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Mar 9, 2022 | Productivity, Sales

If you (and your business) are stuck because you aren’t closing sales, this is for you…

Finally: Own Your Power, Even (and Especially) WHILE You Sell! Discover a Proven, FUN, Authentic Sales Process That WORKS to Convert Leads to Clients…
Without Psychological Tricks or Push Tactics.
You CAN approach sales conversations with confidence, massively increase your income, and build your business … and you can enjoy it! In other words, you CAN become a master at sales (yes, even if you think you’ll NEVER get better at it). I’ll show you how.

Dear Coach, Healer, or Service-Based Entrepreneur,

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • You speak with potential clients, but no one—or hardly anyone—is saying “Yes!” You’re starting to wonder if you’re any good at coaching.
  • You LOVE talking with people, and you want (more than anything) to use your coaching skills to help them create transformation in their lives. But when you start selling your services, you lose confidence, and if you don’t get an immediate, “Yes!” you find yourself backing down, and letting that sale slip through your fingers.
  • You feel like you’re in a constant state of hustle—but your income definitely doesn’t reflect your hard work.
  • You do okay in sales conversations until someone brings up an objection, like, “I don’t have the money,” or, “I have to think about it.” Then you feel nervous and uncomfortable, and you lose steam.
  • When it comes to sales conversations, you lack confidence. You aren’t sure what to say, when.
  • Even when a lead DOES say, “Yes,” you have trouble sealing the deal, whether that means asking for credit card info or getting a signed agreement.
  • You find yourself slipping into avoidance whenever you hit what you perceive as a “snag” in the sales process.

If so, you’re in the right place, and I’m SO glad you’re here.

You are not alone. In fact, you are in great company. Far too many gifted coaches and healers pack it up and quit before they gain momentum because when it comes time to convert leads to clients, they lose confidence.

They aren’t sure what to say, and even if they know what to say during a sales conversation, they feel pushy and uncomfortable.

Then, because they aren’t growing their practice in the way they’d like to, they begin to doubt their own abilities as coaches.

Which is TOTAL nonsense, because they’re brilliant!

Here’s the thing: coaching is not a business. It’s a skill.
It’s a skill rooted in the heart.

No matter how good you are at coaching, though, you aren’t going to be able to coach clients if you don’t have one other skill: selling.

That’s right. If you suck at sales, you’re not going to convert leads to clients. And if you don’t convert leads to clients, you’re not going to grow your business (or help the people who need your help!).

The good news is that you can learn to sell. You can become a genius at sales.

You Can Learn to Sell in an Authentic Way That Aligns with Your Mission to Help the People Who Need You.

And when you do, you make more money (I know, it’s a no brainer, right?). You feel confident during the sales process, and you actually enjoy it (I swear! That may seem far-fetched right now, but stick with me).

I know, because I’ve done it—and I’ve taught my clients—coaches and healers like you—how to do it, too.

I’m also obsessed with sales.

I’m Emily Utter

Rock Star Business Coach and Sales Trainer for Coaches. I run a solid, kickass practice teaching brilliant coaches just like you how to be brilliant sales people, using the equally kickass sales system I developed.

My business hasn’t always been wildly successful though.

I’ll be straight with you: I actually used to suck at sales! It became seriously painful to me—because I couldn’t help as many people as I knew I was meant to.

Sales conversation after sales conversation ended with me hanging up, disappointed that I hadn’t closed, because I knew that prospect could be successful if we worked together.

What did I do wrong?

I could make you a list, but it would be too long to put here.

I wanted everyone to like me, so I was afraid to be honest with people. I was insecure about what I was offering, because I was new to coaching, and I’m sure my potential clients could feel that.

I was self-conscious. I definitely lacked confidence, all around.

And it was driving me crazy! I knew I could help more people if I could just get them to say, “Yes” to working with me.

After tons of trial and error and countless hours studying and practicing, I finally developed a system that works. And not only does it work, but it feels GOOD. It’s authentic. And because it creates a connection between the coach and the prospect, every conversation leaves both people feeling AMAZING.

And here’s why:

The system paves the way for you to step into—and embrace—your personal power.

That’s what it allowed me to do, and it was an absolute game-changer.

So much so that I realized I had to share it with other coaches—coaches, who, like me, are great at coaching but are missing that critical skill: sales. Coaches, who, like me, wanted a new approach to sales that doesn’t feel sleazy or salesy or manipulative.

Download Emily Utter - Sales Power


Introducing …

Download Emily Utter - Sales Power

… a comprehensive digital program designed to teach coaches, healers, and other service-based entrepreneurs how to sell their programs and packages effectively, and in a way that feels good.


By stepping into their personal power.

When you learn how to embrace your personal power during the sales process, it changes everything. THIS is what you’ve been waiting for! It’s the missing link. It’s the Single Most Important Thing You Can Do to improve not only your conversion rates, but the way you feel about sales. It’s how you ditch avoidance, and EMBRACE the entire process!

