Cole Schafer – Freelancing your way to $100,000

Feb 22, 2023 | Copywriting

Cole Schafer, the ink-slinging scoundrel behind Honey Copy and the hugely popular copywriting guide “Snow Cones”, is making a second debut…

Hell… I don’t know why I am writing this in the third person.

Forgive me…

What’s up. My name is Cole. A little while back I wrote a copywriting guide with a super long title called… “How to write words that sell like a Florida Snow Cone Vendor on the hottest day of the year.”

It did better than I thought it would. A lot better.

(The thing sold like hotcakes).

To date, it has been purchased by over 700 marketers, entrepreneurs, creative directors, small business owners and snow cone vendors looking to sell like hell with pretty words.

After it’s successful launch, I learned something worthwhile… in a world full of shitty thousand-module courses, folks really do appreciate something shorter, punchier and value-packed.

So, after a year off of writing guides, I decided to write another one.

Except this one is a different story. It’s about freelancing and how I built a $100,000+  freelance business from the ground up.

But, more importantly, it’s about how you can too.


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