Frederick Dodson – Money Training Video Course

Apr 21, 2017 | Productivity

Money Training – The Video Course

Money Training is a 3 Week Video Course that summarizes 30 years of coaching work on financial abundance into an easy-to-learn, speedily effective program to help you get richer. The program is created and presented by Frederick Dodson, author of “Prosperity Consciousness” and “Success Attracts Success”and the “Wealth Magnetism” Audio Course in 12 Videos, Worksheets and “Homework Assignments”. It also contains the “Audio-Visual Wealth Programming Video“. This is a new reality-creation method that assists you in seeing, hearing, feeling and speaking the chosen reality (in this case the reality of Prosperity) much more strongly than traditional methods of affirmation or visualizing.


You will NOT learn about investments, savings, getting the MBA or other things people were falsely taught “lead to wealth”.

And you will NOT learn about the usual new-age tripe on mere “positive thinking” which do not lead to wealth either.

What you are instead learning in this Course is:

  • How Identity, Character and Self-Image attract Wealth
  • How to build and Celebritize your Public Image
  • How to fully restore Integrity and what this has to do with wealth attraction
  • How to perceive, create and offer Value
  • How to think, feel, act, dress, walk and talk like a Billionaire
  • How to become well-known and respected in your field
  • How to increase your sphere of influence
  • The power of creative Pioneering
  • How and Why to generate passive Income
  • How to read the markets as a game-of-energy
  • How and why to benefit and empower others
  • Why most of what you think you “know” about money is wrong
  • How to access deep-layer Core Beliefs about Reality and change them


When you register for Money Training you have lifetime access to all materials and future updates. This Course summarizes my lifes work on “Money Coaching”. It is stripped of all excess info-baggage and cuts to the core of what does and does not generate financial abundance. As such, it will save you a lot of time, energy and money because you will not need any further general training on money. The 3 Week Video Course contains teachings that have made many of my students quite rich throughout the years. As such, the registration fee of only $599.- is an amazing bargain. Knowing that one can only become successful by making others successful, it is my intention that you get much more long-term benefit out of this Course than you expected.


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Download Frederick Dodson - Money Training Video Course Download Frederick Dodson - Money Training Video Course
 Download Frederick Dodson - Money Training Video Course  Download Frederick Dodson - Money Training Video Course

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