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn when you join me:

Module 1: Money Mindset – Breaking through Money Blocks so that you can FULLY receive the abundance that is your birthright!

I used to believe sales conversations fell apart when prospects had objections. But I was wrong; sales conversations can fall apart before they even begin, if you aren’t in the right mindset, INCLUDING your relationship with money! If you ever feel insecure, or avoid certain parts of the conversation, dig in here!

We very intentionally begin Sales Power by transforming your money mindset, so that you are able to fully RECEIVE the rest of the training, AND the M O N E Y that is coming your way once you become a total ninja at sales!

You learn:

  • The secret behind why some coaches struggle to keep the lights on, while others seem to grow their practices overnight, and how to apply this to your business, so you can step into your personal power and approach sales conversations with confidence, without having your old money blocks run the show.
  • How to shift your mindset so you view sales calls as part of the service you offer—and actually ENJOY sales as a result.
  • What to do before a call so you that when you get on it, you feel like you can handle anything anyone says, with confidence.
  • Clear the money blocks that are standing in the way of you earning your potential.
  • How to raise your rates AND feel good about it!
  • And more.

Module 2: Sales Scripts—Enrollment Conversations That Get You to “Yes”— Cha-Ching!

It’s the absolute worst to get on a sales call and have no idea what to say, right? Or to know what to say, but to be uncertain of when to say it. Talk about awkward! It doesn’t have to be this way.

You learn:

  • The simple strategy behind what to say and when to say it, so you never experience that awkward silence again!
  • The 5 Stages of Enrollment Conversations from curiosity to hesitation to YES, and how to maintain control of the dialogue so you can move potential clients through each stage, confidently.
  • How to determine what to sell and what to charge for it, so you and your clients feel like you’re offering a great value.
  • How to create a kickass package that empowers you to create financial freedom.
  • I’m also going to GIVE you a Sales Note-Taking Template so it will be impossible for you to forget to ask an important question, so that you can RELAX when you’re on a sales call, knowing that you have all the resources you need right in front of you!
  • And more.

Module 3: How to Prevent & Handle Objections

Objections: you’ve probably come to dread them, right? You may even find yourself pulling back as soon as you sense one coming. I’d like you to shift your thinking and consider objections an opportunity to coach your potential clients through fear, so they can take action and say, “Yes” to themselves.

You learn:

  • How to respond to the inevitable, “I don’t have the money,” and “I need to think about it” objections so you never think of these as “No” again.
  • Which follow-up questions to ask so you can dig deeper and discover what’s really holding leads back from becoming clients, so you can then address the root issue of their hesitation rather than a “cover-up.”
  • The exact script I use when speaking with potential clients, so you never have to wonder whether what you’re saying is going to work.
  • What to say, exactly, word-for-word, to the most common objections coaches and healers hear.
  • And more.

You’ll also get the Objections Slayer:

Never get flustered with an objection again! You’ll get complete access to my Objections Slayer, which will show you EXACTLY how to respond to every objection in the book. Everything from “I don’t have the money” to “I need to speak with my husband” to “I’m not sure if it’s the right time.”

I’ve seen them all and I’ve GOT YOU! This is the exact formula that hundreds of my clients have used to turn “I’m not sure because ______” into “Heck yes here’s my credit card!”

Module 4: Sales Role Play Secrets (<<< which is also the key to Preventing Objections!)

There is nothing like experience to build your confidence and your skills, and that’s why we dedicate an entire module to role play so you’ll get to hear recordings of me coaching clients on their sales.

By listening to me coach Sales Power clients IN REAL TIME, you’ll be able to see EXACTLY where you’re own sales conversations are falling apart, AND what to do about it.

Sales Role Play is the KEY to preventing objections- you are going to see how even the most subtle shifts make the biggest difference when it comes to whether or not a client says YES to working with you!

In my many years of experience coaching hundreds of people on sales, I’ve found that *most* of the time, the sales problems my clients think they have, are not the ones they actually have. In this play-by-play session, you’ll get to see what your biggest gaps are, and you’ll be equipped with the tools to fix them!

You learn:

  • How to stand in your personal power as you sell, so you approach every conversation with confidence.
  • What works and what doesn’t when it comes to the sales conversation, and why, thanks to my immediate feedback during this exercise.
  • Where mindset and skillsets come into play, and how to ensure both are honed for sales success.
  • How to get unstuck during a sales conversation even when a prospect’s comment or question makes you feel stumped, self-conscious, or insecure.
  • And more.

Module 5: The 5 Pillars of Powerful Sales Conversations

This is where we bring together everything you’ve learned so far. The most important component of sales success is your ability to step into your personal power. Here, you’ll learn how to apply your own personal power to each of the five pillars of powerful sales conversations so you enjoy the process—and the fruits of your labor.

