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Apr 4, 2016 | Facebook Ads

Can’t depend on Facebook Ads for high ROIs? Or anything… At all? (Pay Close Attention)

How Would You Like The Facebook Ad strategies That Propelled Me From _$0 to $1.1 Million Per Month With No Technical Skills And Zero ‘Know How’…



4 Crucial Reasons Social Ad Classroom Is The Easiest Way To Always Turn A Profit From Facebook™ Ads:

  1. Specific Yet Easy To Follow Ad roadmaps for each of your goals
    Want more product sales? More opt­-ins? Both at the same time? You’ll access a step­-by­-step method for every type of ad you’ll ever want to create.
  2. Ever­growing training –NOT one off
    Let’s face it, the best practices for social media advertising change a LOT.Social Ad Classroom will keep you on top of the game and ahead of the curve
  3. Most Active Mastermind Community
    Imagine getting the best support for every single question you have. It will be much easier to succeed with access to best social ad marketers 24/7 & that is exactly what you will get inside Social Ad Classroom Mastermind.
  4. Complete Done For You Ad Software Suite
    Crafting high converting ads is not easy as it seems. Our software suite gives you high converting ads at your fingertips, allowing you to be light years ahead of your competition.



Now You Can Harness Facebook™ And Other Social Media Advertising Platforms ON DEMAND To Exponentially Grow Your Business In Any Way You Want.

Now, full disclosure_… It takes months of effort…

Trial and error…

Courage and fearlessness…

To test out new things, venture into uncharted territories…

To find the winning formulas that we use and that you’ll simply plug in and profit with on command…

But we do it – and we will continue to do it HAPPILY – because it’s our business. It’s what we have developed. The ‘perfect’ system.

Finding the most current ways to profit big from social ads makes us a LOT of money.

And you need _a team who makes your social media ads successful for your business._ Their 24/7 job.

So you can do what you have to, and what you want to, to grow your business.

That’s what you’re getting in Social Ad Classroom.

The exact fruits of all the 24/7 labor of the most elite social media minds of our day.

Laid out in step­ by­ step fashion for you to implement.

So you can use them to make a lot of money and achieve all of your goals.


100+ hours of training on how we went from $0 to $100,000+ in 30 days with social media ads and how you can easily copy and paste the exact blueprint we have designed specifically for you.


When Everything You’ve Been Missing Comes Together To Work For You, Your Results Will Leave You Speechless.

This is what we’re ALL about inside Social Ad Classroom.

Because I’ll be straight up ­­—

Having a kick­ass eCommerce business that generates $500,000+ in revenue every month is awesome.

It has changed my entire life and even my family’s life.

We have no debt. We have our perfect home. We travel everywhere we want and we have every luxury we want.

And because of the success I’ve had with social media advertising…

I am fortunate enough to discover what brings me even deeper PLEASURE…

And what brings me a TON of pleasure?

Watching you quit your job & watching you live the life you KNOW you rightfully deserve.

Watching you make $10,000.00 or more this month, right from the comfort of your own home… is exactly what our goal is for you.

Helping you live your dreams that you work so hard for… that you are rightfully entitled too.

This gets my heart racing (you too right?) Because it means one of the best things in the world: freedom.

My students and I are living proof that the freedom you want is real and attainable.

And I get a rush off of helping you achieve that freedom.

That’s why, even though the information inside Social Ad Classroom is responsible for over $10,000,000.00 in profit and counting…

Making it one of the most proven & profitable step­ by­ step systems in the history of social media advertising…

And even though Social Ad Classroom will be regularly updated to keep you on top of the social advertising game…

…which is exactly what you need if you ever want to reliably turn a profit…

Even though doing all of this: creating the hands on, over the shoulder training, the one­-of­-a­-kind advanced ad creation software, and keeping everything regularly updated and available, costs me over $25,000.00 per month to keep online…



Your Dreams Are Truly Easier To Achieve Than Ever Before

I am going to give you EVERYTHING for the smallest investment possible. So small, it will leave you speechless

And I’m not even going to ask you for a monthly membership… even though you’re getting into the progressive, go hard, no­ sleep community…

I am only going to ask you for a one­time investment of $497.

Because if you’re at all clued in by now…

You already know that when properly harnessed, social media advertising can spit out $497 pay days like clockwork…

Imagine spending $100 and getting $500 back… tonight. That’s exactly what you should expect, once you are inside.

So there’s no long crazy story. No bunch of hoopla. I respect your time too much for that.

You already see all of the value that’s here at your fingertips.

The exact 4 easy to implement, step­ by­ step roadmaps that brought me from $0 to $500K with social media ads are only minutes away…

Roadmaps that bring my students life­ changing results like clockwork.

Just one piece of your membership to Social Ad Classroom.


One extremely small, risk­free investment of $497 will get you lifetime unlimited access to all those roadmaps, and everything else Social Ad Classroom has waiting for you.

You will feel an incredible rush of excitement once you first claim your spot inside Social Ad Classroom…

You’ll immediately know that you will never feel unclear about your social advertising again…

And instead of throwing up campaigns here and there, without a system, and burning your ad budget ever again…

Instead of continuing to do the EXACT thing that has been holding you back from what you want…

As soon as you get into Social Ad Classroom, you’ll be stepping into a bank vault and seeing all of the gold on the shelves, knowing it’s yours…

You’ll access 100+ hours of the world’s very best, clearest, simplest, most up­ to­ date training on how to start turning a profit with social media ads right now.

This state of the art information has NEVER been shared before.

The same training that is turning ordinary people into 6 figure earners, generating millions as we speak.

Plus the revolutionary software you get direct access to..

Plus your ticket into the highly exclusive mastermind.

And, most importantly… the opportunity of being profitable and no longer questioning why your ads aren’t converting.

You can finally have a real formula, instead of throwing up campaigns here and there, without a system, and burning your ad budget over and over again…

Live the dream life you want, instead of continuing to do the EXACT same thing that has been holding you back every single day from what you want.

You’ll have the proven and tested step ­by ­step, systematic way to achieve your every goal through social media advertising. There is no doubt in my mind about this.

There is no doubt in my mind about this.

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 Download Dan DaSilva, Justin Cener - Social Ad Classroom  Download Dan DaSilva, Justin Cener - Social Ad Classroom

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