I’m aware I’m part of something massive here and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity I don’t want to miss out on…


The Master Trainer: Dan Hollings

Dan Hollings, the only third-party Amazon seller to ever take a product to the very top of Amazon. A master Amazon strategist managing multi-million dollar accounts today. A ninja-style trainer that has taught thousands of successful Amazon Product Sellers. The former Internet strategist for the mega-hit movie/book “The Secret.”


The Approach:

Learn and implement legendary strategies revealed for the first time by a master Amazon seller. Everything you need (A-Z) to replicate and build a proven money-making Amazon physical product business. Go step-by-step from scratch to screeching amazing results.


The Goal

To create 100 million-dollar businesses on Amazon within the next 18 months.

We have set this program up with this in mind.


I know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get access to …

6 weeks AmazoNinja Mastery Training ($4997 value)

  • I’m aware this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn directly from Dan himself. I know I will receive all the hand holding I need to go from zero to mastering Amazon. I will have access to training from Dan, ongoing Q&A sessions and everything I need to get this right the 1st time.
  • I fully understand that Dan’s teaches Amazon in a way that takes away all the risk because I will not need to spend a fortune on inventory (unlike other programs that require me to spend $5,000+ on initial inventory!)
  • And So Much More…


Ongoing LIVE Q&A Sessions with Dan Hollings (Unlimited Value)

  • Here’s your opportunity to ask your every question. Whether you have a hurdle to overcome or just want to massively increase your results, the floor is open for you to fire away…
  • Sessions will take place even after the program has ended!
  • Nothing like this exists like this in the Amazon world


AmazoWorks LifeTime Prime Membership (Real $600 Value)

  • More free tools and resources plus Exclusive discounts off every major Amazon software in the marketplace.
  • This alone is worth 3x the cost of your investment today!


This program reveals the strategies and secrets of how to make money selling physical products on Amazon WITHOUT ever investing or risking your personal capital in inventory.
Learn how to leverage existing inventories, exploit niche experts, engage celebrities and sway existing product companies to your advantage. Partner or consult your way to millions and never be roadblocked by inventory challenges, upfront capital shortages or the fear of wasting money on product flops.

Discover The Following

  • Why this approach allows you to grow and profit faster on Amazon.
  • Why this approach has almost zero risk.
  • Why this approach can make you more money.
  • Why it’s smart NOT to put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Where to find partners and consulting opportunities with hot products to sell.
  • How to convince others to pay you big bucks while they accept all the risk and invest all the capital.
  • How to leverage Brand, capital, customer lists, inventory and connections.
  • How to weed out the losers, the trouble-makers, and the idiots.
  • How to close the deal(s).
  • How to structure agreements.
  • How to divvy-up the work.
  • How to manage the client/partnership relationship.

Course preview and screenshots

Download Dan Hollings - AmazoNinja Training Course Download Dan Hollings - AmazoNinja Training Course
 Download Dan Hollings - AmazoNinja Training Course  Download Dan Hollings - AmazoNinja Training Course

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Dan Hollings – AmazoNinja Training Course Contains: Videos, PDF´s