You learn:

  • What the 5 pillars of powerful sales conversations are, and how to use them to dramatically improve your conversion rates and the way you feel about the sales process.
  • How to ditch the feelings of guilt and manipulation when it comes to sales, and embrace a new, authentic approach that feels good to you and your prospects.
  • The exact structure I use for sales calls so you never feel like you’re in reactive, winging-it mode again.
  • The one element you must have in every sales conversation, or you risk prospects walking away.
  • One thing you must do on a regular basis—outside of work—to build and maintain your personal power..
  • And more.

Module 6: Sealing the Deal and Following Up

Sealing the deal can be a sticky area for coaches, healers, and other service-based entrepreneurs. It can feel uncomfortable to ask a potential client for their credit card payment or to sign an agreement. In fact, many coaches and healers fail to do this—they avoid it even though they know it’s a vital component of the selling process.

  • You learn:
  • Exactly what to say when you ask for a credit card—so you don’t feel awkward, or avoid that step all together. (Mega serious relief, right?!)
  • How to get the money in the bank, instead of leaving it on the table
  • How to go from “yes,” to a signed agreement with confidence and ease.
  • Why it’s critical that you have a super-solid enrollment process, and how to ensure you have everything in place to make it happen.
  • And more.

[BONUS] Module 7: How to Enroll High End Clients Without Even Getting on the Phone. WHAT?!?!?!? IS THIS A TYPO? No, love, it isn’t.

Here’s the deal- I love connecting with potential clients on the phone (and soon you will, too!)

But here’s the truth: You don’t always *have* to get on the phone with your potential clients. When they already love you, and when they looove your amazing content on social media, often a quick chat via FB messenger is enough to get them saying YES WHERE DO I SIGN?! Right in messenger. 😉

You’ll learn when it makes sense to do the enrollment via FB messenger, AND how to do it. (and yes, you can do the same thing on Instagram, too!)

You may be wondering how this is going to work. When you enroll in SALES POWER, you receive:

  • Lifetime Access to my private Sales Power membership site.
  • Seven module trainings that will show you EVERYTHING you could possibly need to know about how to authentically sell!
  • Module 1: Money Mindset
  • Module 2: Sales Scripts
  • Module 3: How to Prevent & Handle Objections
  • Module 4: Sales Role Play
  • Module 5: The 5 Pillars of Powerful Sales Conversations
  • Module 6: Sealing the Deal and Following Up
  • Module 7: How to Enroll High End Clients Without Even Getting on the Phone
  • PDFs of all scripts and worksheets so you are never stuck on what to say or do when speaking with a prospective client.

And, just to sweeten the deal, you’ll also receive the following bonuses:

[BONUS] TRAINING: Sexy High End Packages
In this training I’ll show you my kickass pricing and packaging formula that has allowed my clients to double their income in 60 days or less!

You’ll learn how to raise your prices with confidence and create high end packages that your ideal clients are a hell yes to. You’ll also learn how to design your program so it creates a long-lasting, powerful transformation for your clients. You’ll earn more money, helping more people, in fewer hours! (Can I get an amen?!?!)

[BONUS] TRAINING: Magnetic Messaging
In this training you’ll learn how to create HOT CONTENT that attracts your soulmate clients to you and has them binging on your content like Netflix!

You’ll also learn how to powerfully position yourself in the market, so that you attract high level, awesome peeps, ready to invest in your awesome programs.

Especially if you don’t yet have a big list, this training is invaluable, because you’ll learn how to use social media to captivate amazing, ideal clients and have them messaging YOU asking how you can work together!

[BONUS] TRAINING: How to Get Amazing, High Quality Leads (even if you have a teeny tiny audience and no email list!)

Once you are a complete rockstar at sales, you’re probably going to want more quality leads so you can sell out your programs! I got you!

In this NEW training, you’ll learn how to get high quality leads, who are ready to invest in your kickass programs, even if you have a small audience. YAY!

When you enroll in SALES POWER, you receive:

  • Lifetime Access to my private Sales Power membership site.
  • Seven module trainings that will show you EVERYTHING you could possibly need to know about how to authentically sell!
  • Module 1: Money Mindset
  • Module 2: Sales Scripts
  • Module 3: How to Handle Objections
  • Module 4: Sales Role Play
  • Module 5: The 5 Pillars of Powerful Sales Conversations
  • Module 6: Sealing the Deal and Following Up
  • Module 7: How to Enroll High End Clients Without Even Getting on the Phone
  • PDFs of all scripts and worksheets so you are never stuck on what to say or do when speaking with a prospective client.
  • Three BONUS trainings:
  • Sexy High End Packages Training
  • Magnetic Messaging Training
  • How to Get Amazing, High Quality Leads

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