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Mar 29, 2016 | Facebook Ads, Growing business

Here’s How To Claim Your Share of The Multi-Billion Dollar Online Information Business.


Here’s What’s Inside …

Info Business Blueprint is a five week online course that’s designed to help you do these four things:

  • Find out exactly what type of Information your prospects want to buy.
  • Quickly and easily create excellent Information products for them.
  • Use automation to turn prospects into customers repeatedly and consistently …even if you’re not there.
  • Get traffic from people who are already interested in what you’re selling.


Here’s How We’ll Do It:

Week 1: Escape And Arrival

The first thing you get in week one is clarity.

Here’s how:

As you know, there are only five major types of Information products that people buy.

And there are only four major “selling systems” that you can use to sell them with.

So in week one, we’re going to get you crystal clear on exactly what type of product you want to sell by going through SPY FOOTAGE of successful online Information businesses across multiple markets.

You’ll see what people are doing in markets like health, fitness, Internet Marketing, relationship coaching, and even parenting.

We’re doing this so you can get a jump start on your plan of attackknowing exactly what types of products your prospects are already buying so you’ll be able to hit the ground running when it comes time to create them.

Once you see what your prospects are already buying, now it’s time to see what marketing systems they’re already buying from.

That’s why we’re going to use even more SPY FOOTAGE to play “secret shopper” and dissect the sales funnels of other successful Information businesses online.

Naturally, I’ll take you behind the scenes of how my own business works …and you’ll also see a confidential breakdown of multiple funnels across all kinds of industries from dating to marketing and even health.

We’re doing this so you can see what’s already working …and that will give you a head start on knowing how you want to approach your marketing!

Now that we know what types of products your market is buying, and what kinds of marketing is working …it’s almost time to create your products.

But not yet. Before we do, I want to give you the HOLY GRAIL of marketing.

It’s called …


This is a fast and simple process that gets right inside your prospect’s head and does two things:

  1. Finds out exactly what to put in your product so it’s irresistible.
  2. Finds out exactly what you need to say and do in order to make the sale! (This is even cooler because when you use this, every bit of your marketing actually helps the prospect out!)

This is literally the number one reason for my success ever since I stumbled over it nearly 10 years ago, and now I’m passing it on to you.

And once you use it to “reverse engineer” your prospect’s mind, now it’s time to create your products.

And that’s exactly what we’ll do in week two!


Week 2: Personalized Product Production

In week two, we do three things:

  1. Verify that people actually want to buy your product …before you create it (so you’ll know it’s likely to sell before you create it.)
  2. Master Content Compounding so you can create your products quickly and easily.
  3. Use Content Compounding to create the five product types.

First, let’s talk about making sure they want it.

Here’s the thing: Just about product I’ve ever created has done multiple millions in sales.

And that’s across all kinds of markets. Heck, before I was a “marketing guy”, I had a product that hit $100,000.00 in sales to pet owners!

Anyway, it’s NOT because I’m a great marketer.

See …I’m stacking the deck in my favor (and I want you to do the same).

Here’s how:

There’s a simple process I run through before creating any product, and it’s called The Market Validation process.

It takes about 45 minutes and when you’re done, here’s what you’ll know:

  • Are people already buying “your type of stuff?’” (Wouldn’t it be nice to create a product people are already spending money on? Now you can.)
  • Who are they?
  • What traffic sources are best used to reach them?
  • Who else is selling similar information to them?
  • Where are those people getting their customers?
  • Who are their most responsive buyers and prospects?

Do you see what we’re doing?

You’re knowing exactly what to selland who to sell it tobefore you ever create a thing!

And once you know where they money really is in your market, next it’s time to discover CONTENT COMPOUNDING so you can create products fast.

CONTENT COMPOUNDING: Next, we’ll start brainstorming ideas for your products using the HOLY GRAIL of product creation methods.

It’s called CONTENT COMPOUNDING and if you want to create Information products really quickly …without sacrificing quality …this is for you.

Once you discover this, you’ll never feel “stuck” or “overwhelmed again because this simple method is like a secret tool that “mines” your brain for the very information your prospects want …and then turns that into a sellable product quickly.

But that’s not all:

Content Compounding practically outlines your marketing campaigns for youbecause it almost instantly puts you in your prospects head …knowing exactly what he needs to see and hear in order to say, “Yes! Sold!”.

Now, once you know how Content Compounding works …now it’s time to use it to create exactly the type of products your market wants to buy.

As you know, there are only five main types of products that sell in the Information Business.

Here they are:

  1. Liquidators (Inexpensive reports and e-books).
  2. Bread And Butter (Usually an e-book with videos or audios included, slightly more expensive).
  3. Modulated Courses (These are the types of products the “big guns” sell. They have video, audio, and pdfs that are “drip fed” to customers inside a members’ area over a set period of time. Info Business Blueprint is one of these.)
  4. Continuity. (Usually a membership site.)
  5. Big Ticket Interactive. (These are usually expensive and always involve some sort of personal interaction between the customer and you …or a staff member.)

Now. That’s a lot of different products.

The good news is, most people only need one of them.So you just choose the type that’s right for you and focus on that!

Regardless of which type you use, Content Compounding will have it ready to sell in no time.


Week 3: Passive Selling Systems

Let’s talk about getting you PAID.

Here’s the thing.

In week two, we’re going to use Content Compounding to get your products made so you can sell them.

In week three, we’re going to create the automated systems that do the selling for you!

