Ezra Firestone – Traffic Mentor

Aug 1, 2014 | Getting traffic, Marketing

Ezra & Justin take you behind the scenes of their businesses and show me how to run media buy campaigns like an expert!

The six week “over the shoulder” series covers actual campaigns being launched from scratch and isn’t your typically structured training course.
* Where to buy media for your businesses.
* Live Examples of Starting a New Campaigns From Scratch
* Watch real world examples of running a $10,000 campaigns for a new client.
* Creative, Targeting, Optimization Strategies
* How you can keep your campaigns fresh by creating new ad creative and targeting.
* Examples of Their Best Performing Ads Ever
* Sources They Use to Generate Ad Images and Creative
* How they save dozens of hours every month by outsourcing creative design.
* Access to Other Less-Known Sources
* Visually see how your campaigns are performing in Facebook.
* A breakdown of some of our most compelling ad campaigns
* Learn why we think the campaign either worked or didn’t work

Week One – Goals, Mindset, Media Buying Intro
Week Two – Launch + 3 Step Process
Week Three – Campaigns + Funnels
Week Four – Ad Copy + Creative
Week Five – Optimization master class and pre-sell templates
Week Six – Additional Sources

Course preview and screenshots

Download Ezra Firestone - Traffic Mentor Download Ezra Firestone - Traffic Mentor
 Download Ezra Firestone - Traffic Mentor  Download Ezra Firestone - Traffic Mentor

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Ezra Firestone – Traffic Mentor Contains: Videos, PDF´s, Documents, PSD

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