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Apr 15, 2014 | Growing business

Eben Pagan believes that Accelerate is the best business training program he has ever put together. After you review what is inside this exceptional program, I believe you’ll agree that Accelerate is perhaps the best business training program “Anyone” has ever put together.

Here is what you will receive and what you will learn when you join Eben Pagan’s Accelerate High Growth Business Training Program.
The focus of Accelerate is on “Growth” — your growth as an entrepreneur and the growth of your business. The heart of the Accelerate training program will be a 5-day Business Training Summit that is being held in Chicago from July 29 – August 2, 2013. Eben believes that Accelerate is going to be the best “Strategic Planning and Growth Summit” you can attend. As part of this coaching program you will be with Eben Pagan
and hundreds of other like-minded entrepreneurs along with some of the top Business Growth Experts in the world.

Eben believes that it is important for you to learn from other entrepreneurs who have grown their businesses quickly. Over the years he has met, talked to and worked with over a thousand successful entrepreneurs, authors, CEOs, venture capitalists, marketing gurus and business experts in a variety of different industries. For the Accelerate live training summit, he has invited his favorite entrepreneurs and business teachers and most of them will be there to share their expertise and knowledge with you. This list includes:

Brad Smart — the author of Top Grading. Eben believes that Brad Smart is the top expert in the world on recruiting, interviewing and hiring. Brad has trained Eben’s leadership team and he will show you how to dramatically increase your success in recruiting and hiring the right people.

Dean Jackson — the “Marketing Maven” who co-founded the most excellent I Love Marketing podcast. I have personally listened to at least 90% of the more than 110 I Love Marketing podcasts and if I had to describe Dean Jackson in just a few words it would be this: “The man is one brilliant marketer.” Eben refers to Dean as the “Marketing Sharpshooter” because Dean is the best that Eben has seen when it comes to writing marketing pieces that work the first time.

Jeff Walker — the creator of Product Launch Formula. Jeff Walker is the go-to guy in the online business world for people who want to learn how to successfully launch a new product. In fact, Eben Pagan has used Jeff’s proven “Formula” to launch several million dollar products and programs. At Accelerate you will learn Jeff’s system along the latest research that he has discovered while helping hundreds of other entrepreneurs successfully launch new products.

Ben Franklin and Jennifer Russell — the “Growth Gurus.” Ben and Jennifer have helped SEVEN companies grow to more than a billion dollars. Eben states that Ben Franklin and Jennifer Russell are very high-level and experience business builders who will show you “creative ways to grow your business, evolve your product and get more customers.”

Dave Logan — Co-Author of Tribal Leadership. Dave Logan is Eben’s favorite teacher and thinker on the subject of “Leadership.” Dave and Eben have created a training program called “Connected” that will teach you how to connect with influential, high-profile people in your market.

At Accelerate Dave will teach you the core principles of “Connected. At Accelerate you will also learn from at least two Founders and CEOs who are building high-growth companies RIGHT NOW! Two of the CEOs have been confirmed and Eben is currently working on the third. What is interesting is that Eben Pagan is an investor and adviser in all three of these companies. Eben believes that learning directly from CEOs who are currently building HIGH GROWTH companies will be a powerful learning experience for you and the other members Accelerate.

At Accelerate you will learn about the 11 Emerging Trends that Eben Pagan believes will shape the future of business. Eben will share with you how he is using these trends to keep his business in high-growth mode and how you can do the same with your business.

You will learn the “Business Lessons From Billionaires.” Eben Pagan has had the opportunity to meet and interview more than a dozen entrepreneurs who have each built a billion dollar business. We can obviously can learn a great deal from these incredibly successful business builders. And Eben has taken what he has learned from these billion dollar entrepreneurs and distilled this valuable information into 5 Principles that he will be sharing at Accelerate.

You will learn about the next level of “Technology and Investing.” Right now Eben is doing the highest financial leverage work he has ever done — he is investing in and advising multiple high-tech companies.
At Accelerate Eben is going to show you the new model he is personally using to invest in other companies and to help the grow. Also, Eben stated that he is always looking for future investment opportunities.
If you have been looking for an investor and/or adviser to help advance the growth of your business, make sure you let Eben know about your business idea at Accelerate. You just might be his next business partner.

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