Frank Kern – The Invisible Offer

Mar 9, 2014 | Marketing

MODULE 1: The Invisible Offer Campaigns

These might be the simplest, 3nd most lucrative campaign method ever created.
In this module, I teach you the powerful psychology that drives this campaign, walk you through three case studies where it worked brilliantly. (So far, I’ve seen 3 100% success rate with this, and I show you how to deploy automation – for FREE so your life is easier and you can sell more. And with that said, here’s my challenge to you: JUST DO THIS. Don’t over-think it. Don’t try to make it more complex. Just watch these case studies and tutorials and deploy one of these babies!

Advanced High Ticket Persuasion

In this module, I walk you through the exact method I use to close S120.000.00 per year consulting clients. It’s also the same method I use in my professional services company, where we sell funnel optimization, architecture, and deployment for anywhere between $17,000.00 and $35,000.00. IMPORTANT: This method is assuming your prospect has reached out to you 3nd asked for help. I NEVER advise you to do this “cold”. In the next module, I’ll teach you how to have as many people asking you for help as you want – in a very non-salesy way. HOWEVER – you need to learn this first because what’s the point of having them reach out to you if you can´t close them? NOTE: In these videos, I show you howl sell consulting. Please understand this sales method isn’t ONLY for consulting. I´ve used it to sell coaching, online classes, and professional services. You can use this to sell just about anything that’s very high-ticket.

Getting People to ASK YOU TO SELL THEM Download Frank Kern - The Invisible Offer

The title says it all. In this module, I show you exactly how to have people jump through hoops and qualify themselves to YOU …asking you to help them …knowing full well what you sell and how much it costs. This is very similar to the email-only campaigns I showed you …but with a slight twist (which is critical for this particular process.)

BONUS: Amazing Promotions That Worked Like Crazy !

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Download Frank Kern - The Invisible Offer Download Frank Kern - The Invisible Offer
 Download Frank Kern - The Invisible Offer  Download Frank Kern - The Invisible Offer

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