The Trust Machine

Course preview and screenshots

Download Brittany Lynch - The Trust Machine Download Brittany Lynch - The Trust Machine
 Download Brittany Lynch - The Trust Machine  Download Brittany Lynch - The Trust Machine

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