Finch’s Brand New Collection of Tips, Tricks and Strategies for 2015

It’s here!

The 2015 Edition of Premium Posts is an absolute monster, and it is available to download now.
Inside you will find a mountain of fresh insights to give your affiliate business the head start it needs in 2015.
375 pages, 65,000 words of tips, tricks, strategies, pointers, bloopers, fuck-ups, brainfarts, bad ideas, good ideas and obscure references to my balls.
This is THE definitive guide to affiliate marketing in 2015.
(I don’t know if anybody else has tried to write one, but if they have, it’s about to get blown to smithereens.)


Topics we’ll be covering include:
How to survive, thrive and kick ass in affiliate marketing throughout 2015.
* Everything you need to know about mobile marketing, and how to make money from it.
* The explosion in pay-per-call offers: how to promote them, and where.
* The adult dating sector as it stands today: the best opportunities and the biggest money.
* The longest post I have ever written on getting profitable with casual dating, clocking in at 97 pages.
* How to test and optimise your campaigns effectively — the ‘Super Affiliate’ way.
* How a strategy of continual 1% improvements can take your business to the next level.
* That bloody Teespring craze, and how you can make a part-time (even full-time) living as a T-Shirt mogul.
* The art of retargeting, and how it could make a bunch of innovative affiliates very rich in 2015.
* Why you should quit ‘affiliate marketing’ and build a majestic performance marketing agency.
* A giant list of my favourite affiliate resources and tools, with an exclusive selection of dynamite traffic sources.
* And much more.

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing in 2015

This special mega edition of Premium Posts represents the most comprehensive dissection of affiliate marketing I have ever attempted.
It’s probably the most comprehensive dissection of affiliate marketing anybody has ever attempted.
I can’t wait for you to read it!
Note: The price has gone up. Why? Because the standard of content has gone up. Way up.
This release is three times bigger than any other volume. It covers our entire industry. If I taught this information by the hour, you’d be paying for a lot of classes!

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  • Finch’s Affiliate Marketing Survival Tips for 2015
  • The Need-to-Knows for Launching Profitable Mobile Campaigns
  • Revealed: The Pay-Per-Call Gold Rush and How You Can Blow It Up
  • Adult Dating in 2015: How to Slay the Beast
  • 89 Factors That Can Make or Break an Adult Dating Campaign
  • A Guide to Optimising Effectively and Testing Like a Pro
  • How Tiny 1% Improvements Can Make You a Big Balls Affiliate
  • How You Can Tap In to the Teespring Revolution
  • Retargeting Tips: From One Affiliate’s Twisted Mind to Another
  • How to Build a Performance Marketing Agency
  • In Conclusion: Thanks for Reading
  • Finch’s Extensive List of Affiliate Marketing Resources for 2015
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    Download Finch - Premium Posts 2015 Edition Download Finch - Premium Posts 2015 Edition
     Download Finch - Premium Posts 2015 Edition  Download Finch - Premium Posts 2015 Edition

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