21 Year Old Underdog Goes From Freezing Cold Homeless Shelter To T-Shirt Selling Beast In Less Than 30 Days Using This Brand New Formula Built For Fool-Proof Success In 2015 & Beyond!

And he started out broke, stressed out and bogged down by years and years of negative thinking…find out how he turned his life around in the blink of an eye with my newly refined system, Tee Genius!

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This is a course all about t-shirts.

Ditch the same ol’ same ol’
No one likes investing in a course and not learning anything new and useful. Yeah, it’s great to get a refresher but I strive to be the #1 guy for cutting edge techniques and this system doesn’t fail to provide that fresh information that no one else talks about.

Master the 4 keys to success
Learn the most important keys to succeeding with Teespring and how to MASTER each of them. These 4 keys to success include the niche, the design, the concept and the targeting. Discover which is most important and why you MUST do it all the Tee Genius way.

How to get FREE expert advice?
What if you could always have somebody by your side who is an expert at every niche you enter? As t-shirt sellers we test shirts in many different niches so it’s hard to be efficient in every niche but what if you could hire an expert and pay them with appreciation? You can.

Skyrocket your success ratio
The Tee Genius system focuses on increasing your success ratio by showing you how to consistently launch great concepts and build the best audiences. Follow the Tee Genius system and watch your success ratio go through the roof!

You can see clearly now…
Yes, the rain is gone. Follow this crystal clear map to success and drop all the confusion! Don’t be a victim to information overload. Don’t be a victim to paralysis due to too many options. Tee Genius isn’t a big blob of t-shirt information, it is a clear system, a map to success.

Discover what makes them buy
You may have heard some people’s take on why a customer decides to buy a t-shirt but I spent hours and hours of research pinpointing the exact way to locate their “buyer emotion” using a simple qualification process that works like gangbusters.



The t-shirt market NEEDS this system.


  • No prior experience needed! (newbie friendly)
  • Not a creative person? No problem, this system is creative for you!
  • Easy to follow system eliminates all confusion to help you see crystal clear!
  • Step by step system removes all forks in the road and puts you on the fast path to success!
  • Small budget? No problem with this system, you can spend at your own pace!
  • Learn how to dig DEEPER and understand the mechanics behind Teespring success!


Course preview and screenshots

Download Ezra Wyckoff - Tee Genius Download Ezra Wyckoff - Tee Genius
 Download Ezra Wyckoff - Tee Genius  Download Ezra Wyckoff - Tee Genius

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