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May 28, 2015 | Growing business


The Program

Ever Wanted to Start a Business From Nothing?

The Foundation is a close community of entrepreneurs from over 40 countries who believe in building businesses that impact the world while creating lifestyles we love. We view entrepreneurship as a path of transformation because building a business requires us to confront the fears that have been holding us back in all areas of life. It reveals the unconscious patterns and beliefs that have been running our lives, limiting us.


Here’s How It Works:

We help people learn the strategies and tactics to build a business as quickly as possible, from scratch. But that alone is not enough… Learning strategies and tactics only gets you so far. Have you ever known EXACTLY what you needed to do… but you didn’t do it? You didn’t do it because there was something deeper going on. Something below the surface that was influencing you… something you weren’t aware of. This is why we specialize in helping people make the necessary mindset shifts to shift their identity from ‘employee’ or ‘freelancer’ to the identity of an entrepreneur. When you make these shifts at the core ‘identity’ level, they create a ripple effect through your entire life.

The Foundation is a six month intensive program that teaches entrepreneurs how to start a business fast, even if you have no idea, no special skills or limited cash to get started. It might be the hardest six months of your life… but if you make it, everything will change.

You’ll know exactly how to start a business from thin air, so you can do it over and over. You’ll face fears that have held you back your entire life. You’ll understand who you are, why you are here and how you can create the greatest contribution to the world. And you’ll create a community of friends around the globe, for life, who will be there to support you through all the ups and downs of your entrepreneurial journey.


Phase 1Acquire The Mindset Of An Entrepreneur

This section includes over 30 HD videos. Your mind either gets in the way or it helps you. Break down your mind and rebuild it again for more success in 4 distinct steps.

Phase 2Idea Extraction

In this phase you’ll learn Idea Extraction. You’ll get our master 44 page guide on Idea Extraction. Including over 8 additional PDF’s and case studies all structured so that you become an expert on finding profitable ideas from nothing.

Phase 3Sketching A Solution

Including 27 condensed HD videos. Stressed about building a product? With this phase you’ll learn how to completely sketch a solution in 7 days or less to prove your concept before you risk building it.

Phase 4Pre-Selling

Including over 25 different sections of HD Video and PDF’s. This section will teach you how to sell without being sleazy. You’ll become the kind of person who can ask for money and collect it confidently.

Phase 5Building The Product

If you’ve never developed or managed software before, you will love this section. It includes 15 sections on how to hire a developer, strip away features to the cheapest version, and manage the process so you can get your software product built on time and on budget. This is where most rookies lose their shorts if they try to do it on their own.

Phase 6Growth

Including 11 sections of condensed expert level advice. We’ve brought on scaling master Nathan Latka of Heyo.com to teach this phase. He’s scaled his SaaS to the multiple 7 figures in revenue.


We built this program for those who ask themselves questions like:

  • Where do I find profitable, recurring revenue business ideas?
  • How do I find mentors to help launch my business as quickly as possible (without risking everything)?
  • Where are the people like me who want a life of freedom?
  • How do I make the transition from ’employee’ or ‘freelancer’ to full time entrepreneur?


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Download Dane Maxwell - The Foundation 2015 Download Dane Maxwell - The Foundation 2015
 Download Dane Maxwell - The Foundation 2015  Download Dane Maxwell - The Foundation 2015

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GB Started: 04/29/2015

Needed Amount of Participants: 15 (after funding, GB will be automatically closed)

Price: $17.5

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Wait Times:

Monthly Membership: 35 Days (since LGB started)

Lifetime Membership 15 Days ( since LGB Started)

Original Sales Price: $4995

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