As you know, there are four main selling systems to choose from for any Information Business.

Here they are:

  1. Linear. A great example of this is an automated product launch or an automated webinar.
  2. Ascending. This is when you have multiple products, and you offer them to prospects from least expensive to most expensive.This model came from Direct Mail and it’s very effective.
  3. Descending. This is when you have multiple products and you start with your most expensive one first …and if they don’t take it, you start offering them your less expensive products.
  4. Cycling. This is when you use multiple selling systems to sell the same product (or multiple products). It can be used with Ascending, Descending, or Linear.

YES. That looks like a LOT of different stuff to choose from.

But here’s the thing. You only need ONE.

I’m just just giving you everything so you’ll have all your options available .

(In all likelihood, you’l use the Linear system. This is what most people choose).

And to top it off, I’m also giving you:

  1. Advanced Webinar Training. Ever wanted to sell on webinars? Now you can! You’re getting my entire six-step system for using Webinars to generate sales, no matter what webinar system you use.It works with live webinars, hybrid webinars, and even automated webinars.
  2. Product Launch Fast Start: Let’s face it. Product launches are amazing.  That’s why I’m giving you my fast-start training on how to set up, orchestrate, and deploy a product launch. (I’ve never taught this before, but it’s yours when you take advantage of this Grand Opening Special.)

But we’re not stopping there.

I’m also giving you …


Yes! I’m giving you the complete framework and step-by-step templates for:

  1. Your VSLs.
  2. Your Actual Webinar Presentation.
  3. Your Long Form Sales Letters.

Now – let me make something clear here.

There’s no such thing (in my opinion) as some magical “fill-in-the-blanks” system for creating sales letters, VSLs, or webinars that work.

But there is a process …and there IS a framework.

And that’s what I’m giving YOU.

My personal framework for creating video sales letters, webinar pitches, and long form sales letters.

You’re even getting the slides for the framework so you can watch me teach you, pull up your Framework slides, and create your pitch right there on the spot.

No more staring at a blank page wondering what to say …no more overwhelm …not you can follow my lead and let me walk you through it step by step.

And now that we have that done, it’s time for …


Week 4: Putting It All Together

Now it’s time to take what we’ve build and tie it all together into a well oiled selling machine.

And I’ve made it super easy for you.

Here’s how:

In week four, we’re building your web pages.

Now, naturally I’m showing you how to do it …but I’m also GIVING YOU THE WEB PAGES!

Here’s what I mean.

As you know, the three most important web pages you need are:

  1. Your Opt In Page (So they can give you their email address in exchange for something cool.)
  2. Your Content Page (One example is a “thank you” page where they can download whatever they opted in for.)
  3. Your Sales Page. (This can be a Video Sales Letter or a long form sales letter.)

Now, not only am I going to show you how to create these …I’m also just flat out giving you the templates for each one!

Take this page for example.

I built this page myself using a template I designed.

I’m (literally) giving you the exact same template I designed so you can take what’s working for me and “transplant” it into your business as fast as possible.

You’re getting video opt in pages, video sales pages, pages for launch videos, long form sales pages, simple opt in pages, you name it.

Every design that I’m using personally is yours …and can be installed on a WordPress site with a click of a button and some super-cheap software.

This way – all the “tech stuff” is reduced to just filling in the blanks on pre-tested designs that are working really, really well.

If you’re weirded out by tech stuff, this will be one of the greatest discoveries of your career .

You will easily be able to create all of your pages in a day.


Week 5: Buyer Traffic

Now that you’ve tied everything together, it’s time to get traffic.

But not just any traffic.

We want them to have two critical characteristics:

  1. They already want (and can afford) your type of Information.
  2. They’re pre-disposed to want to buy it from YOU.

And that’s exactly who we’re going to be targeting in week five.

Here’s how:

First, we’re using Facebook ads because that’s the fastest, often the cheapest, and always the most effective type of traffic we can start with.

And don’t worry.

If you think your audience isn’t on Facebook, they are.

During week five you’ll see exactly how to find your customers …even if you’re selling something to people who would never be on Facebook!

(For example, I once created a webinar for a client and we used Facebook ads to sell ACTUAL HOUSES online. No kidding. I’m telling you – your customers are on there.)

Anyway – here’s the thing:

There’s all manner of ways you can get traffic from Facebook.

We’re going to focus on two:

  1. Long Form Video Ads: I call these “pre-sell” ads because they sell your prospect on buying from you …before the prospect ever goes to your website!On average, I’m spending about $1,500 per DAY on these types of ads, and they’re making me a fortune.They’re laser targeted, they work, and people love them.
  2. Article Format Ads: These are long-copy ads that are getting me an average 400% return on my advertising spend each month.This means that for every dollar I spend on them, they’re bringing me four dollars back …all in the same month!But I’m not just showing you how to do it …I’m also giving you TEMPLATES!

For example – Long Form Video ads have a five-part framework that’s easy to follow.

I give you the framework and a complete swipe file of my best ad.

Article ads have a seven part framework and I give it to you along with a swipe file that just walks you through exactly what to say.

Oh! And the ads that are working the best? They’re the ones that I made with my PHONE!

No kidding.

So if you’re worried about having to invest in a bunch of equipment, it’s ok. You don’t have to. I just use my iPhone and my laptop.




01. Convert E-Book
02  How to Design Awesome Presentations
03. Consultant E-Book
04. Big Money Blueprint
05. The Automated System
06. 23 Million Dollar


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