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Dec 15, 2016 | Growing business

Are you ready to leap up to the big leagues?

What’s holding you back?


What excuses do you give for not being a more successful freelancer? Not enough time. Not enough skill. People don’t appreciate your genius. You’re still developing your talent.

Whatever the excuses, if you’re ready to stow them, and move on to big league success, then Dan Kennedy is ready to lead the way.

You see, it’s not about talent. Or skill. Or time.

Freelance success is about business … specifically how you run your business.

If you are content with an ordinary, ‘small-time’ copywriting career, getting and doing jobs, and being paid by the job, and worrying and hustling over the next job, this isn’t for you.

BUT, IF YOU ARE READY TO RAPIDLY TRANSITION TO THE BIG LEAGUES … .AND ARE READY TO EMBRACE THIS AS A BUSINESS … then Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Business Academy is just what you need.


In this hard-hitting program, you’ll learn …


  • How to develop a BUSINESS around your copywriting skill … not a job, not a project, not a career … a BUSINESS.
  • A clear path to landing more clients, better clients, and bigger fees.
  • How to re-conceptualize what you do so that you attract success with less resistance than ever before.
  • How to go beyond copywriting to create winning strategies for your clients … when you do this is when you start commanding those unbelievable royalty checks you hear about A-list copywriters receiving.
  • How to find the Good-Enough spot in everything you do so that you are maximizing results and returns for your effort.
  • Different ways you can get paid and the benefits to each.
  • 3 keys to gaining acceptance and payment from clients for the suggestions you make.
  • And so much more!


If you’ve ever wondered why your success as a copywriter hasn’t reached the levels you want, chances are you aren’t treating like a business. Now you can change all that with the proven strategies delivered to you in Dan Kennedy’s Business of Copywriting Academy.


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  • Traditional and NON-Traditional and Hidden Sources of Clients
  • How to “create” your own client “out of thin air”
  • How to turn business owners not now using copywriters into clients
  • How to create MAGNETIC STATUS for yourself, so clients come to you
  • Where and how to create MAGNETIC VISIBILITY
  • How to position yourself as MORE IMPORTANT than a copywriter
  • The two situations when taking on a client and project with NO FEE, paid only on results, makes good senseand how one of those situations can be found right now, right where you live, and turned into thousands or tens of thousands of dollars of cash in less than 30 days
  • Getting and keeping ‘the Milk Cow account’ that pays the bills
  • How to “leapfrog” and use “category of one tactical positioning” – so you are target clients’ only choicePowerful lessons from … a retired dentist who makes $50,000.00 mailing simple letters anytime he likes (working from his motor-home) … the most tried-and-true marketing method known to successful real estate agents moved to copywriters … Ogilvy and his peers of the ‘Mad Men’ golden age of advertising, my friends Gary Halbert and Jay Abraham and me – about attracting clients … the “secret” few know about Donald Trump … much more. PLUS: Case History Examples: where my clients came & come from.




  • Why and how to conduct your business as a Strategic Advisor (not a copywriter): THE BIGGEST STATUS & INCOME BREAKTHROUGH
  • Inside looks at my actual client relationships, contracts, correspondence … control and feeding of clients … examples, examples, examples
  • Identifying the “GE-SPOT” … the Good-Enough Spot for each client and each situation (hint: each one is in a different place!) … to be a much more efficient and productive copywriter
  • The fine art of Project Definition … The income strategies of Project Layering … and Sequential Project Lock-In
  • Compensation Structures … Getting Paid … Benchmark Payments … Royalties, Performance/Results Bonuses, Royalty Buy-Outs, Licensing/Use Fees, Use Renewal Fees(Note: differences between wealthy and poor folks: (1) wealthy get paid before work, poor get paid after work; (2) wealthy get paid for who they are, never just what they do; (3) wealthy share in upside gains from their contributions, poor never do.)
  • Presenting and gaining acceptance for your recommendations and compensation (without resistance or stress) – 3 KEYS … and why you should NEVER “do a proposal”
  • Creating permanent client relationships: you have far less worry about getting clients when you get the right clients in the first place, create growth and expansion of need for your services, and keep them for life
  • How to “mold” the copywriting assignment so YOU have the best chance of producing a “WIN” – and how to avoid being stuck in a Can’t-Win Situation.



  • 15 Best ‘Beat The Control’ Tactics
  • Breakthrough Idea Discovery PROCESS – where to look for the leverage even the client doesn’t know he has, to dramatically improve results from his advertising/marketing … examples, examples, examples; checklists
  • Efficiency (For Speed): The 12 “Boxes” To Collect and Organize Information and Ideas In, so Writing Copy for any particular project happens at Lightning Speed
  • Copy Intel: Where to get the “intelligence” you need to craft the most compelling copy for the client … and how to make HIM do most of the work fetching and assembling it
  • Creative Traps, Time Sucks, Hazards to avoid



  • Multi-Media Integration and Systems (= more need/work for you)
  • Multi-Step Systems (= more need/work for you)
  • Lead Generation Systems vs. 1-Step Selling
  • 20 Critical Decisions: Pros/Cons, Key Questions
  • How to unearth and exploit Stored-Value in a client’s business – including products without marketing; products applied to only one to few distribution channels; under-utilized lists … how to AMAZE & ASTOUND CLIENTS by seeing what they’ve been blind to
  • TRANSFORMING YOUR ROLE: never writing to assignment … participating in marketing strategy … defining your own projects … bringing enormous added value to each client …Fiction, yes, but in it, Sherlock Holmes billed himself as ‘the Consulting detective’. Similarly, you want to be ‘the consulting copywriter’, not just a writer. As a writer you are at the end of a process, paid as a piece of it. As a consultant-strategic advisor, you are an integral part of the entire process from inception to end, thus valued and paid far better.



