Derek Pierce – Super Affiliate Strategies Class

Sep 30, 2015 | Affiliate Marketing

“Discover the Insider Secrets To Becoming The Next Super Affiliate!”

Here’s Exactly What’s In It For You As Part Of The Super Affiliate Strategies Class


Session # 1: Become A Super Affiliate Without An Email List

In this session, you’ll see how to take over multiple spots in the search results for laser targeted, buyer keywords. This is taking launch jacking to the extreme.

I’ll reveal how to use free properties to drive traffic, then be able to use those same properties for your future campaigns.


Session # 2: How to Build A Super Affiliate, Ultra Responsive Email List

If you’re not building an email list, then you’re really missing out. In this session, we’ll dive into how to build a super responsive list for any niche or market.

The fact is building a list will help safeguard your business instead of solely relying on SEO, and I’ll show you how this can actually help your rankings.


Session # 3: Super Affiliate Sequencing

This is where we put it all together and began crafting our marketing sequences. You’ll see exactly how to put together winning affiliate campaigns without being weird or douchey.

You’ll learn how to drive traffic back to your site for pennies as well as super – advanced email strategies to get more traffic to your offers – again without being weird while remaining authentic.


Fast Action Bonuses

  • The Brand New Page One ReloadedWe’re putting the finishing touches on the Never Before Seen Page One Plugin Reloaded. And once you join, you’ll get a Free Developer Version once we complete the upgrade (next week)($197 Value)
  • The Search Engine Badassery Lost FilesThese were previously thought to be lost, however I’ve located the files and now you’ll get to hear 3 top SEO’rs (myself, Greg Morrison, and Ryan Mckinney) drop some major gold on these videos.People paid $297 to take part on these calls and now you can have them on the house with your Super Affiliate Strategies Class(Value $297)
  • How to Scale And Avoid Pitfalls Video TrainingThis is a private video training I conducted that will help you find campaigns ready to scale while avoiding pitfalls.


Course preview and screenshots

Download Derek Pierce - Super Affiliate Strategies Class Download Derek Pierce - Super Affiliate Strategies Class
 Download Derek Pierce - Super Affiliate Strategies Class  Download Derek Pierce - Super Affiliate Strategies Class

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Derek Pierce – Super Affiliate Strategies Class Contains: Videos, PDF´s

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