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Dear Friend,
At my most recent Gold Mastermind meeting one of my Knights left all the other entrepreneurs completely blown away…with quite a few almost turning green with envy.
Here’s why:
Rob is a copywriter.
He’s young, free, drinking in every enchanting delight life has to offer… and enjoys the unbridled pleasure of a “playboy” dream lifestyle most men would give one of their two most cherished and protected organs to have.
He surfs whenever he wants (living minutes from one of the most stunning beaches in the U.S.)…
…travels and lives in exotic foreign countries for months at a time…
…spends his evenings with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, drinking pricey single malt scotch and enjoying rare cigars that cost more than most new college graduates earn in a week.

Yet He’s Got A Serious “Problem”
He goofed off this year. First, there was Valentine’s Day in St. Thomas. Then a ski trip to Lake Tahoe. Followed by a week in DC to hang with an old college buddy.
During the summer he rebuilt his dream ride (a jacked up Jeep Wrangler riding on monster tires) between surf trips to Costa Rica and Nicaragua…where he lived like royalty in a 5,000 square foot mansion (overlooking the Pacific Ocean), relaxing on the beach every day… and imbibing in various “adult libations” every evening.
His “problem”? (Which I say with as much sarcasm and envy I can muster.)
He wanted help from my Gold Mastermind members to provide him some motivation to get back to work for a few months this year.
How Rob Gets Paid
You see, after several months (or sometimes years) living his life of leisure, when his financial resources dip below what he considers to be his “bare minimum” (a figure most “normal folk” would consider pretty darn abundant)… he reaches into his money-making “bag o’ tricks” and produces whatever amount of money he needs… literally on demand.
All he does is invest about 60 to 90 minutes of his time accessing a resource practically bursting at the seams with lucrative opportunities for copywriters… with a plethora of entrepreneurs practically BEGGING to award profitable copywriting opportunities.
The funny thing is… as abundant as this “key to the copywriting kingdom” is… it’s almost completely…
…Under The Radar Of 99% Of All The Copywriters Out There!
Whenever Rob’s bored or needs cash for his various adventures and vices (like expensive surfboards) he dips into this secret resource and pulls out just about any kind of gig he wants.
Does he need a quick $3k to rent a Harley and drive his girlfriend (nabbed fresh off the beauty queen circuit!) to a quaint bed and breakfast down in Key West to dance the night away?
That’s an easy one!
He just types in the keywords he knows will bring up all the “quickie” gigs he can crank out in a few hours, lounging on the beach with his laptop and a Corona (or two!), and the next day he’s off to Key West.
Or maybe he needs 5-figures to complete one of his bigger projects (like rebuilding that jacked-up Jeep).
No problem.
He just enters in the magic keywords that bring up the higher paying gigs and picks and chooses which ones suit him best.
3 Hour Work Days!
Of course, those aren’t the kind of gigs you can bang out in a couple hours.
But the dude only works two to three hours a day… mostly lounging on the beach. And he can easily block out a few weeks of 3 hour work days to pocket the kind of money most people earn slaving away all YEAR in a job they despise.
He may be young… but he’s wise beyond his years. And he KNOWS he’s got a good thing going.
And he sure as heck hasn’t been talking about it.
In fact, he gets a sick sense of amusement seeing all these poor sap college graduates… turned into life-long slaves with 6-figures of debt they’ll NEVER be able to pay off… working themselves half to death in low-paying jobs, living the life of a wage-slave that will probably…
Kill Them 20 To 30 Years Early!
But his deal was just too damn good to let him keep it from all my struggling copywriting colleagues. So I decided I was going to do WHATEVER IT TOOK to get all these secrets out of him. (They don’t call me a master of persuasion for nuttin’, honey.)
After a recent 87 minute & 43 seconds conversation (I kept my timer going because I wanted to see exactly how long it would take me to get the “YES” answer I was after)… he reluctantly agreed to reveal ALL his secrets to help struggling copywriters easily find any kind of gigs and clients they want.
AND… if they choose… live a lifestyle like his.
And that’s exactly what he’s going to share on our upcoming webinar entitled…
Paid by Lunch!
