Download Facebook Masterclass - $2k in 3 days (Requested)

Look over my shoulder as I go from zero to 2k in this 3 day online training session. You’ll look over my shoulder as I show you exactly how to go from nothing – no list, no sales, no experience to generating 2k in 3 days in front of your eyes…plus how to scale up massively from there.

Everything I do to make 2k in 3 days will be done in front of your eyes on a live training webinar.

Here’s just some of what I’ll show you over the course of the 3 days

  • Niche Selection – Discover everything you need to know about choosing your niche.
  • Rapid Landing Page Creation – No Tech Guy Needed
  • Generate a highly targeted Interest List
  • Scraping Proven Buyers/ Highlighy Engaged UID’s To Increase ROI
  • Dirt Cheap FB Ad Targeting – I’ll take you through a ton of examples of targeting for different niches broken down step by step
  • Less than a penny bidding – everyone wants cheap clicks and I’ll show you how to get them
  • Identifying Winning Offers – What to promote and when: CPA, Sales Page, Affiliate Offers, Info Product Creation
  • Advanced List Segmentation – How to segment your list and use custom audience to micro target and get massive ROI
  • Non Guru List Building – Don’t want to be a guru? I’ll show you how to build your list without taking the guru approach but getting all the benefits
  • Custom Audiences – This is the coolest thing on Facebook – I’ll show you how to steal ultra targeted email audiences, UIDs and advanced audience targeting that’s netting me a 20 times profit.
  • Direct Linking – Send your traffic direct to sales pages, cpa offers, tshirt campaigns and
  • Scaling Up Your Campaigns Past 2k
  • Follow Up Q&A Webinar & Campaign Update (Scaling Past 2k)
  • Worksheets And Templates: Finding Your Super Niche, Interest Spreadsheet, Email Campaign Templates



Day One Homework

One: Using the finding your super niche worksheet go through and select which niche to work in. Remember try and choose something you’re interested in…even if you’re not an expert. You can document your quest to become an expert (if you’re willing to do so).

Two: Using OfferVault and Clickbank find at least three offers to promote. Create your ‘offer short list” this is your list of offers that you can refer back to to promote. Ideally as many as ten offers. You’ll use these in a combination of ways. The overall goal of this training is to start building your email list so you’ll present offers in your email follow up series (using trust jacker and also direct to the offers which we will go in more detail tomorrow). You’ll also send traffic directly to the ad trust jacker links to see how that converts. Depending on the offer this can convert really well…tomorrow we will talk about identifying the winners and cutting the losers and scaling.

Three: Create your optin page to collect your emails using – if you don’t have a lead genearator gift to offer as an incentive to get them to enter their email address then think about finding a good CPA offer to ‘give away’ in exchange for their email address. This accompishes two things – you don’t need to spend time creating content for the gift plus you get to pay for the cost immediately to acquire the lead – making all other sales bonus money.

Don’t foret to create a second page in Unbounce to use as a ‘thank you page’ to add the FB conversion tracking to – this is so you can track which audience segments leads to the best conversion rate to build your list. Also remind them on the thank you page to check their email for their ‘free gift’.

Four: Sign up for a domain and hosting and install wordpress ( I use blue host they have great tech support but use whoever). The reason your installing wordpress here is so you can install Trust Jacker which is a wordpress plugin. Trust Jacker is cool because a) sometimes you can’t direct link to offers on Facebook because FB doesn’t like the style of landing page and b) you can borrow the trust from a site the viewer sees as trustworthy. Pretty neat. I suggest adding a few trust jacker links in your first email to your audience. This increases the likelihood that the lead will optin to one of the offers and increases your return on investment. As always don’t promote anything you don’t think is high quality.

Five: Write your email sequence – at least two emails today. See step four and the twelve email auto responder templates to hash that out.

Six: Use Social Leads Freak to find highly engaged audience members. Remember to focus on extracting only the people who have commented on posts because these tend to get the best results, conversion. Always save the segments in different files – don’t combine them. Different audience segments get different results and we want to be able to track that (hence the tracking pixel mentioned earlier).

You can use Social leads Freaks to extract members from groups – we will go into this in more detail tomorrow. Focus on pages for now:)

Seven: Create your ads. Two ads for each campaign, one segment for each campaign. When writing the headline I like to flag the audience segment that we are marketing to “Like Chris Powell?” and then in the body of the ad I’ll speak specifically about the offer that I’m promoting on the landing page. In this case we want them to take action to optin to our list and then more specifically accept the CPA offer so we can make a commission. Marketing is about weeding people out who you don’t want to click on the ad so you prequalify the clicks by telling them what to expect on the landing page “enter your email and get..” Create at least 3 different campaigns to your optin page using different segments tonight. If you’re feeling adventurous also try sending traffic to a trust jacker campaign

Whew…Is that enough homework for you guys? get cracking..I know I will. Looking forward to recapping, Updating, connecting the dots and speaking about next steps tomorrow!

Day Two Homework Assignment And Resources

To recap here are the resources we used today:


Www. (for photos)

teeview. – to search popular tee shirts

google. com/trends to search trends

Jvzoo. com to search from internet marketing offers

Your homework for today is to create one teespring campaign, launch it and create an ad for it. Share the results and I hope to see you in L.A!

We have already had plenty of people make their first sales online..very exciting keep at it!!!!

Day 3

Review Optimization strategies and tweak your ads.
Identify and isolate What’s working and what’s not
Test, test, test

Course preview and screenshots


Download Facebook Masterclass - $2k in 3 days (Requested) Download Facebook Masterclass - $2k in 3 days (Requested)
 Download Facebook Masterclass - $2k in 3 days (Requested)  Download Facebook Masterclass - $2k in 3 days (Requested)

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Facebook Masterclass – $2k in 3 days by Brittany Lynch Contains: Videos, PDF´s, Excel file