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May 1, 2015 | Facebook Ads

Join the Hottest New Facebook™ Advertising Course,
Updated for 2015 with 100+ Top-Notch Training Videos!


The Ultimate FB™ Advertising Course Online!

With Dark Post Profits 2.0, you will become a master at using the FB™ news feed to drive more traffic, leads, and sales to any business that you want to!

  • 100+ Easy to Follow Video Modules
  • Access to 5,000+ Example FB™ Ads
  • Custom Software to Manage FB™ Comments
  • Expert Interviews with 6-7 Figure Earners
  • Proven Track Record of Massive Success



100+ High Value Training Videos

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert with Facebook™ ads, we have the training for you! We believe in quality training, broken down in very simple, easy to understand tutorials. These are generally 5-minutes long on average, and get straight to the point, with no fluff, to help you learn at a speed and pace that works for you.


5,000+ Searchable Dark Post Ads

Our team has gathered over 5,000+ Facebook™ newsfeed ads, and organized them into a database that you can search and access at any time! You can search by a keyword, such as “real estate” and pull up all ads related to that keyword, and view the ad design, the ad copy, and even click through to see their sales funnel. This process will help you reverse engineer the most successful ads, so that you can create profitable campaigns right out the gate!


Page Manager and Stats Analyzer

With this unique software you can connect your Facebook™ account via the API and bring all of your pages into one easy dashboard, where you can quickly and easily view all your statistics about your pages, as well as manage all recent activity with the click of a mouse.


Comment Manager

When you manage a lot of pages, or run a lot of ads, one of the biggest issues you will run into is how to manage all the comments on every single post. This software automatically pulls ALL comments from all of your posts into a simple dashboard so that you can quickly see what’s going on with all your ads, and with the click of a mouse you can manage it all.


Comment Analysis

Our software can automatically detect whether a comment is negative, positive, or neutral, based on sentiment analysis. This helps overcome one of the biggest issues with Facebook™ ads, which is a solution to manage any negative comments that could be costing you sales! Now you can instantly see all the recent comments for the day, see which ones are negative, and instantly respond to them, or even delete them to keep your ads running effectively and profitably!



Take a moment to review HOW MUCH is INCLUDED in this product. You can’t go wrong with the amount of training and software in this package.

  • Access to over 10,000 Real Dark Post Ads!
  • Manage all of your Facebook™ pages with this awesome software
  • Easily delete any negative comments from your ad campaigns in seconds
  • How to create winning Facebook newsfeed ads that tip your t-shirt campaigns over and over again
  • How to design professional t-shirt designs WITHOUT using photoshop
  • Get instant access to 100+ video modules that teach you how to advertise effectively on Facebook™
  • The ultimate Facebook™ advertising course for beginners
  • Over 25 hours of information-packed video training and real strategies that work in 2015
  • How to design high-converting Facebook™ newsfeed ads WITHOUT using photoshop
  • How to use Facebook™ newsfeed ads to drive traffic to your blog posts and fuel your SEO
  • Learn advanced techniques such as maturing the pixel & automating the retargeting to step your advertising game up
  • How to run thousands of ads, at a super low price per ad, and effective manage them all for higher ROI
  • The “slow drip” method to Facebook™ advertising that all the big dogs are using in 2015
  • How to brand yourself in the Facebook™ newsfeed with perfectly positioned “power ads”
  • How Real Estate Agents can use Facebook™ newsfeed ads to get more buyer leads and seller leads
  • How to sell ANYTHING in the Facebook™ newsfeed, from t-shirts, to biz-opps, to real estate!
  • How to reverse engineer winning Facebook™ ads for proven results
  • Learn how to profit from the mega-trend of selling t-shirts to targeted niches in the Facebook™ newsfeed
  • Learn how to recruit more reps for your downline using proper Facebook™ ads that follow terms of service
  • Dominate your companies leaderboard by using Facebook™ newsfeed ads to recruit and sell like a top producer!
  • Dominate affiliate contests by hyper-selling offers using Facebook™ ads that properly follow terms of service
  • How to get access to your own Facebook™ advertising rep to help with your campaigns, and help if your ads get disapproved
  • Watch a powerful case study of earning $295,112.00 in 16 days using Facebook™ ads!
  • How to use retargeting ads to get much cheaper, laser targeted, high converting ads set up on autopilot!
  • How to set up a pre-selling campaign to create a buying frenzy for your launch day
  • How to get tens of thousands of Facebook™ video views for just a penny each – or less!
  • How to get Facebook™ to ADVANCE you money to spend on your ad campaigns – significantly reducing your risk!
  • How to ethically “spy” on the competition by reverse engineering their FB™ ads and their sales funnels


Download Chris Record - Dark Post Profits 2.0

Meet the Man Behind Dark Post Profits 2.0!

Chris Record is a 7-figure earner in the Internet Marketing industry, with several successful training courses, and a proven track “Record” of success.

Chris Record grew up watching his mom survive on welfare, food stamps, and section 8 housing, which Chris used as fuel to drive him to take the Entrepreneurship route instead to create more abundance for him and his family.

Chris started designing websites in 1998 for clients for as little as $300, and then began optimizing those websites for clients to get them ranked higher in the search engines in the early 2000’s. This eventually lead to Chris’s breakthrough with Google Adsense, which resulted in his first $20,000 month online!

By 2008, Chris recognized another trend with Facebook™, where you could use the search features to find ideal customers from your business, which he then leveraged to have his first $50,000/mo on Facebook™ which he began teaching around the country.

In 2013 Chris unfortunately had one of his sons diagnosed with autism, which he felt was a blessing in disguise, and it’s what ultimately showed him how important it is to have an online income, where you can keep making money without having to show up to a job everyday. His previous online success helped to pay for all of the extra treatment and care to help his son improve his speech and communication, and today his son is doing fantastic. This is where Chris gets a lot of his passion from, to truly help others position themselves where money is no longer controlling them, but instead where they can live life on their own terms.

in 2014 he launched Dark Post Profits 1.0, which was a course used by thousands that taught the fundamentals of paid advertising on the Facebook™ platform, as well as creative strategies to drive massively profitable campaigns. Some students began earning as much as $10,000/mo, $20,000/mo, $50,000/mo, and some even over $100,000/mo!*

Dark Post Profits 2.0 was born after receiving hundreds of requests to launch a new updated course for 2015, as well as requests for some software to help simplify the process. This course is a combination of strategies from Chris Record himself, as well as a collective group effort from interviews of several of the most successful advertisers in the world. There is no doubt that you will absolutely love this course, and with a 30-day refund, there is no risk to try it out yourself and see why everyone is buzzing about Dark Post Profits 2.0!

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Download Chris Record - Dark Post Profits 2.0 Download Chris Record - Dark Post Profits 2.0
 Download Chris Record - Dark Post Profits 2.0  Download Chris Record - Dark Post Profits 2.0

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Chris Record – Dark Post Profits 2.0 Contains: Videos, PDF´s, no software

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