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Jul 29, 2014 | Getting traffic, Marketing

It works, it’s proven and it’s Google proof.

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What’s inside the Authority Content Workshop Membership?

7+ Hrs Workshop Recordings

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Slides, Workshop & Transcripts

Download the PDFs and you’ll have the blueprint you need to become an authority in any niche.

But what’s in the course? Here are a few of the topics covered:

Session #1.

  • Where is Google headed and how you can stay one step ahead.
  • Why being #1 in your market is not only more profitable but also easier, simpler and less stressful.
  • What is Authority Content and how to use it to your advantage.
  • How to systematically use the 3 P’s framework to crush your competition.
  • The single best activity your can do in your business to clone yourself.

Session #2.

  • How to mind read your prospects to create content that compels them to buy.
  • The quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to generate content.
  • A strategic way to align yourself with the “players” in your industry and have them promote you to their best clients.
  • The who, what and where of running workshops that bankroll themselves and create instant authority.

Session #3.

  • How to create information products that presell, and encourage consumption, of your products / services.
  • The key ingredients of a great products and my best repurposing secrets.
  • How to build irresistible offers that compel people to buy instantly.
  • The 5 step launch process that ensures you’re cash-flow positive from day one.

Session #4.

  • How to get twice the search engine traffic, in half the time, at half the budget.
  • The 8 step content syndication system that Google proofs any website.
  • What most SEOs never get about online marketing and why they’re missing the boat.
  • How to quickly spot winning content and leverage it for maximum profit.
  • Our unique step-by-step process for promoting websites and build authority.

Session #5.

  • Discover real world case studies, giving you ideas you can swipe and deploy into your business.
  • What stops most people from reaching success and how you can be in the top 1%.
  • The 3 biggest hurdles you must overcome to maintain authority in any niche.

Special Guests:

Tim Reid: Shares his marketing secrets on building a helpful business.

Pete Williams: Offers a real world case study and “in trenches” framework to follow.

Ed Dale: Predicts future online trends and how you can best position yourself for profit.

Steve Ovens: Showcases his new software to help automate authority content creation.

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Download David Jenyns - Authority Content  Download David Jenyns - Authority Content
 Download David Jenyns - Authority Content  Download David Jenyns - Authority Content

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