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Feb 22, 2016 | Copywriting, Growing business

Self-Publishing School is the world’s only course guaranteed to guide you from finding your bestselling book idea and ideal market… to quickly writing and editing your book, publishing on Kindle, and launching your bestseller.

You’ll get fast results because this course is organized into easy-to-follow modules, with strategy videos, action steps, and proven tactics.

Because whether you’re starting from scratch or want your book to do better, it’s easy to get massive results when you have the right tools — and the right people in your corner.


But Self-Publishing School isn’t just about the arming yourself with the best systems and strategies — or following our Bestselling Book Blueprint.

It’s also about mastering yourself.

That’s why I’m going to show you the psychology behind conquering fears, breaking through your own limitations, and rapidly becoming successful.

And to keep you on track and motivated, you’ll even get accountability partners, email check-ins, and expert coaches who’ll support you and share expert strategies and recommendations.

I’ve included powerful tools like Kindle Trends (normally $37/month — free for LIFE with your enrollment) and the Self-Publishing School Mastermind Community to maximize your success.

You’ll have all the psychology, support, systems, and tools you need right at your fingertips.

And you’ll know exactly what to do next because I’ve broken down the entire process.

All you have to do is pick the pace.

Want to pause for a few weeks while you go on vacation? No problem; the course will be there for you when you get back.

Want to become a published author faster?

If you spend just 30 minutes to an hour a day, you’ll easily complete the program and have a published book in 90 days or less!

Give me 30 minutes a day and I’ll show you the exact steps to become a bestselling author


Step 1 – Find your bestselling book idea

Your book is already inside you — you just have to get on paper.

This isn’t motivational B.S.

It’s grounded in a simple fact: Every day, you tell stories and share valuable information with friends, customers, clients, and coworkers.

And there’s no hesitation, no confusion, no stress… you just know what to say, and you say it.

The trick, of course, is getting that down on paper.

And in this module you’ll learn the fastest way to do it… from finding your bestselling book idea… to laying the foundation for your success and writing (or speaking) a great book fast.

You’ll discover:

  • An approach to find your bestselling book idea in under an hour — even if you have no idea where to start
  • How to write a killer title and subtitle that grabs your audience’s attention and makes your book fly off the shelf
  • Which simple tactic can double your Amazon exposure overnight! (a favorite of top authors… unknown to 99% of the rest)
  • How to sell your book before you write it — and all but guarantee its success
  • Which little-known Amazon Categories trick gets you to #1
  • One tweak that instantly positions your book to reach the largest audience
  • How to turn your idea into an entire book — even if it could only fill 5-10 pages now

Step 2 – From idea to author in 3 steps

The fastest way to write your book

I thought it was supposed to take years to write a book.

And for years, I made excuses: “I don’t have enough time or an idea. And I’m not an author — I’m not even a good writer.”

It took me almost a decade to realize you don’t need to carve out lots of time or even be a great writer — you just have to follow the right system.

After trying countless writing “hacks” and approaches, I found an amazing 3-step writing process to write a book in a fraction of the time — even if you struggled in English class, like I did.

You’ll discover:

  • How to “write” your bestseller without even typing (this psychological “trick” that lets you speak your book in as little as 105 minutes)
  • Our In-depth Writing Blueprint — all the strategies and methods we used to write our bestsellers in less time than it takes most people to read a book
  • The amazing “Lazy Author’s 3-Step Shortcut” that taps into your hidden writing skills and turns them into an exciting book
  • How to eliminate writer’s block and make writing effortless
  • Gun To The Head Book Writing: 5 secrets of an author forced to write his first book — 200+ pages — in just 1 week

You won’t just have the exact blueprint for finishing your book fast, though.

After all, even the best course in the world wouldn’t be half as powerful if you had to go through it on your own.

That’s why we’ll connect you with an accountability partner and the other authors in the Self-Publishing School community, so you can share ideas and reviews, stay motivated, and turbocharge your success.

Phase 3 – Step 3 – Turn your book into a masterpiece (even if you don’t write well)

The “secret” behind most bestselling authors isn’t off-the-charts writing ability and creativity.

It’s great editors.