We’re calling it the Paid by Lunch webinar for two reasons…
1.   First, because Rob HATES working past noon.
2.   And second…because with Rob’s resource and methods you can wake up broke and – without shelling out as much as a nickel – collect a few hundred bucks before clocking out for the day.
Look, finding copywriting opportunities is one thing. But securing them is another.
And one of the biggest secrets to nabbing every gig you go after (and this is ESPECIALLY important to rookies new to the copywriting game) is to ONLY pursue those with…
Low to ZERO Competition!
You see, every rookie copywriter’s dream is to work for a “big dog” client like Boardroom, Rodale, or Agora.
But everyone and their mother hammers these guys with resumes.
It’s like hot chicks at the bar. They get hit on all the time. And unless you come with some serious swagger (and the chops to back it up), you’ll get brushed aside quicker than a midget at a pick-up basketball game.
Don’t Get Sucked into the “Dark Side”
Oh sure, Rob’s worked for the big dogs alright… multiple divisions inside Agora, the mighty Weiss Publishing, and a few other multi-million dollar info publishers.
And he’ll spill the beans on how to score quick gigs and ongoing retainers with household name clients – regardless if you have a fat resume or if you’ve never written so much as a post-it note. But there is a “dark side” of nabbing one of these so-called “dream clients”.
And Rob’s secret resource is chock full of MUCH better (easier to get, easier to work with, and better paying) gigs.
Gigs where you can nab easy five figure gigs with a single email and short phone call. Where even CRUMMY copywriting skills are in high demand. And basic marketing 101 know-how can absolutely transform a business… and make you look like a GENIUS.
For example…
Rob shared a story with me about ONE 258 word email he wrote that netted a client an extra $300,000 a year! It only took him 15 minutes to write it and Rob’s take was a quick and easy 10%. (Negotiated up front, knowing the impact it would have).
Would you like to make THIRTY GRAND for only fifteen minutes work?
This resource Rob has been keeping all to himself is chock full of gigs perfect for copywriters just starting out… or who don’t want to put up with the bullshit you deal with from many of the big corporate clients.
A Cash Flow Business from Day One!
If you’ve ever dreamed about owning your own business, but think it’s too much work, time, cash investment, or too big a risk, then listen to this…
During our phone call, Rob shared a story about how this resource practically dropped an immediate cash-flow positive business in his lap. Working with products that had been a hobby of his for years. (I’ve started quite a few businesses like this and you’re lucky to turn a profit in the first six MONTHS. Usually it takes at least a year).
But that’s not all…
He also shared how, with a little copywriting know-how in the form of a two page special report, he DOUBLED his per sale profit.
If you decide to go down this road, Rob can show you how to do it with ZERO start up costs. No paying for expensive mailings…no pay-per-click…no print space ads…or online banner ads.
And if you wish to sell PHYSICAL products (not paper and ink info products), you’ll even learn a way to collect payment BEFORE investing in any inventory.
This is must-know info for any copywriter with dreams of becoming a full-blown entrepreneur. Or anyone who wants to blaze his own path instead of working for “the man.”
Hard Work Done FOR You!
Not to say you can just sit back and cash checks.
In the interest of full disclosure, Rob wants everyone who registers for the webinar to know there is a little work involved.
Don’t worry, you don’t have to cold call, knock on doors or any of that other dreadful manual labor.
What you WILL need to do is have an internet connection, the ability to send a few emails…and…in some cases, have access to a library (either one you can walk into or access online). And – in rare cases – be able to pick up the phone when someone calls you.
Figuring out this entire system all by yourself is a lengthy trial and error process. But there’s no reason to slog through it all alone.
Rob’s already done EVERYTHING for you.
And he’s agreed to hand over the keys to the kingdom… including his jealously guarded personal vault of meticulously developed, tested and proven resources for securing interviews, wowing clients, and – most importantly – closing high-paying deals… usually with your first email.
With Rob’s just-released Paid By Lunch system, you’ll get:
Bonus #1: Rob’s proven Email Foreplay prospecting system.