  • Ghost-Writing. SECRET: many clients use (could use) books, entire courses, online courses, articles, etc. that need to be carefully crafted either as disguised sales letters or as stealth-promotional tools. If they hire ordinary writers to do this work, it totally misses the mark. I’ll tell you how to attract these clients – locally, with a simple prospecting letter or even a postcard (!) … or nationally, with a simple, low-cost lead generation ad … and by non-overt methods as well. Local clients can produce per-project fees upwards from $3,000.00 to $5,000.00, “bigger in scope” clients from $15,000.00 to $25,000.00 and up. I’ll show you actual examples. Give you the blueprints.
  • Audio, Video, Online Presentation Scripts: SECRET: many clients use (could use) audio CD’s, DVD’s, Webinar, Online Video, etc. presentations but don’t – or bungle them badly – because they don’t know how to create the properly structured, persuasive script. I’ll send you home with ACTUAL SCRIPTS I’VE WRITTEN for these purposes, STRUCTURE NOTES, as well as pointing you to these clients and telling you exactly how to interest them in having these scripts written for them. I’ll also give you “script secrets” from TV infomercials that apply to any of these formats. EXTRA CONSULTING SECRET: I’ll equip you to help clients obtain celebrities they can afford, to host these presentations. INCOME STRATEGY: go from Writer to “Producer” of these projects.
  • Speech-Writing/Group Presentation Script-Writing: SECRET: many clients use (could use) public speaking or their own seminars to promote their businesses or outright sell their products and services but don’t – or fail – because they lack the right scripts. I’ll send you home with ACTUAL SCRIPTS I’VE WRITTEN for these purposes, STRUCTURE NOTES, as well as pointing you to these clients and telling you exactly how to interest them in having these scripts written for them.
  • Implementation Training: SECRET: Many clients have trouble getting their salespeople, distributors, franchisees, staff “on the same page” with the marketing projects and systems you write copy for … and can be induced to pay you to come in and sell their own people on supporting the project and train them on related implementation. You don’t have to be Tony Robbins to do this. I’ll give you the OUTLINES for this kind of training, too. (One of my very first clients, a local chain of real estate offices, paid me $2,500.00 over and above my copywriting fees to present the campaigns to their own agents … small group presentations in five of their offices – and that was in 1974, when $2,500.00 was real money. Not long ago, a computer software company I wrote copy for paid me $18,000.00 to come to their headquarters and do the very same kind of presentation. You can make a very good income doing in-house trainings for clients. PLUS, there’s another type of training opportunity ideal for most copywriters, easily good for $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 a month like clockwork. I’ll give you that one, too.)
  • Referral Commissions: SECRET: great copy implemented in successful advertising and marketing campaigns exposes and creates need for other services that you don’t provide, but your client needs help in securing. With full disclosure (nothing sneaky!) I routinely earn referral fees this way, in some years, tens of thousands of dollars’ extra income with no work. You can too. I’ll even send you home with my private Rolodex® of key providers you can hook up with.



  • How to RETAIN RIGHTS AND SYNDICATE YOUR WINNERS – take one successful copywriting project and license it to others
  • How to BUILD “PROPRIETARY” COPYWRITING PLATFORMS you can re-use repeatedly – and use to attract and “wow!” clients
  • Advanced Multiple-Compensation Structures and Partnering With Clients to create continuing income, share in upside, even share in the client’s exit strategies and sale of his company (without taking on risks or liabilities of business ownership)
  • SPECIAL FRI. EVE. SESSION: WHY & HOW TO BE YOUR OWN CLIENT – as an information-marketing entrepreneur. I’m credited as a Father of an entire info-marketing industry, in which people with smarts and writing ability create solid, secure, steady 6-figure incomes (and more) for themselves with online/offline media, niche-target markets; books, newsletters, online courses, home study courses, reports, more. This is important to you for 3 reasons: one, you’ll pay yourself better than any client ever will* … two, income security, controlling your own destiny … three, demonstration, that attracts clients. Gary Halbert held me up as one of the few copywriters “who puts his own money where his mouth is” and succeeds with his own products, promotions and projects, and he was right. And that fact gives me great credibility with clients. I’ll show you the SIMPLEST, FASTEST WAYS TO CREATE INCOME AS AN INFO-MARKETER.



Download Dan Kennedy - The Business Of Copywriting Academy


MESSAGE-MARKET-MEDIA is the basic Triangle that I’ve relied on for 30 years, in pre-educating and educating clients, and in organizing my own work with a client. There is also a “secret” within this Triangle that, applied well, virtually guarantees the success of any marketing effort. There are also common mistakes made with this Triangle that, when identified and avoided, prevent embarrassing failures that lose clients and damage reputation.


PROJECT-PROPOSITION-PROFIT STRATEGY links the three most critical elements of any marketing effort, and it is my contention that the copywriter must be able to influence all three. For example, I teach clients that “the cleverest copy can’t conquer bad economics”, and, for that reason, I probe and exert influence over price decisions, margin decisions, even product choices. There is also a “science” to defining and measuring Profit, usually differently than the way the client thinks of it if left to his own devices. All three of these elements need to be “managed” by the copywriter if he is to be successful.


CLIENT ATTRACTION-COMPENSATION-EFFICACY is the Business Model for the consultant/strategist/copywriter. As with all Triangles, no one element is of greater or lesser importance or priority.

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Download Dan Kennedy - The Business Of Copywriting Academy Download Dan Kennedy - The Business Of Copywriting Academy
 Download Dan Kennedy - The Business Of Copywriting Academy  Download Dan Kennedy - The Business Of Copywriting Academy

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