On the ONLY Complete Soup-To-Nuts Program with
ALL the Tools, Resources, and Guidance You Need to Acquire New Customers, Clients or Patients, Increase Their Lifetime Value, Generate More Referrals, Re-activate Lost Customers and Put More Money in Your Pocket – Starting IMMEDIATELY.


Here’s the complete rundown of what I’m going to receive and experience by signing up for Your Marketing Department in a Box” program now:


A 12-Month Marketing & Implementation Calendar – complete with action items and dates for the entire year.

Monthly Lead Generation Postcards: Oversized, themed, and ready to use to drive home killer offers each and every month of the year.

Monthly “Personal Success Nuggets” newsletter postcards to easily and inexpensively stay in touch with customers and leads.

Monthly E-letters – a customizable, professionally designed email HTML newsletter ready to use – I only have to fill in two simple sections.

Quarterly (4) Cash Flow Surge Promotions – all themed and good to go to generate massive profits whenever I want.

A bi-yearly Lost Customer Reactivation Campaign – so I don’t need to worry about bringing back past customers who’ve left for whatever reason.

A Customer Referral Campaign to be used weekly to get new customers to tell their friends and expand my business’s reach practically on autopilot.

  • Three (3) Generic Monthly Campaigns three full campaigns (Oversized lead generation postcards, “personal success nuggets” newsletter postcards & e-letters) you can use should you want something different from our standard set.

Four (4) Implementation Coaching Sessions each week for four weeks you’ll receive in the mail Coaching CDs and Transcriptions covering how to plan out the next 12 months, customize all the documents together, and much more.

Facebook Fast-Track Training – I’ll be able to start generating leads immediately with this powerhouse media giant.

Ultimate Magnetic Offer Generator – with this online tool I’ll be able to easily create powerful offers with a few clicks of a button!

One-year access to the YMDIAB Group where I can collaborate with other members and get social media marketing updates when they happen.

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Download Dave Dee - Your Marketing Department in a Box Download Dave Dee - Your Marketing Department in a Box
 Download Dave Dee - Your Marketing Department in a Box  Download Dave Dee - Your Marketing Department in a Box

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Dave Dee – Your Marketing Department in a Box Contains: PDF´s, Documents, HTML Templates