Writing the wrong introductory email(s) is the kiss of death! It makes you look like an amateur and immediately kills your ability to charge high fees. Even worse… it lets clients walk all over you and monopolize all your free time.
Or… it can immediately disqualify you right from the start and cost you the best gigs altogether.
But done right, the Email Foreplay system can draw clients and employers to you like bees to honey. It contains five of the most effective and proven “pump-priming” messages for landing clients as quickly as possible and getting paid immediately.
Bonus #2: Contact Ninja
Secretaries don’t make hiring decisions but they do screen emails.  And many a great copywriting gig you could have gotten has been lost forever due to overzealous gate-keepers. That’s now a thing of the past. Here’s how you can find the decision makers in any company you’d like to work with so you can effectively bypass the gatekeeper. (This resource is normally $700 a year but Rob will show you how to get it FREE.)
Bonus #3: New Client Phone Script
Fear the phone?
That won’t be a problem EVER again. In fact, you’re now gonna LOVE it. Why? Because Rob shows you how to turn the phone into your own perpetual “money machine”… even if you’re an introvert and you’ve struggled in the past with closing deals on the phone.
You see, for two years Rob worked in a law firm and was tasked with turning ice-cold prospects into cash-in-the-bank… and he had to do it with only one brief phone call. (One client, located halfway across the country,  actually rushed down to his local bank and deposited $5,000 cash into the law firm’s bank account… after one 15-MINUTE phone call!)
You’ll get Rob’s simple “4 phone questions” outline that walks you through EXACTLY what you must say to get paid… RIGHT AWAY.
You can use these time-tested secrets, tools and tactics to turn ANY prospect you contact by phone into a paying client. And they work especially well when using Rob’s secret resource you’ll discover on the webinar.
Moneymaking Recluse Comes Out of Hiding
Like I mentioned before, it took me a full 87 minutes & 43 seconds to convince Rob to spill the beans. That’s because he’s not a guru.
He’s not on the speaking circuit.
He doesn’t have any books, courses, or products.
He neither wants nor needs to teach people how to get rich. His secret resource gives him more than enough money, and more important to him… freedom, to live life on his own terms.
In his words, “Sure I could make an extra $500,000 (or more) a year going the guru route. But what would I do with it? What I like…surfboards, classic Jeeps, and hammocks on the beach are relatively cheap. Why work when I’ve got everything I need?”

And because of that, I can’t guarantee I’ll ever get Rob to share his secrets again. So you should jump on this webinar before he ducks back into hiding.
If This Sounds Like Your Cup O’ Tea, Here’s The Deal…
The Paid by Lunch webinar already went down live… but no problemo. You can now get unlimited acces to the webinar replay and all the bonuses. (Along with a couple extra unannounced surprise bonuses.)
At this one-time event, Rob revealed ALL his secrets and simple and low-competition resources for securing damn near unlimited gigs and clients.
(FYI – this system can work for you if you live in Texas, Tazmania, Canada, Kuala Lumpur, Barberton, Ohio…wherever. You don’t need to be bound to the continental U.S.)
Or, if Rob’s entrepreneurship plan is your thing, he’ll show you how to use this resource to launch your empire (with ZERO financial investment)…or…add more customers to an existing business.
Plus you’ll get the Email Foreplay, Contact Ninja, and the New Client Phone Script bonuses.
The entry fee for the Paid by Lunch Webinar is only $197.
And if you listen to Rob…
You could multiply your investment 1,000%… the very next DAY… GUARANTEED!
And we’ll give you a full 30 days to test that promise for yourself. If at any time within that period, you don’t find that the webinar and bonuses live up to every promise in this letter… simply let us know and we’ll return every penny you invested. AND you get to keep all of the bonuses as our gift for giving it a try.
It will NOT be offered for sale to the great unwashed masses. Rob doesn’t want too many people “peeing in his pool.”
So grab your spot now by clicking the button or link below.
Opportunities like this don’t come along more than once in a lifetime.
If you want to discover a quick and easy way to secure more clients and customers than you can handle…in a variety of industries and niches…the Paid by Lunch webinar is your ticket in.

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