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May 4, 2015 | Growing business

Introducing “Course Builder’s Laboratory” by Danny Iny


The rigorously tested, step-by-step process for rapidly building products that earn 6- or even 7-figures in 2015 by delivering EXACTLY what your audience wants… all without risking a dime.


If you’ve ever spent months, or even years, writing an e-book, designing an e-course, or building a membership site that nobody ended up buying, you’re in the right place…
(And if you don’t want that to ever happen to you, you’re in the right place, too!)
…because, for the first time ever, I will reveal the EXACT process I used to repeatably and reliably build blockbuster products that transformed my company from a penniless startup to a thriving 7-Figure Online Business.
It’s a proven and repeatable process that once learned, guarantees you’ll:
1. Only spend your precious time, energy and cash on creating what your audience will eagerly line up to pay for.
2. Never have to engage in sleazy, high-pressure sales tactics again (you know… the kind that makes you want to take a 2-hour shower just to rinse off the stench).
3. ALWAYS know precisely what to do next in order to scale up your business and take it to the next level (no more one-hit-wonders or blind shots in the dark).
Now I won’t mislead you into thinking that achieving this will be easy, but providing you’re determined and willing to put in the effort, the 5 Module and 20 Lesson Course Builder’s Laboratory is GUARANTEED to take you all the way.

MODULE 1: Learning What People Want
Lesson 1 – Mining for Pilot Opportunities

  • Learn the best ways to “scan” the wild for the most profitable product ideas – what your audience actually wants to spend money to learn.
  • How to use social media and online communities as your FREE personal idea bank, to help you on your path to a win/win product with your audience.
  • The hidden goldmine of profitable customer data that your competitors have no idea exists, that will vault you ahead in touching the lives of your audience.

Lesson 2 – Digging Deeper with Personal Conversations

  • Key strategies for taking your data gathering methods to a whole new level (without breaking the bank).
  • Why long surveys and questionnaires are a waste of time (and what to do instead).
  • The ONLY 2 questions you should be asking in a survey, that will put you intimately in touch with your audience.
  • Effective techniques to get people to say what they REALLY feel about your idea (getting an honest answer is harder than you think!).
  • How to get other business owners in your space (including your COMPETITORS) to help validate your idea and ensure your success.

Lesson 3 – Listening to What Your Audience is Telling You

  • Learn how to go beyond the surface level (this is where most “market researchers” stop), and decode what your audience is REALLY telling you.
  • Guided, step-by-step instructions on how to sort and analyze your audience’s feedback (we’ll hold your hand through the tricky parts).
  • How to use this data to determine if your next idea will be a success or not (without risking a penny creating it).

Lesson 4 – Generating Solid Ideas

  • Learn to confidently and SCIENTIFICALLY validate which of your ideas will be most profitable (skipping this step could result in many months and thousands of dollars down the drain).
  • Easily put aside remorse, confusion, or fear about investing your time and energy in building the wrong thing, and rest assured you will connect with the people you want to help.
  • Confidently press forward toward building your pilot, knowing you have an audience nearly guaranteed to respond favorably (if done right, they’ll be on standby, champing on the bit to buy as soon as you to hit “play”).

Lesson 5 – Teaching Basics

  • Quickly master the fundamentals of teaching and instructional design to insure your audience truly benefits from your course, book, or community.
  • Rapidly overcome any reservations you have about being a LEADER and EDUCATOR in the online world.
  • Learn the most effective teaching short-cuts as used by some of the world’s most renowned and respected educators.
  • Why you’re PERFECTLY suited to teach and lead… even if you don’t know it yet.

Lesson 6 – Planning a Curriculum

  • How to QUICKLY turn the idea you generated into an effective pilot, and then a full-blown product.
  • How to structure your curriculum to maximize engagement and stick-ability.
  • The REAL reason why some courses have such high drop-off and refund rates, and how to safeguard against those mistakes.
  • The easy, stress-free method that I’ve personally used to rapidly build my own curriculums… that have resulted in near-perfect retention.
  • The theory of “small wins” and how they lead to MASSIVE successes for you and your business.

Lesson 7 – Understanding Online Learning

  • Learn the crucial differences between online and offline learning (skipping this can sink your product’s success).
  • Skyrocket your retention rates by understanding and leveraging how students absorb new information.
  • Learn how to encourage participation, engagement, and most of all… help your students achieve their highest possible results (which leads to more referrals and repeat customers).

Lesson 8 – Effective Onboarding

  • How to get students invested in the learning process from the beginning, and build in the motivation they need to continue.
  • The key things you absolutely MUST do to make an amazing first impression and establish trust with new students.
  • The mistake that most online businesses make in their first post-purchase interaction that absolutely DESTROYS trust and results in a flood of refunds.
  • How to overcome post-purchase objections and avoid the dreaded buyer’s remorse.

Lesson 9 – Timelines and Deadlines

  • How to navigate and plan through the most vital deadlines involved in quickly creating and selling a profitable education product.
  • Overcome confusion and ambiguity, and enjoy the confidence of knowing things are on track for you and your audience.
  • Protect yourself from falling behind schedule, throwing yourself off track, and not being able to deliver what you promised to your audience.
  • Learn how to effectively “get back in the saddle” and course correct when something unexpectedly disrupts your process (because let’s face it… things rarely ever go exactly as planned).

Lesson 10 – Selling through Email, Landing Pages, and Blog Posts

  • Learn the best (and most effective) mediums and technologies for selling your pilot course (appropriate for ANY budget or tech-level).
  • The simplest, most effective way to write high-converting sales copy (even if you don’t think you have a copywriting bone in your body).
  • The technologies we recommend you use to set up these pages… as well as the VERY popular ones that you should avoid at all costs (or risk having major headaches and expenses down the road).

Lesson 11 – Selling with Partners

  • Why attracting the right JV partners is the quickest way for you to exponentially grow your business (not to mention the most enjoyable).
  • Where to find the RIGHT type of partner (it’s not always the biggest player), and how to approach them in a way that magnetically attracts them into your circle, making selling much easier.
  • The tested and proven process I use to reach out to partners to secure their support, as well as the real-world templates that you can copy-and-paste that I developed for approaching partners and getting them excited to promote my products (this works amazingly well!).
  • What you absolutely MUST do to keep your joint venture partners happy, and a trusted ally for the long haul.

Lesson 12 – Effective Webinars

  • Learn how to create and deliver a webinar that adds subscribers, builds relationships, and sells your amazing products (I even include a full deconstruction of the high-converting webinar I’ve used to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products and services).
  • The winning structure that underlies almost every effective webinar I’ve ever seen, and how to use it as the foundation for your own webinars – your blueprint for success, even if you’ve never done a webinar in your life.
  • My secret list of “black belt” webinar tricks that will take the effectiveness of your webinar into the 99th percentile and dramatically improve the number of sales you make from each presentation.


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