And in this step, you’ll learn exactly how to find and hire a talented freelance editor — someone who can make a C-minus student’s book read like a New York Times Bestseller… without breaking the bank.

You’ll learn:

  • Tell-tale signs of a bad editor (how to avoid them and save countless hours of frustration and wasted money)
  • The exact method to find a great editor and keep them on-time and on-budget
  • What to expect during the editing process
  • In our Preferred Outsourcers List, we divulge top editing contacts we personally use for our books. (This instantly saved a recent student $1,000 — just in editing costs!)
  • The hassle-free way to get your book “Kindle” ready, from easy formatting to shortcut templates for creating your intro (including table of contents, acknowledgements, copyright pages, and more)
  • Secrets of a head-turning book cover that reels in customers, including the “insider” techniques used by all major bestselling authors on Amazon

Phase 4 – Step 4 – The 15-second rule and pain-free publishing

You have 15 seconds to grab someone’s attention once they click on your book in the Kindle store.

Fail, and they’ll leave forever.

Keep them on your book’s page, and they’re far more likely to buy.

We’ll show you proven techniques to keep potential buyers on your page — and gain a massive edge on 99% of all authors.

We’ll also guide you through our publishing process because although publishing has never been faster or more accessible, it’s still a hair-pulling nightmare if you don’t know exactly what to do next.

“I made a couple last minute changes during launch week based on [Chandler’s] advice…including the title of the book! Even though this was my 4th book launch, [Chandler] taught me things I’d never heard of or read about that made a BIG impact on my launch. The result: My book became the #1 Business book on Amazon by getting 22,000 downloads in the first 5 days. Thanks for the help Chandler!”
— Nick Loper, bestselling author of Work Smarter and owner of

In this step, we’ll reveal:

  • Step-by-step publishing instructions and templates to publish your book on Kindle. Just follow along — and avoid dozens of hours of confusing Amazon FAQs and poorly-written blog posts
  • A crash-course in Kindle consumer psychology — Instantly understand exactly what makes potential readers tick and how to push their “buying buttons”
  • Step-by-step instructions for EVERYTHING you need to do to get your book listed fast
  • How to turn “just browsing” Amazon shoppers into book buyers
  • A rarely used tactic to get great reviews before your book is even launched
  • Our “Book Finishing Checklist” — Everything you need to to do to get your book finished and ready to publish (the right way) in 1 easy checklist

Step 5 – Bestselling Book Launch Blueprint

Our step-by-step formula that turns your book into a bestseller

The Bestselling Book Launch Blueprint is the secret sauce that’s allowed us to make a living off of money from our books — and enjoy the freedom to make money when we’re hanging out with friends, traveling across the world, even going to the gym.

Our books are even the foundation of our 6-figure business and exciting side projects.

And if you follow this system, we guarantee your book will bring in royalties and become a bestseller in AT LEAST one category on Amazon. (More on that later.)

Success is baked in because you’ll learn the launch strategy behind dozens of bestsellers, including:

  • An unconventional marketing strategy that’s sent every book we’ve launched to #1 in at least two Amazon categories
  • Social media marketing tactics to build a cult following, boost sales, and get your book promoted (without paying a cent)
  • How to get THOUSANDS of people to download your book during launch week
  • Our secret weapon that captures over 60-70% of book buyer’s leads – and turns them into rabid fans
  • Proven email templates that sell (these are the exact emails we use to get people to buy during launch week)
  • How to turn your book into a business or multiply your income
  • Our “Book Marketing Checklist” — an easily-to-follow checklist you can use to keep your head on straight and successfully launch your book

And I’m gifting you our favorite secret weapon for maximizing your book’s success.

It’s called Kindle Trend, and it helps you make more money from your book by positioning it for maximum success.

You’ll discover your ideal bestseller category in just 5 minutes.

And although this software sells for $97/month, you’ll get a complimentary LIFETIME membership because we worked out a special bulk arrangement with the company. (More on Kindle Trends in a minute.)

This is just a small part of our marketing system that people have signed $13,000 contracts to have access to.

But because we’ve refined our system and made it available online, you can get it all for a fraction of the price.
You’ll even get direct help to boost your success and hit the bestseller list faster.


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